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Acarine Biocontrol Agents: An Illustrated Key and Manual - Gerson/Smiley. (90-UK) 174p H $153.20

ADAS Colour Atlas of Weed Seedlings - Williams/ Morrison. (87-UK) 96p P $31.85

Adjuvants for Herbicides - Hodgson, ed. (86-USA) 144p H $39.40

Agricultural Chemicals: - Thomson.

Book 1: Insecticides, Acaricides and Ovicides. (2001-USA) 249p P $82.50

Book 2: Herbicides. (97-USA) 301p P $88.00

Book 3: Fumigants, Growth Regulators, Repellents and Rodenticides. (99-USA) 210p P $82.50

Book 4: Fungicides. (2000-USA) 226p P $88.00

Agricultural Insect Pests of the Tropics and Their Control - Hill. 2nd ed. (88-UK) 746p P $150.80

Agro-Chemicals Handbook - Royal Society of Chemistry. 3rd ed. (91-UK) 1600p H $478.10

Alps Invaders: Weeds of the Australian High Country - Sainty/ Hosking/ Jacobs. (98) 62p P $9.00

Application and Biology - Southcombe, ed. (85-UK) 312p P $70.10

Applied Weed Science – Ross/ Lembi. 2nd ed. (99-USA) 2nd ed. (99-USA) 452p H $210.95

Applying Pesticides - Colvin/ Turner. 3rd ed. (88-USA) 80p P $30.60

Aquatic Pest Control – University of California. (2001-USA) 168p P $67.50

Atlas of Insect Morphology - Steinmann/ Zombori. 2nd rev. ed. (85-Hungary) 243p H $71.40

Australia’s Pest Animals: New Solutions to Old Problems - Olsen. (98) 160p P $32.95

Australian Mealybugs - Williams. (85-UK) 431p H $168.75

Australian Weed Control Handbook - Parsons, ed. 10th ed. (95) 560p P $72.60

Australian Weed Management Systems - Sindel, ed. (2000) 506p P $33.00

Ball Identification Guide to Greenhouse Pests and Beneficials - Gill/ Anderson. (98-USA) 244p H $159.50

The Biochemical Mode of Action of Pesticides - Corbett/ Wright/ Baillie.  2nd ed. (84-UK) 382p H $260.25

Biological Control: Pacific Prospects - Waterhouse/ Norris, eds. (87) 454p H $159.50

Biological Control of Locusts and Grasshoppers - Lomer/ Prior, eds. (92-UK) 394p P $160.50

Biological Control of Natural Enemies - Debach/ Rosen. 2nd ed. (91-UK) 438p H $167.50

Biological Control of the Echium Species (Including Paterson's Curse or Salvation Jane) -   IAC. (86) 319p P $29.95

Biological Control of Weeds: A World Catalogue of Agents and Their Target Weeds -  Julien, ed. 4th ed. (99-UK) 186p P $88.50

Biological Control of Weeds: Theory and Practical Application - Julien/ White. (2000) 190p P $39.00

Biological Methods of Weed Control - Rosenthal/ Maddox/ Brunetti. (84-USA) 88p P $38.50

Biology of Australian Weeds: Vol. 1 - Richardson/ Richardson. (95) 320p P $65.95

Biology of Australian Weeds: Vol. 2 - Richardson/ Richardson. (98) 327p P $71.50

Biotechnology and Integrated Pest Management - Persley, ed. (96-UK) 475p H $148.75

Bird Problems in Agriculture - Wright/ Ingris/ Feare, eds. (80-UK) 210p H $57.50

Boom Sprayers' Handbook - Chemicals Association Committee. (91-UK) 60p P $35.00

Bracken Biology and Management - Thomson/ Smith, eds. (90) 324p P $55.00

Bracken: Ecology, Landuse and Control Technology - Smith/ Taylor, eds. (86-UK) 464p H $140.00

Bush Invaders of South-East Australia: A Guide to the Identification and Control of Environmental Weeds Found in South-East Australia – Muyt. (2001) 304p P $59.95

Cereal Pests and Diseases - Gair/ Jenkins/ Lester. 4th ed. (87-UK) 268p H $54.95

Chemicals for Crop Improvement and Management - Green/ Hartley/ West. 3rd ed. (87-UK) 370p P $72.40

Colour Atlas of Fruit Pests: Their Recognition, Biology and Control - Alford. (84-UK) 320p P $169.40

Colour Atlas of Poisonous Plants – Frohne/ Pfander, eds. (2000-UK) 450p H $281.60

Colour Atlas of Post-Harvest Diseases and Disorders of Fruits and Vegetables: Vol 2: Vegetables -  Snowdon.  (91-UK) 416p H $334.40

Complete Guide to Pest Control With and Without Chemicals - Ware. 2nd ed. (88-USA) 304p P $69.00

Control of Insects and Mite Pests of Australian Crops - Hassan. 4th ed. (90) 430p P $32.50

Crop Insects: The Ute Guide (Northern Grain Belt Edition) – Wood et al. (2001) 156p P $35.00

Crop Weeds - Wilding/ Barnett/ Amor. (98) 153p P $71.50

Crop Weeds in Northern Australia: Identification at Seedling and Mature Stages - Wilson/ Hawton/ Duff. (95) 160p P $38.50

CSIRO Handbook of Australian Weeds Lazaraides/ Cowley/ Hohnen. (97) 264p P $60.00

Diseases and Pests of Ornamental Plants - Pirone. 5th ed. (78-USA) 566p H $122.40

Ecologically Based Pest Management: New Solutions for a New Country - Committe of Pest and Pathogen Control. (96-USA) 144p H $91.25

Ecology of Biological Invasions: An Australian Perspective - Groves/ Burdon, eds. (86) 166p H $38.50

Ecology of Pests: Some Australian Case Histories - Kitching/ Jones. (81) 254p H $16.50

Economic Fruit Flies of the South Pacific Region - Drew/ Hooper/ Bateman. 2nd ed. (82) 139p P $12.50

Efficient Weed Management: Protecting Your Investment in the Land - Bayley. (2001) 75p P $29.95

Encyclopaedia of Natural Insect and Disease Control: The Most Comprehensive Guide to Protecting Plants, Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Trees and Lawns - Without Using Toxic Chemicals -  Yepsen, ed. (84-USA) 490p P $72.50

Entomology: A Guide to Information Sources - Gilbert/ Hamilton. (83-UK) 273p H $82.30

Entomology and Pest Management - Perigo. 3rd ed. (99-USA) 691p H $232.95

Environmental Weed Invasions in Victoria: Conservation and Management Implications - Carr/ Yugovic/ Robinson. (92) 78p P $15.00

Environmental Weeds: A Field Guide for South-East Australia – Blood. (2001) 232p P $35.00

Environmentalist's Guide to Garden Pest Control - March. (91-UK) 96p P $34.95

Expanding the Context of Weed Management – Bulher, ed. (99-USA) 289p H 197.50

Fallow Weed Management Guide - DPI. (99) 92p P $22.00

Farm Chemical User's Course - Simmons/ George/ Fitzgerald. (92) 128p P $22.00

Farm Chemicals Handbook 2000 - Sine, ed. (2000-USA) 400p P $154.50

Farm Chemicals Manual: A Guide to Safe Use and Handling - Hock/ Day/ Morley, eds. (90) 80p P $32.95

Fate of Pesticides in the Environment - Biggar/ Seiber. (87-USA) 157p P $34.95

Field Crop Herbicide Guide - Chambers. 6rg ed. (2000) 348p P $38.50

Field Guide to Weeds in Australia - Lamp/ Collett. 3rd rev. ed. (89) 350p H $75.30

First Aid Manual for Chemical Accidents - Lefevre. 2nd ed. (89-USA) 260p P $85.60

First International Weed Congress Proceedings - Combellack/ Levick/ Parsons/ Richardson, eds. 2 vols.  (92) 948p P $193.20

Fundamentals of Pesticides: A Self-Instruction Guide - Ware. 3rd ed. (91-USA) 307p P $72.30

Fundamentals of Weed Science - Zimdahl. 2nd ed. (99-USA) 556p H $146.30

Gardener’s Companion to Weeds: How to Identify and Control More than 150 Weeds and Invasive Plants in Australia - Ermert/ Clapp. (98) 239p P $32.95

Global Compendium fo Weeds – Randall. (2002) 909p H $165.00

Glossary of Pesticide Toxicology and Related Terms - Easa/Cutkomp. (84-USA) 84p P $59.95

Good Bug Book – Llewellyn, ed. 2nd ed. (2002) 110p P $35.00

Green Methods Manual: The Original Bio-Control Primers – Cherim.4thed. (98-USA) 238p P $38.95

Grower's Weed Identification Handbook - Department of Agriculture. (92-USA) 400p H $195.00

Growing Plants Without Herbicides: Chemical Free Control of Unwanted Plants - Morgan. (91) 64p P $9.95

Guide to Agricultural Spray Adjuvanants Used in the United States - Harvey. 4th ed.  (92-USA) 244p P $64.95

Handbook of Insect Collecting (Collection, Preparation, Preservation and Storage) -   Smithers. (81) 120p H $18.95

Handbook of Pest Control - Mallis. 6th ed. (82-USA) 1101p H $165.00

Handbook of Weed Management Systems - Smith, ed. (85-USA) 741p H $367.20

Herbicide Handbook of the Weed Science Society of America - Beste, ed. 6th ed. (89-USA) 301p P $82.10

Herbicide Resistance in Weeds and Crops - Caseley/ Cussans/ Atkin. (91-UK) 513p H $194.20

Herbicides and Plant Physiology  - Cobb. (92-UK) 176p P $69.95

Hormone Weedkillers: A Short History of Their Discovery and Development - Kirby. (80-UK) 55p P $44.95

HRH 2002: A Manual for the Management of Agrochemical Emergencies – Wallace. (2002-NZ) 457p P $81.00

IPM Pest Management Guidelines - Ohlendorf/ Flint, eds. (91-USA) 400p H $186.40

Industry Standard for the Safe Transport, Handling and Storage of Potentially

Hazardous Farm Chemicals -  AVCA. (90) 200p H $135.00

Insect Biology: A Textbook of Entomology - Evans. (84-USA) 436p H $49.95

Insect Conservation: An Australian Perspective - New. (84-Neth.) 184p P $110.00

Insect Control Guide for Over 200 Crops: 2000 - Sine, ed. (2000-USA) 450p P $143.70

Insect Pests in Stored Grain: A Management Guide for Farms - Sinclair/ White, eds. (91) 48p P $17.60

Insect Pests of Macadamia in Queensland - Ironside. (81) 29p P $9.50

Insect Pheromones and Their Use in Pest Management - Howse/ Stevens/ Jones. (98-UK) 343p P $64.95

Insect Population Ecology: An Analytical Approach - Varley/ Gradwell/ Hassell. (84-UK) 212p P $34.95

The Insecticide, Herbicide, Fungicide Quick Guide: 1999 - Page/ Thomson. (99-USA) 166p P $76.40

Insects: The Ute Guide - Hopkins/ Miles. (98) 96p P $20.00

Insects of Australia: A Textbook for Students and Research Workers -   CSIRO. 2nd ed. 2 vols. (91) 1400p H $330.00

Insects on Plants: Community Patterns and Mechanisms - Strong/ Lawton/ Southwood. (85-UK) 313p P $84.95

Instructor's Manual for Pest Control - Burrill/ Shonk. (86-Italy) 148p P $36.40

Introduction to Australian Insects - Hadlington/ Johnston. Rev. ed. (98) 116p P $21.95

Introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia - Gauld. (84-UK) 413p H $184.70

Introduction to Insect Pest Management - Metcalf/ Luckmann. 2nd ed. (82-USA) 577p H $144.60

IPM in Practice: Principles and Methods of Integrated Pest Management – IPM Group. (2001-USA) 290p P $79.75

Legal Aspects of Pesticide Usage - Shepherd, ed. (90) 39p P $16.50

Liquid Calibration Handbook - Kroon, ed. 2nd ed. (87-USA) 200p P $96.30

Management of Pests and Pesticides: Farmer's Perceptions and Practices - Tait/ Napompeth. (87-USA) 244p H $112.40

Management of Agricultural Weeds in Western Australia - Dodd/ Martin/ Howes, eds. (93) 280p P $60.50

Managing Crop-Weed Interactions - Kropff/ Van Laar, eds. (93-UK) 274p H $96.40

Managing Insects and Mites in Horticultural Crops - Bough/ Elder/ Beavis. (94) 231p P $49.50

Managing Vertebrate Pests: Feral Goats - Parker/ Henzell/ Pickles. (95) 160p P $27.45

Managing Vertebrate Pests: Foxes - Saunders/ Coman/ Kinnear/ Braysher. (95) 141p P $27.45

Managing Vertebrate Pests: Rabbits - Williams/ Parer/ Coman/ Burley/ Braysher. (95) 284p P $27.45

Manual of Fumigation for Insect Control - Bond, ed. (84-Italy) 430p P $55.50

Methods for Collecting, Preserving and Studying Insects and Allied Forms - Upton. 4th ed. (91) 86p P $22.00

Methods in Ecological and Agricultural Entomology - Dent/ Walton. (97-UK) 387p P $67.45

Methods of Applying Herbicides - McWhorter/ Gerhart, eds. (87-USA) 358p H $94.60

Molecular Mechanisms of Herbicide Selectivity - Hathway. (89-UK) 214p H $127.30

More Crop Weeds - Moerkerk/ Barnett. (98) 124p P $60.50

Name that Insect: A Guide to the Insects of South-Eastern Australia - New. (96) 194p P $21.95

Natural Enemies Handbook: Illustrated Guide to Biological Pest Control - Flint/ Dreistadt. (98-USA) 154p P $86.50

Natural Pest Control: An Australian Guide for Gardeners and Small Farmers -  Chapman/ Penman. (86) 116p P $21.95

New Zealand Agrichemical and Plant Protection Manual: 1996 Edition - O'Connor, ed. 7th ed.  (2002-NZ) 352p P $130.00

Noxious Weeds of Australia - Parsons/ Cuthbertson. 2nd ed. (2001) 712p H $195.00

Nursery and Landscape Weed Control Manual - Rice. (86-USA) 264p P $67.50

Organic Control of Household Pests - French. (88) 126p P $17.95

Peskem: The Australian Directory of Registered Pesticides and Their Uses - Harden/ Hamilton, eds. 2 vols. 17th ed.  (2000) 600p P $165.00

Pest and Disease Management Handbook - Alford. (2000-UK) 624p H $329.30

Pest Control and Sustainable Agriculture - Corey/ Dall/ Milne, eds. (93) 514p H $88.00

Pest Control With Nature's Chemicals: Allelochemics and Pheronomes in Gardening and Agriculture -  Rice. (83-USA) 224p H $84.95

Pest Management - Matthews. (84-UK) 231p P $82.20

Pest Management: A Directory of Information Sources: Vol. 1 - Crop Protection - Hamilton. (91-UK) 331p H $98.70

Pest Management and the Environment in 2000 - Aziz/ Kadir/ Barlow, eds. (92-UK) 401p P $92.50

Pest Management Programs for Deciduous Fruit Trees and Nuts - Boethel/ Eikenbary. (79-USA) 256p H $112.50

Pest Resistance to Pesticides - Georghiou/ Saito, eds. (83-USA) 809p H $250.40

Pesticide Application Manual - Banks/ Broadley/ Collinge/ Middleton. 2nd ed. (90) 160p P $22.00

Pesticide Application Methods - Matthews. 3rd ed. (2000-UK) 448p P $160.00

The Pesticide Book - Ware. 5th ed. (2000-USA) 418p P $121.00

Pesticide Education Manual: A Guide to Safe Use and Handling - Hock/ Brown. 2nd ed. (92) 118p P $54.95

Pesticide Fact Handbook: Vol. 1 - USEPA. (88-USA) 827p H $260.70

Pesticide Fact Handbook: Vol. 2 - USEPA. (90-USA) 666p H $245.20

Pesticide Litigation Manual - Ware/ Johnson. (93-USA) 400p P $289.40

Pesticide Manual: A World Compendium - Tomlin, ed. 11th ed. (97-UK) 1500p H $438.00

Pesticide Safety: A Reference Manual for Private Applicators – University of California. Rev. ed. (98-USA) 128p P $19.95

Pesticide Toxicology and Related Terms - Easa/ Cutkomp, eds. (84-USA) 84p P $42.60

Pesticide Waste Disposal Technology - Bridges/ Dempsey, eds. (88-USA) 331p H $187.20

Pests and Parasites as Migrants - Gibbs/ Meischke, eds. (85) 192p P $47.50

Pests of Pastures: Weed, Invertebrate and Disease Pests of Australian Sheep Pastures - Delfosse, ed.  (93) 436p P $66.00

Pests of the Garden and Small Farm: A Grower's Guide to Using Less Pesticides - Flint, ed. (90-USA) 285p P $75.40

Pests of Stored Products - Munro. (66-UK) 234p H $64.95

Photographic Atlas of Entomology and Guide to Insect Identification – Castner. (2000-USA) 174p P $115.00

Plant Disease Control: Towards Environmentally Acceptable Standards - Strange. (93-UK) 354p H $162.60

Plant Protection 1: Pests, Diseases and Weeds - Kerruish/ Unger. 2nd ed. (91) 240p P $42.90

Plant Protection 2: Methods of Control - Kerruish. 2nd ed. (91) 240p P $46.20

Plant Protection 3: Ornamentals - Kerruish. (99) 240p P $57.75

Plants of Importance to Australia: A Checklist - Shepherd/ Richardson/ Richardson. (2001) 586p p $33.00

Poisonous Plants: A Field Guide - Dowling/ McKenzie. (93) 126p P $54.95

Poisonous Plants in Britain and Their Effects on Animals and Man - Cooper/ Johnson. (84-UK) 305p P $56.85

Power Spray Guide for the 1990s: For Turf, Lawn, Garden and Ag. Users - Broyhill Company. (90-USA) 68p P $32.45

Preparation and Curation of Insects - Walker/ Crosby. Rev ed. (88-NZ) 91p H $21.95

The Pyrethoid Insecticides - Leahy, ed. (85-UK) 440p H $256.40

Queensland Weed Seeds - Friend. (83) 206p P $15.40

Rabbit Control - Colman/ Arundel, eds. (91) 116p P $17.60

Recommendations for Weed Control: Vol. 1 - Shepherd, ed. (92) 350p P $85.75

Recommendations for Weed Control in Temperate Australia: Vol. 2 - Control in Broadacre Crops and Vegetables - Richardson/ Shepherd, eds. 2 Parts. (93) 1040p P $85.75

Review of Agricultural Chemical Spray Drift - SCA. (93) 33p P $22.00

Rural Safety: Chemical and Dangerous Substances – Brown/ Lawler/ Smith. (95) 12w0p P $40.10

Safe and Effective Use of Pesticides - Marer/ Flint/ Stimman. 2nd ed. (2001-USA) 342p P $82.60

Safer Pest Control for Australian Homes and Gardens - Rogers. (86) 160p P $14.95

Scientific and Common Names of Insects and Allied Forms Occurring in Australia -  Carne, ed. (87) 120p P $16.50

Seasonal Adaptations of Insects - Tauber/ Tauber/ Masaki. (86-USA) 411p H $104.75

Spraying Solutions - Nugent, eds. (2001) 240p P $65.00

Standard of Maxiumum Residue Limits of Pesticides, Agricultural Chemicals, Feed Additives, Veterinary Medicines and Noxious Substances in Foods - Pesticides and Agricultural Chemicals Committee. (85) 105p P $9.95

Suburban Weeds - Kleinschmidt/ Holland/ Simpson. 3rd ed. (96) 97p P $22.00

Termites and Other Common Timber Pests - Hadlington. (87) 126p H $21.95

The Tettigoniidae (Grasshoppers) - Rentz. (86) 200p H $66.00

Textbook of Agricultural Entomology – Alford. (99-USA) 314p P $139.70

Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases - Sutherst, ed. (86) 159p P $33.00

Tree, Turf and Ornamental Pesticide Guide - Thomson. (83-USA) 149p P $69.50

Urban Pest Control in Australia - Hadlington/ Gerozisis. 2nd rev. ed. (95) 278p H $49.95

Venomous Creatures of Australia: A Guide with Notes on First Aid - Sutherland. (82) 125p P $24.95

Wasps: An Account of the Biology and Natural History of Social and Solitary Wasps -  Spradbery. (73-UK) 408p H $81.50

Weed and Crop Resistance to Herbicides – De Pardo/ Jorrin/ Garcia-Torres. (97-Neth) 340p H $389.45

Weed Ecology: Implications and Management – Radosevich/ Holt/ Ghersa. (97-USA) 589p H $334.95

Weed Management: Tools for an Integrated Approach - Bedgood. (2000) 86p P $15.00

Weed Management for Developing Countries - Labrada/ Caseley/ Parker, eds. (94-Ital) 384p P $94.30

Weed Pocket Guide - Brisbane. (97) 52p P $11.00

Weed Risk Assessment - Groves/ Panetta/ Virtue, eds. (2001) 244p P $80.00

Weed Science: Principles and Practices – Monaco/ Ashton/ Weller. 4th ed. (2002-USA) 671p H $229.95

Weedpac: A Practical Guide to Noxious Weed Suppression - Horner. (94) 134p P $25.00

Weeds: An Illustrated Botanical Guide - Auld/ Medd. (90) 360p H $114.60

Weeds: Control Without Poisons - Walters. Rev. ed. (96-USA) 352p P $54.95

Weeds: Golden Dodder and Paterson’s Curse – NSW Agriculture. (93) 10mins VHS $25.00

Weeds of Southern Australia: An Index of Botanical and Common Names - Shepherd, ed. (90) 40p P $17.60

Weeds: The Ute Guide - Cummins/ Moerkerk. (96) 108p P $20.00

Weeds: The Ute Guide (Northern Grain Belt Edition) - Wood/ Cahill/ Marlow/ Douglas. (2000) 190p P $29.95

Western Weeds: A Guide to the Weeds of Western Australia - Hussey/ Keighery/ Cousens/ Dodd/ Lloyd. (97) 254p P $49.50

What Garden Pest or Disease is That? - McMaugh. (90) 312p H $54.95

Winning the War on Weeds: The Essential Gardener’s Guide to Weed Identification and Control - Wolff. (99) 112p P $27.45

Wood Destroying Insects: Wood Borers and Termites - Creffield. (91) 44p P $33.00

World's Worst Weeds: Distribution and Biology - Holm/ Plucknett/ Pancho/ Herberger. (91-USA) 609p H $172.30

Worldwide Guide to Beneficial Animals (Insects, Mites, Nematodes) Used for Pest Control Purposes - Thomson. (92-USA) 90p P $75.50



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