Compendium of Turfgrass Diseases - Smiley/Dernoeden/Clarke. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 98p P $143.00

Controlling Turfgrass Pests - Shurtleff/ Fermanian/ Randell. (87-USA) 449p H $142.95

Diseases of Turfgrasses - Couch. 3nd ed. (95-USA) 421p H $227.40

Ecological Golf Course Management - Sachs/ Luff. (2001-USA) 240p H $137.50

Fungal Diseases of Amenity Turfgrasses - Smith/Jackson/Woolhouse. 3rd ed. (98-UK) 401p H $287.40

Golf Course Irrigation: Environmental Design and Management Practices - Barrett/ Vinchesi/ Dobson/ Roche/ Zoldoske. (2003-USA) 452p H $123.95.

Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf - Handreck/Black. 3rd ed. (2001) 542p H $69.95

Handbook of Integrated Pest Management for Turf and Ornamentals - Leslie. (94-USA) 660p H $149.00

International Turf Management Handbook - Aldous. (99) 348p H $245.00

Laboratory Manual for Turfgrass Management - Welterlen. (87-USA) 202p P $72.95

Lawns: Basic Factors, Construction and Maintenance of Fine Turf Areas - Vengris/ Torello. (82-USA) 195p P $64.50

Lawns, Sports Grounds and Playing Areas: Including Non-Grass Surfaces - De Thabrew. (73-USA) 279p H $49.95

Managing Bermuda Grass Turf: Selection, Construction, Cultural Practices and Pest Management - McCarty/ Miller. (2000-USA) 310p H $154.00

Manual of Australian Turf Pesticides - Robinson. (91) 300p H $112.00

Natural Turf for Sport and Amenity Science and Practice - Adams/ Gibbs. (94-UK) 404p P $95.45

Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia - Spencer. (2008) 198p P $89.95

Ornamental Turf Management Handbook - Aldous. (99) 348p H $190.00

Pesticide Safety Training Manual (Turfgrass) - McLaughlin et al. (90) 42p P $45.00

Principles of Turfgrass Culture - Madison. (73-USA) 431p H $87.75

Soil Manual 1 (Turfgrass) - Wallis. (92) 18p P $38.00

Sports Turf: Science Construction and Maintenance - Stewart. (94-UK) 260p H $128.50

Sports Turf and Amenity Grasses: A Manual for Use and Identification - DE Aldous/ IH Chivers. (2002) 112p H $85.00

Sportsturf Water Management Manual - Yates et al. 2nd ed. (92) 62p P $39.95

Synthetic Surface Manual - Fitzgerald et al. (91) 23p P $39.95

Turf Disease Manual - McIver et al. 3rd ed. (94) 51p P $42.95

Turf Spraying: A Practical Guide - Robinson. (90) 60p P $29.95

Turfgrass Management - Turgeon/ Giles. 2nd rev. ed. (85-USA) 416p H $128.50

Turfgrass Management for Golf Courses - Beard. 2nd ed. (2001-USA) 800p H $297.00

Turfgrass Patch Diseases Caused by Ectotrophic Root-Infecting Fungi - Clarke/ Gould, ed. (94-USA) 128p P $79.95

Turfgrass Pests - Ali/ Elmore. (89-USA) 128p P $51.50

Turfgrass Science - Hanson/ Juska, eds. (69-USA) 715p H $52.95

Turfgrass: Science and Culture - Beard. (73-USA) 658p H $179.95

Turfgrass Science and Management - Emmons. (83-USA) 451p H $91.25

Turfgrass Variety Manual - Eade et al. (92) 48p P $39.95

Turfgrass Water Conservation - Gibeault/ Cockerham, eds. (85-USA) 155p P $39.95

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