Australian Code of Practice for Poultry Processing - SCA. (87) 58p P $10.00

Australian Poultry Science Symposium - Balnave, ed. (91) 82p P $35.00

Australian Poultry Standards - Bishop, ed. (98) 202p H $110.00

Avian Disease Manual - Whiteman/Bickford. 3rd ed. (88-USA) 271p P $37.50

Avian Histopathology - Riddell. (87-USA) 152p P $59.30

Avian Medicine - Cannon, ed. (91) 570p P $73.50

Backyard Poultry Naturally - Moore. 2nd ed. (98) 154p P $36.95

British Poultry Standards - Roberts, ed. 5th ed. (97-UK) 400p H $202.00

Chicken Health Handbook - Damerow. (94-USA) 344p P $34.95

Chickens in Your Backyard: A Beginner's Guide - Luttman. (76-USA) 157p P $15.95

Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Domestic Fowl and Turkey - Randall. 2nd ed. (91-UK) 174p H $125.00

Commerial Chicken Meat and Egg Production - Bell/ Weaver/ North, eds. 5th ed. (2002-Neth) 1416p H $597.10

Commercial Poultry Nutrition - Leeson/ Summers. (91-Can) 283p P $91.55

Creative Poultry Breeding - Carefoot. 2005 Reprint. (86-UK) 200p H $95.00

Diseases of Free-Range Poultry: Including Hens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Pheasants, Guinea Fowl, Quail and Wild Waterfowl - Roberts. (2000-UK) 152p H $57.70

Diseases of Poultry - Calnek/ Beard/ Reid/ Yoder. 10th ed. (97-USA) 1146p H $420.00

Domestic Poultry: Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - SCA. 3rd ed. (95) 35p P $10.00

Egg and Eggshell Quality - Solomon. (97-USA) 149p H $108.00

Egg Quality: Current Problems and Recent Advances - Wells/Belyavin, eds. (87-UK) 302p H $140.00

Egg Quality Handbook - Coutts/Wilson. (91) 45p P $28.40

Egg Science and Technology - Stadelman/Cotterill. 4th ed. (95-USA) 591p H $74.95

Exhibiting Poultry for Pleasure ... and Profit - Stromberg. (78-USA) 132p P $27.45

Feeding Standards for Australian Livestock: Poultry - Farrell, ed. (87) 76p P $20.00

Free-Range Poultry - Thear. 3rd ed. (2002-UK) 179p H $69.95

Guide to Better Hatching - Stromberg. (75-USA) 100p P $8.50

Guide to Keeping Poultry in Australia - Reading. (90) 144p H $35.00

Health of Poultry - Pattison. (93-UK) 272p H $191.00

In-Vitro Digestion for Pigs and Poultry - Fuller. (91-UK) 209p H $91.10

Jackie French's Chook Book - French. (96) 120p P $12.95

Keeping Chickens - Walters/Parker. (82-UK) 126p P $19.99

Laboratory Manual for the Isolation and Identification of Avian Pathogens - Purchase/Arp/Domermuth/Pearson. 3rd ed. (89-USA) 227p P $63.80

The Laying Hen: Proceedings of a Seminar - Carter/Carter, eds. (92-UK) 160p P $68.10

Managing Poultry for Exhibition - Smith. 3rd ed. (87-UK) 104p H $27.95

Manual of Poultry Production in the Tropics - Say. (87-UK) 119p P $34.95

Natural Incubation and Rearing - Batty. (90-UK) 111p P $24.95

The New Incubation Book - Anderson-Brown/Robbins. Rev. ed. (94-UK) 266p H $44.45

Newcastle Disease in Poultry - Copland, ed. (87) 119p P $21.00

Nutrient Requirements of Poultry - National Research Council. 9th Rev. ed. (94-USA) 155p P $65.00

Nutrient Requirements of Poultry and Nutritional Research - Fisher/Boorman. (86-UK) 224p H $130.00

Poultry and Poultry-Keeping - Stern. (88-UK) 144p P $27.95

Poultry Behavior and Welfare - Appleby/ Mench/ Hughes. (2004-UK) 276p P $109.95.

Poultry Breeding and Genetics - Crawford, ed. (90-Neth) 1123p H $390.50

Poultry Diseases - Bryden, ed. (88) 628p P $59.00

Poultry Diseases - Jordan/ Pattison/ Aleander/ Faragher. 5th ed. (2002-UK) 571p H $216.70

Poultry Diseases Under Modern Management - Coutts. 3rd ed. (87-UK) 245p P $40.70

Poultry Diseases and Meat Hygiene: A Colour Atlas - Herenda/ Franvcop. (96-UK) 356p H $295.00

Poultry Feeds and Nutrition - Patrick/ Schaible. (80-USA) 668p H $45.50

Poultry Health - Hungerford, ed. (86) 827p P $55.50

Poultry Health and Management: Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Quail - Sainsbury. 4th ed. (2000-UK) 204p P $102.00

Poultry Health Handbook - Schwartz, ed. 4th ed. (94-USA) 246p P $40.35

Poultry Houses and Appliances: A D-I-Y Guide - Batty. (96-UK) 160p P $32.50

Poultry Meat and Egg Production - Parkhurst/ Mountney. (88-USA) 294p H $120.00

Poultry Meat Hygiene and Inspection - Bremner/ Johnston. 2nd ed. (96-UK) 288p P $90.00

Poultry Production - Austic/Nesheim. 13th ed. (90-USA) 325p H $95.00

Poultry Production - Hunton, ed. (95-Neth) 4000p H $405.00

Poultry Production Handbook - Kekeocha. (84-UK) 166p P $12.95

Poultry Production in Hot Climates - Daghir, ed. (95-UK) 320p H $157.75

Poultry Production Systems: Behaviour, Management and Welfare - Appleby/Hughes/ Elson, eds. (92-UK) 238p H $110.75

Poultry Products Technology - Mountney/ Parkhurst. 3rd ed. (95-USA) 446p H $100.00

Poultry Science - Scanes/ Brant/ Ensminger. 4th ed. (2004-USA) 372p H $109.95

Poultry Science and Production - Moreng/Avens. (85-USA) 438p H $67.50

Practical Incubation - Harvey. (90-UK) 136p H $47.50

Practical Poultry Keeping - Bland. (96-UK) 159p P $60.00

Principles of Poultry Science - Rose. (94-UK) 144p P $39.40

Processing of Poultry - Mead, ed. (89-UK) 423p P H $193.75

Pure Breed Poultry Raising - Kemp. (85) 96p P $16.95

Raising Poultry the Modern Way - Mercia. Rev ed.(90-USA) 234p P $24.95

Reproduction in Poultry - Etches. (96-UK) 316p P $56.70

Reproductive Biology of Poultry - Cunningham/Lake/Hewitt, eds. (84-UK) 225p P $75.60

Sexing All Fowl, Baby Chicks, Game Birds, Cage Birds - Stromberg. (77-USA) 88p P $18.95

Small-Scale Game Rearing - Hobson. (88-UK) 112p H $39.95

Small-Scale Poultry Keeping: A Guide to Free-Range Poultry Production - Feltwell. (92-UK) 176p P $23.00

Specialist Chick Sexer: A History, A World View, Future Prospects - Martin. (94) 160p H $34.95

Standard of Perfection - American Poultry Association. (89-USA) 336p H $98.50

Storey's Guide to Raising Chickens: Care, Feeding, Facilities - Damerow. (95-USA) 341p P $34.95

Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry: Breeds, Care, Health - Mercia. (2001-USA) 343p P $37.95

Third European Poultry Symposium on Poultry Welfare: Proceedings - Faure/Mill, eds. (90-Fr) 283p P $99.50

Update on Avian Diseases - Closas/Meulemans/Lancaster. (88-Fr) 78p P $14.50



Bantams - Entwisle. (81-UK) 116p H $23.50

Bantams: Those Intriguing Miniatures - Skinner. (77-USA) 62p P $7.50

Bantams and Miniature Fowl - Silk. (77-UK) 142p H $27.95

Bantams for Everyone - Smith. 3rd ed. (88-UK) 184p P $24.45

Understanding Indian Game: Large and Bantams - Hawkey. (78-UK) 168p H $28.95

Understanding Japanese Bantams - Palin. (80-UK) 114p P $27.95

Understanding Modern Game - Batty/Bleazard. (76-UK) 114p P $28.75

Understanding Old English Game - Batty. 6th rev. ed. (2002-UK) 132p P $45.00


Ducks and Geese

The Domestric Duck - Ashton/ Ashton. (2001-UK) 192p H $80.00

Domestioc Geese -Ashton. (99-UK) 192p H $80.00

Domesticated Ducks and Geese - Batty. 2nd ed. (85-UK) 232p P $30.25

Duck Keeping for Beginners - Putland. (98) 50p P $16.95

Raising the Home Duck Flock - Holderread. (78-USA) 178p P $24.95

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks: Breeds, Care, Health - Holderread. (2001-USA) 316p P $34.95

Successful Duck and Goose Raising - Sheraw. (75-USA) 208p P $24.95


Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl: A Book on Guinea Culture - van Hoesen/Stromberg. 3rd ed. (75-USA) 92p P $16.95

Guinea Fowl of the World - Belshaw. (85-UK) 100p H $79.95



The Partridge: Pesticides, Predation and Conservation - Potts. (86-UK) 274p H 74.95

Partridges: Their Breeding and Management - Robbins. (84-UK) 176p H $29.75

The Pheasant: Ecology, Management and Conservation - Hill/Robertson. (87-UK) 285p H $77.50

Pheasant Breeding and Care - Delacour. (78-USA) 192p H $39.95

Pheasants and Their Enemies - Fitzsimons. 2nd ed. (79-UK) 101p H $21.95

Pheasants of the World: Their Breeding and Management - Howman. (92-UK) 300p H $122.50

Rare Pheasants of the World - Roles. (79-UK) 112p H $47.80

Peafowl of the World - Bergmann. (80-UK) 99p H $39.95

Pheasants of the World - Delacour. (80-UK) 432p H $91.50

Pheasants of the World - Johnsgard. (86-UK) 300p H $170.00



Exhibition and Flying Pigeons - Wheeler. (78-UK) 326p H $48.25

Fancy Pigeon Standards - Ison, ed. (81-UK) 422p H $49.95

Fancy Pigeons: A Handbook of the History, Care and Breeding of Exhibition Pigeons - Muller/Shrag. (85-Ger) 252p H $85.90

Guide to Pigeons, Doves and Quali: Their Management, Care and Breeding - Brown. (95) 184p P $44.00

Making Pigeons Pay - Levi. (83-USA) 263p H $69.95

Making Squab Raising Profitable - Naether. (64-USA) 33p P $16.00

The Pigeon - Levi. (92-USA) 665p H $172.40

Pigeon Racing - Martin. (83-UK) 95p P 12.95

Pigeon Racing - Axelrod/ Welty. ( 78-USA) 208p H $19.95

Squab Raising for Beginners - Whitbread. (83) 68p P $10.95



Bob White Quail - Rosene. (78-USA) 422p H $55.00

The Coturnix Quail - Fitzgerald. (65-USA) 306p H $45.95

Grouse and Quails of North America - Johnsgard. (77-USA) 553p H $87.50

Quail Manual - Marsh. (76-USA) 48p P $14.75

Quail: Their Breeding and Management - Robbins. Rev. ed. (89-UK) 108p H $35.95



Swan Breeding and Management - Stromberg. (86-USA) 95p P $17.25



Raising Your Own Turkeys - Mercia. Rev. ed. (81-USA) 140p P $24.95

Storey's Guide to Raising Turkeys: Breeds, Care, Health - Mercia. (2001-USA) 197p P $34.95

Turkeys: A Guide to Management - Bland. (2000-UK) 128p P $43.95

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