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Australian Olives: A Guide for Growers and Producers of Virgin Oils - Burr. 4th ed. (99) 242p P $85.00

Discovering Oil: Tales from an Olive Grove in Umbria - Chatterton/ Chatterton. (99) 115p P $32.95

Economic Study into Dryland Olive Growing and Oil Processing Southern Australia - Hobman. (95) 42p P $24.75

Economic Study into Irrigated Olive Growing and Oil Processing in Southern Australia - Hobman. (95) 61p P $24.75

Essential Olive Oil Companion - Dolamore. (92-UK) 159p P $25.20

Extra Virgin: An Australian Companion to Olives and Olive Oil - Reichelt/ Burr. (98) 168p P $32.95

Feast of the Olive: Cooking with Olives and Olive Oil - Klein. (94-USA) 200p P $20.85

Home Pickling Olives - Vaughan. Rev. ed. (97-USA) 12p P $9.95

Introduction to Olive Growing in Southern Australia - Booth/ Davies. 2nd ed. (96) 56p P $32.95

An Introduction to Olive Oil Processing: From Picking to Pouring - Archer. (97) 58p P $16.50

Manual of Olive Oil Technology - Moreno, ed. (75-Italy) 164p P $43.95

Mediterranean Olive Oil Cook Book - Steele. (94-UK) 160p P $19.95

The Olive Book - Renowden. (99-NZ) 114p P $43.95.

Olive Growing and Processing - Bertini. (50) 293p P $49.50

Olive Industry in Central Italy and Southern Spain - Hobman. (94) 33p P $24.75

Olive Leaf Extract: Nature's Antibiotic - Walker. (97-USA) 224p P $14.25

Olive Oil: Chemistry and Technology - Boskov. (96-USA) 161p H $212.85

Olive Oil: From Tree to Table - Kiritsakis. 2nd ed. (98-USA) 348p H $236.50

Olive Oil: Recipes from the WA Olive Festival - Edmonds/ Kordic/ Storey/ Sutton. (2001) 54p P $19.95

Olive Pest and Disease Management - Lopez-Villalta. (99-Spain) 207p P $75.00.

Olive Production Manual - Ferguson/ Sibbett/ Martin, eds. (94-USA) 160p P $75.90

Olive Propagation Manual - Fabbri/ Bartolini/ Lambardi/ Kallis. (2004) 136p P $59.95

Olives: The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit - Rosenblum. (96-USA) 316p H $43.95

Planting and Pruning Young Olive Trees - Australian Olive Association. (99) 34mins VHS $38.50

Producing Olive Oil in California - Sibbett/ Connell. (94-USA) 11p P $15.10

Producing Table Olives - Kailis/ Harris. (2007) 328p P $69.95.

Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing - Gucci/ Cantini. (99) 224p H $59.95

Sustainable Pest and Disease Management in Australian Olive Production - Spooner-Hart. (2005) 74p P $24.95.

Table Olives: Production and Processing - Fernandez/ Diez/ Adams. (97-UK) 428p H $442.75

World Olive Encyclopaedia - Plaza-James. (97-Spain) 450p H $210.00

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