Agricultural Meteorology - McDonald. (93) 300p H $39.00

Australia's Weather Patterns: An Introductory Guide - Tapper/ Hurry. (93) 130p P $29.95

Book of the Weather - Crowder. (96) 200p P $34.95

Climate of Australia - Dept of Science. (90) 48p P $9.95

El-Nino: Southern Oscillation and Climatic Variability - Allan. et al. (96) 405p H $90.00

Everyday Meteorology - Miller/ Parry. 2nd rev. ed. (72-UK) 275p H $25.00

Fundamentals of Weather and Climate - McIlveen. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 497p P $64.95

Introduction to Meteorology - Petterssen. 3rd ed. (69-USA) 333p H $65.55

Meterology Today: An Introduction to Weather, Climate and the Environment - Ahrens. 5th ed. (94-USA) 590pb H $64.95

Spacious Skies - Scorer/ Verkaik. (89-UK) 192p H $50.00

Will it Rain: El Nino and the Southern Oscillation - Partridge, ed. 2nd ed. (94) 56p P $20.00

Windows on Meterology: Australian Perspective - Webb, ed. (97) 350p P $50.00

Updated May 1998

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