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The Rural Store sources books from around the world, with two air freight depots in the northern hemisphere being used as consolidation points. In the course of a year suppliers from around fifty countries would ship books to us.

The Rural Store is located in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Delivery trucks provide a break from the phone and fax orders that come in throughout the day and far into the night.

The Rural Store uses Australia Post almost exclusively to send parcels Australia wide or around the world. They’ve been great partners over the years in building our business.

The Rural Store in the course of a year, we would send books to customers in almost any country, ranging from the African and South American continents and many places in between, as well as the Northern Hemisphere.

Now with over twenty years experience in agricultural bookselling, we’ve seen many businesses come and go. However, the challenge of Century 21 is upon us and The Rural Store is endeavouring to meet that challenge by providing electronic ordering and on-line information on new agricultural publications and media.

Welcome aboard for the great adventure into Century 21. The Rural Store has been a part of the country for quite a few years and we intend to stay around for Century 21. Thankyou all for your past support.

The Rural Store started as an idea when we printed and published the first issue of Grass Roots magazine back in 1973. However it was not until 1979 that the idea became reality and we started as a supplier of cheese, bread and butchering supplies.

Initially The Rural Store carried a few books on the various subjects allied to rural Australia, but we had difficulty sourcing some of the overseas titles, so we started to import direct and so started our huge supplier network.


The Rural Store is strategically located near Melbourne. We’re also 40 minutes from Tullamarine International Airport.

The Rural Store has made it easy for you to place your orders, either by phone, fax, e-mail or by mail. We are authorised to accept Visacard, Mastercard, Bankcard, American Express or Diners Club cards by phone or fax as payment for orders.

When ordering let us know as much information as is available about the book or media item you require. If it’s a new item, reviewed in a Journal, let us have the name of the Journal, sometimes material doesn’t make it into the bibliographic tools for some time.

Orders will be despatched by surface mail by Australia Post and charged to your invoice, unless they are over AUD$350.00, in which case they are sent freight free. If you require despatch by any other means charges will be payable by you on delivery.


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