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Agrilink Wine Grape Information Kit - DPI. (2000) 240p H $104.50

Alternative Rootstock Update - American Society of Enology. (91-USA) 72p P $68.95

Australian and New Zealand Field Guide to the Diseases, Pests and Disorder of Grapes - Magarey/ MacGregor/ Wachtel/ Kelly. (99) 108p P $27.50

Australian Wine Grape Projections to 2003-03 - Shepherd. (2001) 76p P $40.00

Australian Wine Grapes: Benchmarking for Performance - Shepherd. (2001) 57p P $40.00

Biodynamic Wine - Waldin. (2004-UK) 513p H $59.95

Biology of the Grapevine - Mullins et al. (92-USA) 239p P $79.95

Bugmatch Grapes: The Software Package For Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Grapes – Cooperative Research Centre for Viticulture. 2nd ed. (2002) CD $55.00

Business of Vineyards - Davidson. (2001) 36p P $27.00

Canopy Management - Hayes, ed. (95) 48p P $27.50

Chemigation in Tree and Vine Micro-irrigation Systems - University of California. (2001-USA) 12p P $15.00

Climate: Monographs in Cool Climate Viticulture - Jackson. (2000-NZ) 80p P $32.95

Clonal Selection: International Symposium Proceedings - Rantz, ed. (98-USA) 163p P $114.85

Compendium of Grape Diseases - Pearson/ Goheen, eds. (88-USA) 93p P $140.00

Cool Climate Viticulture and Enology - Henick-Kling/ Wolf/ Harkness, eds. (96-USA) 400p P $165.75

Cover Cropping in Vineyards: A Grower’s Handbook - Ingels/ Bugg/ McGourth/ Christensen, eds. (98-USA) 162p P $54.75

Cover Crops: A Practical Tool for Vineyard Management - Technical Projects Committee. (93-USA) 24p P $60.20

Development of Methods for the Control of Vine Vigour and Water Use Optimization Based on the Concept of Partial Rootzone Drying - Loveys. (2000) 53p P $30.00

Diseases and Pests - Nicholas/ Magarey/ Wachtel, eds. (94) 106p P $49.50

Drip Irrigation: A Grapegrower's Guide - Prior, ed. Rev. ed. (2004) 124p P $25.00

Emerging and Traditional Mediterranean Red Varietals - Leske/ Paul. (98) 60p P $27.50

Emerging White Varietals - Bullied. (97) 72p P $27.50

Flowering and Fruitset in Grapevines - May. (2004) 119p P $39.95

From Vines to Wines: Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine - Cox. (85-USA) 253p P $34.95

General Viticulture - Winkler/ Cook/ Kliewer/ Lider. (74-USA) 710p H $137.40

Grape Pest Management - Flaherty/ Jensen/ Kasimatis/ Kido/ Moller. 2nd ed.(92-USA) 400p P $159.50

Grapevine Management Guide: 2007-2008 - Quirk/ Somers, eds. (2004) 123 P $22.00

Growing Quality Grapes to Winery Specifications: Quality Measurement and Management Options for Grapegrowers – Krstic/ Moulds/ Panagiotopoulos/ West. (93) 101p P $44.00

Guide to Growing Winegrapes in Australia - Davidson. 2nd ed. (96) 120p P $36.00

Guide to Starting Your Own Vineyard - Small. (99) 24p P $16.50

Guide to Wine Grapes - Robinson. (2000-UK) 232p P $32.95

Harvesting and Handling California Table Grapes for the Export Market - Nelson. 2nd ed. (85-USA) 76p P $27.05

Hot Water Treatment of Grapevine Propagation Material - De Laine. (2000) 10mins VHS $25.00

Identification and Control of Eutypa Dieback in Grapevines: A Grapegrowers’ Guide to the Diagnosis and Control of Eutypa Dieback - Whiting. (2000) 22mins. VHS $33.00

Identification and Control of Grapevine Phomopsis - Whiting. (94) 16 min. VHS  $33.00

Improved Technology for the Solar Drying of Vine Fruit - Fuller/ Schache/ Kaye. (89) 46p P $3.85

Irrigating Grapevines with Limited Water Supplies – Beckingham et al. (2004) 16p P $20.00

Irrigation of Vineyards: A Winegrape Grower's Guide to Irrigation Scheduling and Regulated Deficit Irrigation - Goodwin. (95) 56p P $20.00

Italian Winegrape Varieties in Australia - McKay/ Crittenden/ Hardie/ Dry. (99) 87p P $27.50

Jancis Robinson's Guide to Wine Grapes - Robinson. (96) 300p P $21.95

Managing Bunch Rots - Davies/ Dundon/ Johnstone, eds. (2000) 58p P $27.50

Managing Water – Dundon/ Hamilton/ Johnstone/ Partridge. (2003) 52p P $29.70

Minor Grape Varieties for Australia - Antcliff. (83) 64p P $16.50

Mite Pests of Grapevines - Dept of Agriculture. (95) 10 min Video $22.00

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of the Grapevine – Roubelakis – Angelakis, ed. (2001-USA) 474p H $428.95

National Register of Grapevine Varieties and Clones - deLaine/ Nicholas. 2nd ed. (2000) 77p P $41.50

Nitrogen in Grapes and Wine: Proceedings of the International Symposium - Rantz, ed. (91-USA) 323p P $120.55

Optimising Vineyard Development - Development Practices - Hamilton, ed. (95) 40p P $27.50

Oxford Companion to Wine - Robinson, ed. 3rd ed. (2006-UK) 1040p H $110.00

Pesticide Application in Vineyards - Kent/ Early. (97) 85p P $49.50

The Phylloxera Fight: Protecting South Australia from the Phylloxera Threat - Boehm. (93) 90p P $27.50

Pierce’s Disease - Varela/ Smith/ Phillips. (2001-USA) 20p P $15.00

Practical Aspects of Grapevine Trellising - Mollah. (97) 60p P $27.45

Precis d'Ampelographie Practique - Galet. 5th ed. (85-Fr) 256p P $79.75

Precis de Viticulture - Galet. 5th ed. (88-Fr) 612p H $95.35

Production of Grapes and Wine in Cool Climates - Jackson/ Schuster. Rev. ed. (97-NZ) 192p P $32.95

Profitability of Investing in a Small Vineyard and Winery - Dakis/ Hayes/ Noon/ Whiting/ Everett. Rev. ed. (2001) 31p P $22.00

Propagating and Grafting of Grapevines - Considine. (81) 14p P $3.60

Pruning and Training - Jackson. Rev. Ed. (01-NZ) 68p P $32.95

Quality Management - Gibson. (94) 56p P $16.50

Raisin Production Manual - Christensen, ed. (2000-USA) 280p P $99.00

Root Systems and Soils in Australian Vineyards and Orchards: An Assessment - Myburgh/ Cass/ Clingeleffer. (98) 28p P $22.00

Rootstock Seminar: A Worldwide Perspective - Wolpert/ Walker/ Webber, eds. (92-USA) 100p P $132.95

Rootstocks and Varieties for Dried Vine Fruit Production - Ballantyne/ Macrae. (86) 105p P $16.50

Seasons of Change: A Guide to Successful Vineyard Investment in a Changing World - Boon/ Taylor/ Panagiotopoulos/ Radford. (99) 134p P $104.50

Selection of Grapevine Rootstocks and Clones for Greater Victoria – Whiting. (2003) 36p P $25.00

Soil, Irrigation and Nutrition – Nicholas. (2004) 201p P $77.00

Soils for Fine Wines – White. (2003) 279p H $130.00

The Solar Drying Rack - Schache. (94) 25p P $11.00

Sunlight into Wine: A Handbook for Winegrape Canopy Management - Smart/ Robinson. (91) 88p P $52.50

Tablegrapes for the Home Garden - Cirami. (96) 72p P $27.45

Tasmanian Viticulture Soils and Geology – DPIWE. (2000) Laminated Chart $12.50

Terroir: The Role of Geology, Climate and Culture in the Making of French Wines - Wilson. (98-UK) 336p H $98.95

Trellis Drying and Mechanical Harvesting of Grapes - Ballantyne/Macrae. (86) 101p P $16.50

Understanding Propagation and Grafting of Grapevines - Considine. (82) 14p P $3.60

Using Grapevine Rootstocks: The Australian Perspective - May. (95) 62p P $27.50

Venture into Viticulture: An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Viticulture - Crossen. (97) 162p P $45.00

Vines for Wines: A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Top Wine Grape Varieties – Kerridge/ Gackle. (2005) 98p P $29.95

Vineyard Development and Redevelopment - Hayes, ed. (94) 48p P $22.00

Vineyard Pest Management: Alternatives for the Future - Technical Projects Committee. (92-USA) 33p P $51.30

Virus and Virus-Like Diseases of Grapevines: A Colour Atlas of Symptoms - Bovey/ Gartel/ Hewitt/ Martelli/ Vuittenez. (80-Switz) 181p H $83.55

Viticulture: Vol. 1 - Resources in Australia - Combe/ Dry, eds. 2nd ed. (2004) 255p P $88.00

Viticulture: Vol. 2 - Practices - Combe/ Dry, eds. (92) 378p P $60.50

Viticulture in Western Australia: An Investment Kit - Elliott. (94) 120p P $49.50

Water for Viticulture: Optimising the Resource - Byrne et al. (96) 64p P $33.00

Wine from Sky to Earth: Growing and Appreciating Biodynamic Wine - Joly. (99-USA) 160p P $47.95

Wine, Women and Vineyard Mite Control: With Doreen and Victoria - Dept of Agriculture. (94) 10 min VHS $22.00

Winegrape Varieties of Australia - Kerridge/ Antcliff. Rev. ed. (99) 205p P $44.95




Advances in Juice Clarification and Yeast Inoculation - Allen/ Leske/ Baldwin, eds. (97) 48p P $27.50

Art and Science of Wine: The Winemaker's Options in the Vineyard and the Cellar - Halliday/ Johnson. (92-UK) 240p P $38.50

Art of Making Wine and Liqueurs – Sampson. Rev. ed. (2002-UK) 154p P $28.95

Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Directory - Major, ed. 19th ed. (2001) 342p P $82.50

Australian Winegrape Load Assessment: A Visual Guide - Allan. (2001) Set of 4 charts $35.20

Barolo to Valpolicella: (Wines of Northern Italy) - Belfrage. (99-UK) 368p P $38.50

Barossa Vintage Classification 1947-1988 - Fuller/ Walsh. (99) 98p P $22.00

Basic Teas: A Quick and Easy Guide - Rasmussen/ Rhinehart. (97-USA) 180p P $38.45

Bilateral Trade Patterns in the World Wine Market 1988-1997 - Berger/ Anderson/ Spabini. (2000) 225p P $27.50

Burgundy - Hanson. 2nd rev. ed. (2000-UK) 718p P $49.30

Burgundy and Its Wines – Faith. (2002-UK) 144p H $46.95

Champagne: The Spirit of Celebration - Slavin/ Petzke. (95-USA) 96p P $29.65

Champagne: The Wine, The Land and The People - Forbes. (67-UK) 492p H $65.95

Chemical Analysis of Grapes and Wine: Techniques and Concepts – Iland/ Bruer/ Edwards/ Weeks/ Wilkes. (2004) 110p P $132.00

Chemistry of Wine Flavor – Waterhouse/ Ebler, eds. (98-USA) 244p H $129.90

Cider: Making, Using and Enjoying Sweet and Hard Cider - Proulx/ Nichols. 2nd ed. (97-USA) 219p P $27.95

Clonal Selection: Proceedings of an International Symposium - Technical Committee, eds. (95-USA) 166p P $55.00

Cognac: A Liquid History - Calabrese. (2001-UK) 210p H $69.95

Collins Gem Wine Dictionary – Rowe. Rev. Ed. (99-UK) 200p P $11.95

Commercial Winemaking: Processing and Controls - Vine. (81-USA) 493p H $126.45

Concepts in Wine Chemistry - Margalit. 2nd ed. (2004-USA) 476p H $175.00

Concise History of Australian Wine - Beeston. (94) 338p P $27.45

Cooperage for Winemakers: A Manual on the Construction, Maintenance and Use of Oak

Barrels - Schahinger/ Rankine. Rev. ed. (2005) 132p P $29.70

Corks and Closures - Leske/ Eglinton, eds. (95) 40p $27.50

Cote D’Or: A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy - Coates. (97-USA) 1007p H $87.50

Effluent Management Guidelines for Australian Wineries and Distilleries - Armcanz. (98) 48p $19.95

Emerging and Traditional Mediterranean Red Varietals - Leske/ Paul. (96) 64p P $30.00

Emerging White Varieties - Bulleid, ed. (98) 28p P $27.50

Evolution of the Modern Australian Wine Industry: A Personal Appraisal - Rankine. (97) 192p H $44.00

First Steps in Winemaking - Berry. 8th ed. (87-UK) 235p P $21.45

Flying Winemakers: The New World of Wine - Williams. (95) 65p P $21.95

Handbook of Enology: Vol. 1 – Microbiology of Wine and Vinifications – Ribereau-Gaton/ Dubourdieu/Doneche/ Lonvaud. 2005 Reprint.  (2000-UK) 454p H $247.95

Handbook of Enology: Vol. 2 - Chemistry of Wine Stabilization and Treatment - Ribereau-Gaton/ Glories/ Maujean/ Dubourdieu. (2000-UK) 402p H $233.95

Herbal Vinegar: Flavoured Vinegars, Mustards, Chutneys, Preserves, Conserves, Salsas, Cosmetic Uses, Household Tips - Oster.  (94-USA) 172p P $32.95

History of the Australian Wine Industry 1949-1994 - Halliday. (94) 142p H $27.50

Home Brewed Beers and Stouts: Full Instructions for All Types of Beers, Stouts and Lagers - Berry. 5th ed. (81-UK) 159p P $20.85

Homemade Root Beer, Soda and Pop - Cresswell. (98-USA) 121p P $32.95

How to Make Quality Liqueurs and Cordials at Home – Huesers. (94-USA) 40p P $14.95

Hugh Johnson’s Wine Companion - Brook. 5th ed. (2000-UK) 592p H $79.95

Introduction to Australian Wine - Halliday. 2nd ed. (96) 135p P $27.45

Italian Wines 2004: A Guide to the World of Italian Wine for Experts and Wine Lovers – Cernilli/ Piumatti, eds. (2004-USA) 864p P $59.95

James Halliday’s Wine Companion: Australia and New Zealand - Halliday. (98) 240p P $21.95

Knowing and Making Wine - Peynaud. (84-USA) 391p H $180.00

Lexi Wine - Lexi Vin: Over 5000 Technical and Commercial Words and Phrases from The World of Wine - Cadiau. 3rd ed. (98-Fr) 260p P $28.60

Liquid Gold: The Story of Australian Wine and its Makers – Faith. (2002) 438p H $50.00

Maintaining the Competitive Edge: 1995 Conference Proceedings - Stockley/ Sas/ Johnstone/ Lee, eds. (95)  226p P $60.50

Make Your Own Wine: From Fruit, Flowers, Vegetables and Grapes - Oxford. (95) 116p P $24.10

Making Good Wine: A Manual of Winemaking Practice for Australia and New Zealand - Rankine. Rev. ed. (2004) 372p P $34.99

Making Wild Wines and Meads: 125 Unusual Recipes, Using Herbs, Fruits, Flowers and More - Vargas/ Gulling. (99-USA) 169p P $29.95

Modern Viticulture: Meeting Market Specifications – Davies et al. (2000) 64p P $27.50

Monitoring the Winemaking Process from Grapes to Wine: Techniques and Concepts – Iland/ Bruer/ Ewart/ Markides/ Sitters. (2004) 128p P $154.00

New World of Wine - Allen/ Platter/ Neill/ Thompson/ Cooper. (2000) 160p H $54.95

Nitrogen in Grapes and Wine: Proceedings of the International Symposium - American Society of Enology. (91-USA) 320p P $152.30

Origins and Ancient History of Wine - McGovern/ Fleming. (95-USA) 528p H $140.20

Oxford Companion to Wine - Robinson. 3rd ed. (2006-UK) 813p H $110.00

Oz Clarke’s Australian Wine Companion: An Essential Guide for All Lovers of Australian Wine – Clarke. (2004-UK) 175p H $39.95

Oz Clarke's New Essential Wine Book: An Indispensable Guide to Wines of the World - Clarke. 4th ed. (96-UK) 320p P $43.95

Phenolics and Extraction - Allen/ Wall/ Bullied, eds. (99) 72p P $27.50

Principles and Practices of Winemaking - Boulton/ Singleton/ Bisson/ Kunkee. 2nd ed. (98-UK) 720p H $415.80

Proceedings of the Sustainable Wastewater Management Seminar for the Australian Wine Industry - Lee, ed. (94) 108p P $33.00

Production Wine Analysis - Zoecklein/ Fugelsang/ Gump. (90-USA) 475p P $168.25

Quality Management in Viticulture - Hamilton/ Hayes. (96) 64p P $27.50

Recent Developments in Wine Production - Elliott. (88) 38p H $28.05

Red and White: Wine Made Simple - Allen. (97) 200p P $32.95

Sherry - Jeffs. 4th ed. (92-UK) 309p P $27.45

Sherry and the Sherry Bordegas - Read. (88-UK) 192p H $88.00

A Short History of Wine – Phillips. (2000-UK) 369p P $27.00

Sparkling Wine and Quality Management: Proceedings of the Oenology Seminars at Domaine Chandon and Seppeltsfield - ASVO. (94) 56p P $27.50

Sparkling Wine Tasting Seminar and Quality Management Seminar - Markides/ Gibson, eds. (94) 56p P $27.50

Sparkling Wines: The Technology of Their Production in Australia - Armstrong/ Rankine/ Linton. (94) 102p P $27.45

The Story of Wine: New Illustrated Edition - Johnson. (2004-UK) 256p P $69.95

Successful Wine Marketing - Moulton/ Lapsley, eds. (2001-USA) 280p H $205.75

Sweet and Hard Cider: Making it, Using it and Enjoying it - Proulx/ Nichols. Rev. ed. (97-USA) 219p P $32.95

The Taste of Wine: The Art and Science of Wine Appreciation - Peynaud. 2nd ed. (96-UK) 346p H $163.95

A Taste of the World of Wine – Iland/ Gago/ Caillard/ Dry (2009) 209p H $59.95

Tasting and Enjoying Wine: A Guide to Wine Evaluation for Australian and New Zealand - Rankine. (90) 132p P $21.95

Tasting and Grading Wine – Michelsen. (2006) 165p H $65.50

Tax Reform and the Australian Wine Industry - Wittwer/ Anderson. (98) 37p P $9.90

Techniques for Chemical Analysis and Quality Monitoring during Winemaking - Iland/ Ewart/ Sitters/ Markides/ Bruer. (2000) 120p P $143.00

Trends and Cycles in the Australian Wine Industry 1850-2000 - Osmond/ Anderson. (98) 87p P $13.20

Trends and Cycles in the World Wine Market 1961-1996 - Berger/ Anderson/ Stringer. (98) 281p P $27.50

Use of Gases in Winemaking – Allen/ Bell/ Rowe/ Wall. (2003) 64p P $29.70

Use of Oak Barrels in Winemaking - Bullied/ Wall. (2000) 32p P $27.50

Vermouth: An Annotated Bibliography - Amerine. (74-USA) 69p H $11.25

Vines, Grapes and Wines: A Wine Drinker's Guide to Grape Varieties - Robinson. 1996 Reprint. (86-UK) 280p P $55.00 

Vineyards of the Empire: Early Barossa Vignerons 1842-1939 - Aeuckens/ Bishop/ et al. (90) 200p H $110.00

Vino Italiano: The Regional Wines of Italy – Bastianich/ Lynch. (2002-USA) 529p H $68.95

Vintage: The Australian Wine Yearbook - Winemakers’ Federation of Australia. (99) 199 P $49.50

Vintage Wine Book: Winemaking, Classification and Selection - Sommelier Executive Council. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 323p H $79.65

Wine – Domine. 5th rev. ed. (2004-Ger) 926p H $59.95

Wine: An Introduction - Amerine/ Singleton. 2nd rev. ed. (76-USA) 370p P $38.50

Wine Analysis and Production - Zoecklein/ Fugelsang/ Gump/ Nury. (95-USA) 512p H $255.20

Wine and the Vine: A Historical Geography of Viticulture and the Wine Trade – Unwin. Rev. Ed. (96-UK) 409p P $73.00

Wine Appreciation – Vine. 2nd. Ed. (97-USA) 484p H $ 140.95

Wine Atlas of Australia and New Zealand - Halliday. (98) 360p H $98.95

Wine Atlas of California - Halliday. (93) 400p H $82.50

Wine Basics - Markham. (98-USA) 240p P $31.20

Wine by Design – Stanwuck/ Fow Low. (2006) 224p P $99.95

Wine Microbiology - Fugelsang. (97-USA) 145p H $235.95

Wine Microbiology and Biotechnology - Fleet, ed. 2002 reprint (92-UK) 520p H $363.00

Wine Microbiology: Science and Technology - Delfini/ Formica. (2001-USA) 496p H $480.80

Wine Regions of Australia – Beeston. 2nd Ed. (2002) 595p H $59.95

Wine Science: Principles, Practice and Perceptions - Jackson. 2nd ed. (2000-USA) 645p H $205.00

The Wine Spectrum - Somers. (98) 144p P $33.00

Wine Spoilage Microbiology Conference Proceedings - Toland/ Fugelsang, eds. (96-USA) 84p P $49.50  

Wine Tourism Around the World: Devlopment, Management and Markets - Hall/ Sharples/ Cambourne/ Macionis, eds. (2000-UK) 348p H $106.60

The Winemakers’ Essential Phrasebook – March/ Halliday/ Prats/ Loosen/ Antonini/ Falco/ Baverstock. (2004-UK) 344p P $59.95

Winemaking: From Grape Growing to Marketplace - Vine/ Harkness/ Linton. 2nd Ed (2002-USA) 478p H $202.45

Winemaking Basics - Ough. (92) 335p P $96.00

Winery Technology and Operations: A Handbook for Small Wineries - Margalit. (90-USA) 215p P $66.00

Winery Utilities: Planning, Design and Operation - Storm. (95-UK) 550p H $295.00

Winery Wastewater Handbook –Chapman/ Baker/ Wills. (2001) 127p P $38.50

Wines: Their Sensory Evaluation - Amerine/ Roessler. (83-USA) 432p P $84.40  

Wines and Winemakers of the Pyrenees: The Natural Garden of Victoria - Dunstan. (92) 104p P $21.95

Winetasting: A Professional Handbook – Jackson. (2002-USA) 294p H $143.00

World Atlas of Wine - Johnson/ Robinson. 5th ed. (2001-UK) 352p H $79.95




Australian Olives: A Guide for Growers and Produces of Virgin Oils - Burr. 4th ed. (99) 250p P $85.00

Discovering Oil: Tales From and Olive Grove in Umbria – Chatterton/ Chatterton. (99-ITAL) 115p P $35.00

Economic Study into Dryland Olive Growing and Oil Processing Southern Australia - Hobman. (95) 42p P $24.75

Economic Study into Irrigated Olive Growing and Oil Processing in Southern Australia - Hobman. (95) 61p P $24.75

Essential Olive Oil Companion - Dolamore.  (92-UK) 159p P $25.20

Extra Virgin: An Australian Companion to Olives and Olive Oil - Reichelt/ Burr. (97) 156p P $32.95

Home Pickling Olives - Vaughan. Rev. ed. (97-USA) 12p P $9.95

Introduction to Olive Growing in Southern Australia - Booth/ Davies. 2nd ed. (96) 56p P $32.95

Introduction to Olive Oil Processing: From Picking to Pouring - Archer. (97) 58p P $16.50

Manual of Olive Oil Technology - Moreno, ed. (75-Italy) 164p P $43.95

The Olive Book - Renowden. (99-NZ) 146p P $43.95

Olive Growing and Processing - Bertini. (50) 293p P $49.50

Olive Industry in Central Italy and Southern Spain - Hobman. (94) 33p P $24.75

Olive Leaf Extract: Nature’s Antibiotic - Walker. (97-USA) 224p P $14.25

Olive Oil: Chemistry and Technology - Boskou. (96-USA) 161p H $212.85

Olive Oil: From Tree to Table - Kiritsakis. 2nd ed. (98-USA) 348p H $236.50

Olive Oil: Recepies from the W.A. Olive Festival – Edmonds/ Kordic/ Storey/ Sutton. (2001) 54p P $19.95

Olive Pest and Disease Management – Lopez/ Villalta. (99-Spain) 208p P $75.00

Olive Production Manual - Ferguson/ Sibbett/ Martin, eds. (94-USA) 160p P $75.90

Olive Propagation Manual – Fabbri/ Bartolini/ Lambardi/ Kailis. (2004) 136p P $59.95

Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit - Rosenblum. (96-USA) 316p H $43.95

Planting and Pruning Young Olive Trees - Australian Olive Association. (99) 34mins VHS $38.50

Producing Olive Oil in California - Sibbett/ Connell. (94-USA) 11p P $15.10

Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing - Gucci/ Cantini. (99) 224p H $59.95

Sustainable Pest and Disease Management in Australian Olive Production – Spooner-Hart. (2005) 79p P $24.95

Table Olives: Production and Processing - Fernandez/ Diez/ Adams. (97-UK) 428p H $442.75

World Olive Encyclopaedia - Plaza-James. (97-Spain) 450p H $210.00








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