The Australian Ostrich Industry - Tuckwell/Rice. (94) 40p P $19.95

Finding Success in the Ostrich Business: A Comprehensive Guide to Operating a

Successful Ostrich Farm - Chisholm Trail Ostrich. (92-USA) 243p P $59.95

Guide to the Theory and Practice of Ostrich Incubation - Finger. (91) 54p P $30.00

Husbandry and Medical Management of Ostriches, Emus and Rheas - Jensen/ Johnson/Weiner. (92-USA) 218p P $77.10

Ostrich Examination - Black. (94) 40p P $24.00

Ostrich Farming - Hastings. (91) 94p P $35.00

Ostrich Management Guide - Bastien. (88-USA) 12p P $8.95

Ostriches: Your Great Opportunity - Coody. (87) 36p P $9.95

Ostrich Odyssey - Bryden, ed. (93) 250p P $37.50

Successful Ostrich Farming in Southern Africa and Australia - Earle. 2nd ed. (94) 67p P $25.00


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