Worms & Snails


Earthworm Ecology: From Darwin to Vermiculture - Satchell, ed. (83-UK) 495p H $164.95

Earthworm Fauna of New Zealand - Lee. (59-NZ) 486p H $19.50

Earthworm Feeds and Feeding - Morgan. 13th ed. (79-USA) 90p P $13.95

Earthworm Identifier - Baker/Barrett. (94) 24p P $10.00

Earthworm Selling and Shipping Guide - Morgan. 6th ed. (78-USA) 82p P $13.95

Earthworms: A Full Circle - Guy. (94) 53p H $15.00

Earthworms for Ecology and Profit: Vol. 2 - Earthworms for Ecology - Gaddie/Douglas. (77-USA) 263p P $14.95

Earthworms for Gardeners and Fishermen - Handreck. Rev. ed. (86) 31p P $9.00

Earthworms in Australia - Murphy. (93) 96p P $16.95

Earthworms Unlimited - Brown. (95) 64p P $9.95

Farming of Snails 1: Learning About Snails, Building a Pen, Food, Shelter and Plants - FAO. (86-Italy) 57p P $7.25

Farming of Snails 2: Choosing Snails, Care and Harvest, Further Improvement - FAO. (86-Italy) 35p P $7.25

Harnessing Earthworms for Profit - Barrett. (75-USA) 128p P $14.75

Let an Earthworm be Your Garbageman: All About Earthworms for Garbage Disposal and Soil Fertility - Home, Farm and Garden Research. (54-USA) 60p P $13.95

Manual of Therapeutic Medications and Pesticides for Worm Growers - Morgan. (79-USA) 102p P $14.95

Profitable Earthworm Farming - Morgan. (90-USA) 60p P $14.95

Raising Earthworms for Profit - Shields. 18th ed. (82-USA) 128p P $14.95

The Worm Farm - Morgan. 7th ed. (89-USA) 69p P $9.95

Worm Farming Made Simple: From the Beginner to the Professional - Windust. (97) 220p P $39.95

Wormwise - Menhennet. (96) 30p P $4.00

Worms Downunder Downunder: For Farm, Garden, Schools, Profit and Recycling - Windust. (94) 81p P $14.95

Updated June 1997

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