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Agrilink Wine Grape Information Kit - DPI. (2000) 240p H $104.50

Alternative Rootstock Update - American Society of Enology. (91-USA) 72p P $68.95

Australian and New Zealand Field Guide to the Diseases, Pests and Disorders of Grapes - Magery/ MacGregor/ Wachtel/ Kelly. (99) 108p P $27.50

Australian Tablegrapes: The Sweet Taste of Success - Agriculture Victoria. (87) 6mins. Video. VHS $16.50

Australian Wine Grape Projections to 2002-03 - Shepherd. (2001) 76p P $40.00

Australian Wine Grapes: Benchmarking for Performance - Shepherd. (2001) 57p P $40.00

Biodynamic Wines - Waldin. (2004-UK) 513p H $59.95

Biology of the Grapevine - Mullins/ Bouquet/ Williams. 2007 Reprint. (92-USA) 239p P $79.95

Bugmatch Grapes: The Software Package for the Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Grapes - CRCV. (2002) CD $55.00

Business of Vineyards - Davidson. (2001) 36p P $27.00

Canopy Management - Hayes, ed. (95) 48p P $27.50

Chemigation in Tree and Vine Micro-irrigation Systems - University of California. (2001-USA) 12p P $15.00

Climate: Monographs in Cool Climate Viticulture - Jackson. (2000-NZ) 80p P $32.95

Clonal Selection: International Symposium Proceedings - Rantz, ed. (98-USA) 163p P $114.85

Compendium of Grape Diseases - Pearson/Goheen, eds. (88-USA) 93p P $140.00

Cool Climate Viticulture and Enology - Henick-Kling/ Wolf/ Harkness, eds. (96-USA) 400p P $165.75

Cover Cropping in Vineyards: A Grower's Handbook - Ingels/ Bugg/ McGourth/ Christensen, eds. (98-USA) 162p P $54.75

Cover Crops: A Practical Tool for Vineyard Management - Technical Projects Committee. (93-USA) 24p P $60.20

Development of Methods for the Control of Vine Vigour and Water Use Optimization Based on the the Concept of Partial Rootzone Drying - Loveys. (2000) 53p P $30.00

Diseases and Pests: Grape Production Series - Nicholas/ Magarey/ Wachtel, eds. (94) 106p P $49.50

Drip Irrigation: A Grapegrower's Guide - Giddings, ed. 3rd ed. (2004) 124p P $25.00

Emerging and Traditional Mediterranean Red Varietals - Leske/ Paul. (98) 60p P $27.50

Emerging White Varietals - Bullied. (97) 72p P $27.50

Flowering and Fruitset in Grapevines - May. (2004) 119p P $39.95

From Vines to Wines: Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine - Cox. 4th ed. (99-USA) 235p P $34.95

General Viticulture - Winkler/ Cook/ Kliewer/ Lider. (74-USA) 710p H $137.40

Graft Transmitted Diseases of Grapevines - Krake/ Steel/ Scott/ Rezaian/ Taylor. (99) 137p P $65.95

Grape Pest Management - Flaherty/ Jensen/ Kasimatis/ Kido/ Moller. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 400p P $159.50

Grapevine Management Guide: 2005-2006 - Somers/Quirk, eds. (2005) 123p P $22.00

Growing Quality Grapes to Winery Specifications: Quality Measurement and Management Options for Grapegrowers - Krsric/ Moulds/ Panagiotopoulos/ West. (2003) 101p P $44.00

Guide to Growing Winegrapes in Australia - Davidson. 2nd ed. (96) 120p P $36.00

Guide to Starting Your Own Vineyard - Small. (99) 24p P $16.50

Guide to Wine Grapes - Robinson. (2000-UK) 232p P $32.95

Harvesting and Handling California Table Grapes for the Export Market - Nelson. 2nd ed. (85-USA) 76p P $27.05

Hot Water Treatment of Grapevine Propagation Material - De Laine. (2000) 10mins VHS $25.00

Identification and Control of Eutypa Dieback in Grapevines: A Grapegrowers' Guide to the Diagnosis and Control of Eutypa Dieback - Whiting. (2000) 22min. VHS $33.00

Identification and Control of Grapevine Phomopsis - Whiting. Video (94) 16 min. VHS $33.00

Improved Technology for the Solar Drying of Vine Fruit - Fuller/ Schache/ Kaye. (89) 46p P $3.85

Irrigation of Vineyards: A Winegrape Grower's Guide to Irrigation Scheduling and Regulated Deficit Irrigation - Goodwin. (95) 56p P $16.50

Italian Winegrape Varieties in Australia - McKay/ Crittenden/ Hardie/ Dry. (99) 87p P $27.50

Maintaining the Competitive Edge: Conference Proceedings - Stockley/ Johnstone/ Lee, eds. (96-USA) 225p P $55.00

Managing Bunch Rots - Davies/ Dundon/ Johnstone, eds. (2000) 58p P $27.50

Managing Water - Dundon/ Hamilton/ Johnstone/ Partridge. (2003) 52p P $29.70

Minor Grape Varieties for Australia - Antcliff. (83) 64p P $16.50

Mite Pests of Grapevines - Dept of Agriculture. (95) 10 min Video $22.00

National Register of Grapevine Varieties and Clones - deLaine/ Nicholas. 2nd ed. (2000) 76p P $41.50

Nitrogen in Grapes and Wine: Proceedings of the International Symposium - Rantz, ed. (91-USA) 323p P $120.55

Optimising Vineyard Development - Development Practices - Hamilton, ed. (95) 40p P $27.50

Oxford Companion to Wine - Robinson, ed. Rev. ed. (2000-UK) 1088p H $130.00

Pesticide Application in Vineyards - Kent/ Early. (98) 85p P $49.50

The Phylloxera Fight: Protecting South Australia from the Phylloxera Threat - Boehm. (93) 90p P $27.50

Pierce's Disease - Varela/ Smith/ Phillips. (2001-USA) 20p P $15.00

Practical Aspects of Grapevine Trelising - Mollah. (97) 60p P $27.45

Precis d'Ampelographie Practique - Galet. 5th ed. (85-Fr) 256p P $79.75

Precis de Viticulture - Galet. 6th ed. (93-Fr) 582p H $95.35

Production of Grapes and Wine in Cool Climates - Jackson/ Schuster. Rev. ed. (97-NZ) 192p P $32.95

Profitability of Investing in a Small Vineyard and Winery - Dakis/ Hayes/ Noon/ Whiting/ Everett. Rev. ed. (2001) 31p P $22.00

Propagating and Grafting of Grapevines - Considine. (81) 14p P $3.60

Pruning and Training - Jackson. Rev. ed. (2001-NZ) 68p P $32.95

Quality Management - Gibson. (94) 56p P $16.50

Raisin Production Manual - Christensen, ed. (2000-USA) 280p P $99.00

Root Systems and Soils in Australian Vineyards and Orchards: An Assessment - Myburgh/ Cass/ Clingeleffer. (98) 28p P $22.00

Rootstock Seminar: A Worldwide Perspective - Wolpert/ Walker/ Webber, eds. (92-USA) 100p P $132.95

Rootstocks and Varieties for Dried Vine Fruit Production - Ballantyne/ Macrae. (86) 105p P $16.50

Seasons of Change: A Guide to Successful Vineyard Management in a Changing World - Boon/ Taylor/ Panagiotopoulos/ Radford. (99) 134p P $104.50

Soil, Irrigation and Nutrition - Nicholas. (2004) 201p P $77.00

Soils for Fine Wines - White. (2003) 279p H $130.00

The Solar Drying Rack - Schache. (94) 25p P $11.00

Sunlight into Wine: A Handbook for Winegrape Canopy Management - Smart/Robinson. (91) 88p P $52.80

Tablegrapes for the Home Garden - Cirami. (96) 72p P $27.45

Tasmanian Viticultural Soils and Geology - DPINE. (2000) laminated chart. $12.50

Terroir: The Role of Geology, Climate and Culture in the Maming of French Wines - Wilson. (98-UK) 336p H $98.95

Trellis Drying and Mechanical Harvesting of Grapes - Ballantyne/ Macrae. (86) 101p P $16.50

Understanding Propagation and Grafting of Grapevines - Considine. (82) 14p P $3.60

Using Grapevine Rootstocks: The Australian Perspective - May. (95) 62p P $27.50

Venture into Viticulture: An Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Viticulture - Crossen. (97) 162p P $45.00

Vines for Wines: A Wine Lover's Guide to the Top Wine Wine Grape Varieties - Kerridge/ Gackle. (2004) 98p P $29.95.

Vineyard Development and Redevelopment - Hayes, ed. (94) 48p P $27.50

Vineyard Pest Management: Alternatives for the Future - Technical Projects Committee. (92-USA) 33p P $51.30

Virus and Virus-Like Diseases of Grapevines: A Colour Atlas of Symptoms - Bovey/ Gartel/ Hewitt/ Martelli/ Vuittenez. (80-Switz) 181p H $83.55

Viticulture: Vol. 1 - Resources in Australia - Combe/ Dry, eds. 2nd ed. (2004) 300p P $88.00

Viticulture: Vol. 2 - Practices - Combe/ Dry, eds. (92) 378p P $60.50

Viticulture and Environment - Gladstone. (92) 310p P $66.00

Viticulture in Western Australia: An Investment Kit - Elliott. (94) 120p P $49.50

Water for Viticulture: Optimising the Resource - Byrne et al. (96) 64p P $33.00

Wine from the Sky: Growing and Appreciating Biodynamic Wine - Jolly. (99-USA) 160p P $47.95

The Wine Regions of Australia: The Complete Guiode with over 60 Maps - Beeston. (2002) 595p H $59.95

The Wine Spectrum - Somers. (98) 144p P $33.00

Wine, Women and Vineyard Mite Control: With Doreen and Victoria - Dept of Agriculture. (94) 10 min VHS $22.00

Winegrape Berry Sensory Assessment in Australia - Winter/Whiting/ Roussseau. (2004) 64p P $35.20

Winegrape Varieties of Australia - Kerridge/Antcliff. Rev. ed. (99) 205p P $44.95

Winegrapes: Projections of Wine Grape Production and Winery Intake 1996-97 - Strachan et al. (94) 72p P $19.80

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