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All About Rabbits - Hirschhorn. (74-USA) 96p H $20.85

Angora Rabbit Farming - Messner. (84-USA) 50p P $16.50

Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production of Rabbit Meat for Human Consumption - SCARM. (97) 37p P $27.50

Book of the Netherland Dwarf - Cumpsty. 2nd ed. (89-UK) 176p P $38.45

Colonisation of Australia by the Rabbit - Stodart/ Parer. (88) 21p P $8.00

The Domestic Rabbit - Sandford. 5th ed. (96-UK) 296p H $138.00

Dwarf Rabbits: Selection, Care and Breeding - Flauaus. (85-USA) 128p H $31.85

Encyclopaedia of Pet Rabbits - Robinson. (79-USA) 320p H $43.95

The European Rabbit: The History and Biology of a Successful Colonizer - Thompson/ King, eds. (94-UK) 245p H $198.00

Farmed Rabbits in Australia – Eady. (2003) 46p P $25.00

Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery - Hillyer/ Quesenberry. (96-USA) 384p P $86.90

Lop Rabbits as Pets - Crook. (86-USA) 192p H $50.95

Managing Vertebrate Pests: Rabbits - Williams/ Parer/ Coman/ Burley/ Braysher. (95) 284p P $27.45

Nutrient Requirements of Rabbits - NRC. 2nd rev. ed. (77-USA) 64p P $48.35

Nutrition of the Rabbit - De Blas/ Wiseman, eds. (98-UK) 344p H $169.65

Petkeeper's Guide to Rabbits and Guinea Pigs - Alderton. (86-UK) 117p H $12.95

Proper Care of Dwarf Rabbits - Mettler. (92-USA) 245p H $35.95

Proper Care of Rabbits - Campbell. (94-USA) 256p H $30.75

The Rabbit: Husbandry, Health and Production - Lebas/Coudert/Rouvier/De Rochambeau. (86-Ital) 235p P $86.95

Rabbit Control: Getting it Right - Holmes Sackett, eds. (99) 44p P $30.00

Rabbit Diseases: Cause, Prevention, Treatment - Messner. (82-USA) 80p P $18.25

Rabbit Feeding and Nutrition - Cheeke. (87-USA) 376p H $295.90

Rabbit Production - Cheeke/ Paton/ Lukefahr/ McNitt. 8th ed. (99-USA) 472p H $96.80

Rabbits: A Compendium Vade Mecum - Walden. (90) 103p P $52.80

Rabbits: Health, Husbandry and Diseases - Richardson. (91-UK) 160p P $96.80

Storey’s Guide to Raising Rabbits - Bennett. (2001-USA) 244p P $37.95

Why Farm Rabbits - Nolan. (99) 24p P $11.00



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