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Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Preparing Australian Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for the Future – Chris Stokes/ Mark Howden, eds. 2011 Reprint. (2010) 286p P $59.95. 0780-643095953 (CSIRO Publishing)


American Farmstead Cheese: The Complete to Making and Selling Artisan Cheeses – Paul Kindstedt. Reprint. (2005-USA) 276p H $74.95. 9781931498777. (Chelsea Green)


Animal Nutrition –P McDonald/RA Edwards/JFD Greenhalgh/CA Morgan/A Sinclair/RG Wilkinson. 7th ed. (2001-UK) 816p P $145.00. 9781408204238. (Prentice-Hall)


Australian High Country Owls – Jerry Olsen. (2011) 384p P $69.95. 9780643097056. (CSIRO)


The Australian Merino: The Story of a Nation – Charles Massy. 2nd ed. (2009) 860p H $175.00. 9781741666922. (Random House)


Australian Sheep and Wool Handbook – DJ Cottle, ed. 5th Reprint. (91-NZ) 509p P $94.00. 0909605602 (WRONZ Developments)


Beef Cattle Australia – Russell Reed. (2009) 366p H $95.00. 9781876561483 (Acacia Press)


Biology of the Grapevine – Michael G Mullins/ Alain Bouquet/ Larry E Williams. Reprint. (92-UK) 239p P $79.95. 7880521038676. (Cambridge University Press) 


Breaking the Sheep’s Back: Wool and Politics in AustraliaCharles Massy. (2011) 264p P $39.95. 9780702238468. (University of Queensland Press).


Burning Issues: Sustainability and Management of Australia’s Southern Forests – Mark Adams/ Peter Attiwill. (2011) 144p P $49.95. 9780643094437 (CSIRO Publishing)


Cattle Health Handbook:  Preventative Care, Disease Treatments and Emergency Procedures for Promoting the Well-Being of Your Beef or Dairy Herd – Heather Smith Thomas. (2009-USA) 371p H $49.95. 9781603420952. (Storey)


The Cattleman’s Daughter – Rachel Treasure. (2008) 420p P $32.95. 9781921518249 (Penguin)


Chainsaw Operator’s Manual: Chainsaw Safety, Maintenace and Cross-Cutting Techniques – Forestworks. (2009) 55p P $24.95. 9780643097414. (Landlinks)


The Complete Book of Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit – Mathew Biggs/ Jekka McVicar/ Bob Flowerdew. 2009 Reprint. (2006) 640p P $45.00. 9780731813063. (Simon & Shuster)


The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of AustraliaPaul D Brock/ Jack W Hasenpusch. (2009) 216p P $44.95. 9780643094185. (CSIRO Publishing)


The Complete Textbook of Animal Health and Welfare – Jane Williams, ed. (2009-UK) 492p P $66.00. 9780702029448. (Saunders)


Complete Textbook of Veterinary Nursing – Victoria Aspinall, ed. (2006-USA) 891p P $137.00. 9780750688475. (Elsevier)


Composting: The Ultimate Organic Guide to Recycling Your Garden – Tim Marshall. Rev. ed. (2008) 108p P $29.95. 980733324161. (ABC Books)


Country Women’s Association Cookbook: Seventy Years in the Kitchen – Country Women’s Association of New South Wales. (2010) 392p H $32.95. 9781741963595. (Murdoch Books)


Crop Insects: The Ute Guide Southern Grain Belt Edition – Ken Henry/ Judy Bellati et al. (2008) 192p P $29.95. (GRDC)


Cured: Slow Techniques for Enhancing Meat, Fish, Fruit & Vegetables - Salted – Spiced – Dried – Smoked – Potted – Pickled - Raw – Lindy Wildsmith. (2010) 288p P $39.95. 9781742660110. (Murdoch Books)


Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Use – Heather Kinkade-Levario. (2007-USA) 235p P $39.00. 9780865715806. (New Society Publishers)


Dictionary of Entomology: A Comprehensive, fully Cross-referenced Collection of Terms, Names and Phrases used in Entomology – Gordon Gordh/ David Headrick. 2nd ed. (2011) 1500p H $280.00. 9780643097841. (CSIRO)


Diseases of Field Crops in Australia – Denis Persley/ Tony Cooke/ Susan House. (2009) 288p H $150.00. 9780643069718. (CSIRO)


Diseases of Vegetable Crops in Australia – Denis Persley/ Tony Cooke/ Susan House. (2010) 304p H $150.00. 978064306387. (CSIRO)



Discovering Fruit and Nuts: A comprehensive guide to the cultivation, uses and health benefits of over 300 food producing plants – Susanna Lyle. (2006) 480p H $79.95. 9780643093218 (Landlinks)


Discovering Vegetables and Herbs: A comprehensive guide to the cultivation, uses and health benefits of over 200 food producing plants - Susanna Lyle. (2006) 480p H $79.95. 9780643093218 (CSIRO)


Eat Smart, Stay Well: Power Foods that could save Your Life – Susanna Lyle. (2010) 312p P $29.95. 9781869537333. (David Bateman)


Electric Fencing: Ag Guide – Jennifer Laffan. (2010) 78p P $25.00. 9780731306244. (Industry & Investment)


Equine Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Reproduction – Graham H Munroe/ J Scott Weese. (2011-UK) 800p H $300.00 9781840761191. (Manson)


Essential Guide to Calving: Giving your beef or dairy herd a healthy start – Heather Smith Thomas.  (2008-USA) 325p P $39.95. 9781580177061. (Storey)


Faba Beans: The Ute Guide - Tom Yeatman/ Wayne Hawthorne/ Jeff Paull/ Judy Bellati et al. (2009) 127p P $29.95. 9781921399299 (PIRSA)


Feedpads for Grazing Dairy Cows – John Moran/ Scott McDonald. (2010) 251p P $49.95. 0780643097681. (CSIRO Publishing)


Fencing AgGuide: A Practical Handbook – D Brouwer, ed. (2009) 102p P $25.00. 9780731306220. (NSW Industry & Investment) 


Field Guide to Crustaceans of Australian Waters - Diana Jones/ Gary Morgan. 2nd ed. (2007) 224p P $39.95. 9781876334826. (New Holland)


Field Guide to Insects in Australia – Paul Zborowski/ Ross Storey. 3rd ed. (2010) 288p P $35.00. 9781877069659. (New Holland)


Field Peas: The Ute Guide – Tom Yeatman et al. (2009) 137p P $29.95. 9781921399268. (GRDC)


Fishes of Australia’s Southern Coat – Martin Gomon/ Dianne Bray/ Rudie Kuiter. (2008) 928p H $129.95. 97881877069185. (New Holland/ Museum Victoria)


Fleming’s Fruit and Ornamental Tree Guide – Maree (Liz) Darmody. (2011) 272p P $29.95. 9780-646551104. (Fleming’s Nurseries)


Flora of Australia: Vol 39 – Alismatales to Arales – Annette Wilson, ed. (2011) 300p P $110.00. 9780643104242. (CSIRO)


Fresh Culinary Herb Production: A technical guide to the hydroponic and organic production of commercial fresh gourmet herb crops – Lynette Morgan. (2005-NZ) 120p P $68.50. 0473081-75. (Suntec) 


From the Ground Up: A Complete Garden Guide for Victorian Gardeners – Jane Edmanson. (2010) H $64.95. 9780980705713 (Neutrog Australia)


Grafting and Budding: A Practical Guide for Fruit and Nut Plants and Ornamentals – WJ Lewis/ D McE Alexander. (2008) 112p P $34.95. 9780643093973 (Landlinks Press)


The Grape Grower: A Guide to Organic Viticulture – Lon Rombough. (2002-USA) 289p P $59.95. 9781890132828. (Chelsea Green)


Guide to the Beetles of AustraliaGeorge Hangay/ Paul Zborowski. (2010) 248p P $44.95. 9780643094871. (CSIRO)


Guide to the Katydids [Insects] of AustraliaDavid Rentz. (2010) 224p P $49.95. 9780643095540. (CSIRO)


Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking Meat, Fish and Game – Wilbur J Eastman. Reprint. (2002-USA) 231p P $24.95. 9781580174572 (Storey)


Guide to Plants of Inland Australia – Philip Moore. (2005) 503p P $49.95. 9781876334864. (New Holland)


Guide to the Beetles of Australia – George Hangay/ Paul Zborowski. (2010) 238p P $44.95. 9780643094871. (CSIRO)


Heart and Soul: Australia’s First Families of Wine– Graeme Lofts. Foreword by James Halliday. (2010) 340p P $39.95. 9781742469249. (Wiley)


Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Homemade Cheeses – Ricki Carroll. Reprint. (2002-USA) 278p P $24.95. 9781580174640. (Storey)


Home Grown Whole Grains: Grow, Harvest and Cook Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice, Corn and More – Sara Pitzer. (2009-USA) 167p P $24.99. 9781603421539 (Storey)


How to Store Your Garden Produce: The key to self-sufficiency – Piers Warren. Rev. enlarged ed. (2008-UK) 143p P $25.00. 9781900322171. (Green Books)


How to write a business plan and review farm performance: Ag Guide – Brian Walsh. (2010) 60p P $25.00. 9780731306282. (Industry & Investment)


International Sheep and Wool Handbook – DJ Cottle, ed. (2010-UK) 720p H $137.00. 97881904761860. (Nottingham University Press)


Is That Plant Poisonous: An Australian field guide for livestock, pets and people – RCH Shepherd. Reprint. (2010) 250p P $55.00. 9780980388527. (RG&FJ Richardson)


Kelpie Basics and Beyond… The Australian Working Kelpie – Stephen and Mary Bilson. 6th ed. (2010) 116p P $35.00 (Noonbarra Kelpie Stud)


Knowing and Making Wine – Emile Peynaud. Reprint. (84-USA) 391p H $150.00. 9780471881490 (Wiley)


Lentils: The Ute Guide – Tom Yeatman et al. (2008) 127p P $29.95. 9781921399237. (GRDC) 


Make it Safe: A Guide to Food Safety – CSIRO Food and Nutritional Services. (2010) 296p P $39.95. 9780643095687. (CSIRO)


Making Good Wine: A Manual of Winemaking Practice for Australia and New Zealand  - Bryce Rankine. (2004) 318p P $34.99. 9781405036016. (Macmillan)


Making Your Small Farm Profitable: Apply 25 Guiding Principles – Develop New Crops and New Markets – Maximise Net Profits Per Acre – Ron Macher. (99-USA) 273p P $24.95 9781580171618. (Storey)


Managing a Small Business in Australia: The Complete Handbook – John  English/ Babette Moate. (2011) 278p P $35.00. 9781742373546. (Allen & Unwin)


Marketing Agricultural Products and Service: AgGuide – Brian Walsh. 9781742560601. (2011) 74p P $25.00.


Meat Safety Quality and Veterinary Public Health in Australia: A new revised edition about Food Safety in the Meat Industry – Eddie Andriessen. 9th ed. (2009) 626p H $245.00. 0646309390. (Penny Farthing Publishing)


Modern Arboriculture: A Systems Approach to the Care of Trees and Their Associates - Alex L Shigo. (98-USA) 448p H $165.00. 0943563097. (Shigo and Trees, Associates)


Native Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia covering areas of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia:  A Comprehensive Coverage of 900 species includes Addendum and Changes and New Species – Leon Costermans. (2010) 440p P $45.00. 9781877069703. (New Holland)


Nature and Properties of Soils – Nyle C Brady/ Ray R Weil. 14th ed. Revised.  (2008-USA) 975p P $136.95. 9780135133873. (Pearson Education)


Orchids of Western Australia – Andrew Brown/ Pat Dundas/ Kingsley Dixon/ Stephen Hopper. (2008) 435p H $89.95.  9780980296457. (University of Western Australia Press)


Organic Farming: Introduction – (2008) 164p P $36.00. 9780731306114. (NSW DPI)


Organic Farming: Crops, Fruits and Vegetables – (2008) 120p p $34.00. 9780731306121 (NSW DPI)


Organic Farming: Livestock. (2008) 96p P $34.00. 9780731306145. (NSW DPI)


The Organic Farming Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to Starting and Running a Certified Organic Farm – Ann Larkin Hansen. (2010-USA) 296p P $39.95. 9781603424790 (Storey)


Out of the Scientist’s Garden: A Story of Water and Food – Richard Stirzaker. (2010) 208p P $29.95. 9780643096585. (CSIRO)


Pastoral Australia: Fortunes, Failures and Hard Yakka – A Historical Overview 1788 -1967 - Michael Pearson/ Jane Lennon. (2010) 210p P $69.95. 9780643096998. (CSIRO)


Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability – David Holmgren. Reprint. (2002) 286p P $38.00. 0646418440 (Holmgren Design Services)


Philip’s Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe: An Identification Guide to 400 European Species with more than 1000 illustrations in colour – Chris Humphries/ Bob Press/ David Sutton. (2006-UK) 319p P $28.95. 97805400887341. (Philip’s)


Planting Wetlands and Dams: A Practical Guide to Wetland Design, Construction and Propagation – Nick Romanowski. 2nd ed. (2009) 126p P $59.95. 9780643096363. (Landlinks)


Planting for Wildlife: A Practical Guide to Restoring Native Woodlands – Nicola Munro/ David Lindenmayer. (2011) 84p P $39,95. 9780643103122. (CSIRO).


Plants of Western New South WalesGM Cunningham/ WE Mulham/ PL Milthorpe/ J H Leigh. Reprint (1992) 766p H $180.00. 9780643103634. (CSIRO)


Principles of Horseshoeing: The Ultimate Textbook of Farrier Science and Craftmanship in the 21st Century – Dr Doug Butler/ Jacob Butler. (2008-USA) 987p H $237.50. 00916992268. (Author)


Private Native Forestry: AgGuide – A Practical Handbook (2010) 110p P $25.00. 9780731306305. (NSW Agriculture)


The Profitable Hobby Farm: How to Build a Sustainable Local Foods Business – Sarah Beth Aubrey. (2010-USA) 276p P $27.95. 9780470432099. (Howell Book House)


Pruning for Flowers and Fruit – Jane Varkulevicius. (2010) 224p P $39.95. 9780643095762. (CSIRO)


Royal Horticultural Society Encyclopaedia of Garden Plants A-Z – Christopher Brickell. 2 vols. Reprint. (2008-UK) 1142p H $125.00. 9781405332965. (Dorling Kindersley)


Sheep Farming for Meat and WoolJane Court/ John Webb Ware/ Sue Hides. (2010) 322p P $69.95. 9780643092945. (CSIRO Publishing) 


Small-Scale Grain Raising – Gene Logsdon. 2nd ed. (2009-USA) 308p P $44.95. 9781603580779 (Chelsea Green)


Small-Scale Livestock Farming: A Grass-Based Approach for Health, Sustainability, and Profit – Carol Ekarius. (99-USA) 217p P $29.95. 9781580171625. (Storey)


Smoking Salmon and Trout: Plus Canning, Freezing, Pickling and More – Jack Whelan. Reprint. (82-Canada) 230p P $26.95. 9781550173024. (Harbour Books)


Tadpoles of South-eastern Australia: A Guide with Keys – Marion Anstis. (2007) 281p P $34.95. 9781877069499. (New Holland)


The Taste of Wine: The Art and Science of Wine Appreciation – Emile Peynaud. 2nd ed. Reprint. (96-USA) 346p H $165.00. 97880471113768.  (Wiley)


Trees of Victoria and Adjoining Areas – Leon Costermans. 6th ed. (2006) 164p P $17.95. 9780959910544. (Costermans Publishing)


Weeds of the South-East: An Identification Guide for Australia – FJ Richardson/ RG Richardson/ RCH Shepherd. Rev. ed. (2011) 546p P $79.95. 9780980388534. (RG&FJ Richardson)


Wetland Weeds: Causes, Cures and Compromises – Nick Romanowski. (2011) 184p P $49.95. 9780643103953. (CSIRO)


What Makes a Good Farm for Wildlife? – David B Lindenmayer. (2011) 160p P $39.95. 9780643100312. (CSIRO Publishing)


Wine Science: Principles and Applications - Ronald S Jackson. 3rd ed. (2008-USA) 751p H $206.00. 9780123736468 (Academic Press)


The Women Behind the Rose: An introduction to Alister Clark’s Rose-namesakes 1915-52 – Tilly and Andrew Govanstone. (2010) 288p H $49.95. 9781877058936. (Rosenberg) 


Wood in Australia: Types, Properties and Uses – Keith R Bootle. 2nd ed. (2005) 452p H $95.00. 9780074713129. (McGraw-Hill)


Writing your Plan for small Business Success – Ian Birt. 4th ed. (2010) 296p P $47.95. 9781442510715. (Pearson)