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Apple Image Writer II: Technical Reference Manual - Apple. (87-USA) 204p H $64.95

Basic Marketing: With Computer Problems - McCarthy/ Perreault. 9th ed. (86-USA) 412p H $42.50

Computer Applications in Agricultural Environments - Clarke/ Gregson/ Saffel. (87-UK) 304p H $239.00

Computer Applications in Food Production and Agricultural Engineering 11 - Balasubrahmanian, ed. (85-Neth) 218p H $45.75

Computer Based Information Systems - Walker. (88-USA) 370p H $29.00

Computer Concepts with Microcomputer Applications: Lotus Version - Shelly/ Cashman/ Waggoner. (90-USA) 700p P $62.95

Computer Models for Management Science - Erickson/ Hall. (86-USA) 303p P $44.95

Computer Software for Agriculture - Reynolds. 10th ed. (98) 98p P $25.00

Computers in Agriculture - Moverley/ Dale. (90) 162p P $32.00

Computers: Tools for the Information Age - Capron. 2nd ed. (90-USA) 710p P $44.95

Dynamic Programming: Applications to Agriculture and Natural Resources - Kennedy. (86) 341p H $105.25

Easy Access to Microsoft Word 4 & 5 - Grout. (92-UK) 120p P $25.99

Inventory of Agricultural Software in Australia and New Zealand - Mickan. (88) 217p P $15.00

Livestock and Land Use Budgeting for Computer Illiterates - Lines. (89) 350p P $65.00

Microcomputers in Agriculture - Moverly. (86-UK) 219p P $39.95

Optimization for Profit: A Decision Maker's Guide to Linear Programming - Bender/ Kahan/ Mylander. (92-USA) 341p H 155.20

The Photo Shop 4 Wow Book: The Award Winning Guide to Getting the Most out of Photo Shop - Dayton/ Davis. (98-USA) 327p P $64.95

Spreadsheets for Agriculture - Noble/ Course. (93-UK) 240p P $59.95

SPSS Survival Manual: A Step-by-Step Guide to Data Analysis Using SPSS (Version 10) - Pallant. 2nd ed. (2005) 318p P $39.95.

What's on the Web for Australian Farmers: A Content Analysis of 206 World Wide Web Sites for Australian Farm Businesses - Da Rin/ Groves. (97) 50p P $30.00



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Australia at Work ACIRRT. (98) 200p P $29.95

Australian Resume Guide: Making Your Job Application Work - Stephens. (90) 196p P $12.95

Careers in Agribusiness and Industry - Smith/ Underwood/ Bultmann. 4th ed. (91-USA) 395p H $54.10

The Complete Job Search book - Beatty. (88-USA) 244p P $32.40

The Essence of Personnel Management and Industrial Relations - Cowling/ James. (94-UK) 205p P $29.95

Graduate Guide to Applying for a Job - Coyte/ Fonti. (89) 78p P $15.00

Health and Safety at Work: Australian Trade Union Safety Representative's Handbook - Mathews. 2nd ed. (93) 635p P $29.95

How to Get the Job You Want: An Australia Guide - Rodney. (88) 63p P $9.95

How to Write a Winning CV: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Perfect CV - Jones. (90-UK) 146p P $12.95

Human Resource Management: Management in Australia - Strategy, People, Performance - De Cieri/ Kramar. 2nd ed. (2005) 702p P $104.45

Job Applications: The Winning Edge - Shmerling. (93) 234p P $19.95

The New Win That Job - Stevens. 5th ed. (91) 217p P $17.50

Reducing Farm Injuries: Issues and Methods - Aherin/ Murphy/ Westaby. (92-USA) 58p P $33.80

Resolving Conflict: A Practical Approach - Tillett. (91) 180p P $28.95

Rural Employment: An International Perspective - Bollman/ Bryden, eds. (97-UK) 465p H $124.95

Rural Safety: Machinery, Stock and General Hazards - Brown/ Lawler. (95) 144p P $34.95

Safety and Health for Production Agriculture - Murphy. (92-USA) 253p H $67.50

Strategic Human Resource Management - Nankervis/ Compton/ Baird. 4th ed. (2002) 400p P $104.95

The Struggle for Australian Industrial Relations - Dabscheck. (95) 194p P $31.95

Successful Job Hunting in the 1990s - Bisdee. (92) 185p P $9.95

Understanding Australian Industrial Relations - Alexander/Lewer. 4th ed., (97) 306p P $39.95



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Commodity Futures for Profit: A Farmer's Guide to Hedging - Oster. 2nd ed. (84-USA) 200p H $47.20

Commodity Trading Manual - Catania, ed. (89-USA) 402p H $77.70

Futures Contracts and How they Work - Jorgenson/Alcock. (80) 23p P $3.75

Futures Handbook for Farmers - Noske. 2nd ed. (82-USA) 80p P $12.20

Futures Trading for Farmers - MOFMC. Manual, Cassettes, Slides. (82) H $87.00

Futures Trading Course - Hargrave. (89) 399p P $54.00

Getting Started in Futures - Lofton. 2nd ed. (93-USA) 273p P $36.95

Inside the Financial Futures Market - Powers/Vogel. (81-USA) 320p H $44.95

McGraw-Hill Book of Commodities and Futures - (85-USA) 682p H $105.00

Theory and Practice of Futures Markets - Leuthold/Junkus/Cordier. (89-USA) 408p H $78.00

Twenty-Four Hour Trading: Global Network of Futures and Options Markets - Diamond/Kollar. (89-USA) 304p H $59.95


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Accounting: A Direct Approach - Harrison/ Horrocks/ Newmans. 4th ed. (86) 489p P $41.99

Accounting and Planning for Farm Management - QDPI. (71) 161p P $8.25

Accounting: Text and Cases - Anthony/ Reece. 8th ed. (89)-USA) 1030p P $56.95

Accounting in Australia - Hoggett/ Edwards/ Miedlin. 5th ed. (2002) 1074p P $102.95

Adaptation and Survival in Australian Agriculture - Higgs. (86) 320p H $37.50

Agribusiness: An Entrepreneurial Approach - Hamilton/ Cennelly/ Doster. (92-USA) 368p H $55.95

Agribusiness Management - Downey/Erickson. 2nd ed. (87-USA) 477p H $118.95

Agribusiness Procedures and Records - Lee/Lee. (80-USA) 135p P $57.95

Agricultural Cooperatives: Their Why and Their How - McBride. (86-USA) 352p H $98.95

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness - Cramer/Jensen. 5th ed. (93-USA) 300p P $56.95

Agricultural Economics and the CAP: An Introduction - Brassley. (97-UK) 172p P $39.00

Agricultural Finance - Lee/Boehije/Nelson/Murray. 7th ed. (80-USA) 437p H $38.65

Agricultural Management Economics: Activity, Analysis and Decision Making - Rae. (94-UK) 358p P $61.10

The Agricultural Marketing System - Rhodes. 2nd ed. (83-USA) 557p H $97.50

Agricultural Mathematics - Higgs et al. (73-USA) 299p H $35.00

Agricultural Policy Analysis - Halcrow. (84-USA) 342p H $97.00

Agricultural Price Policy: A Practitioners' Guide to Partial Equilibrium Analysis - Tsakok. (90-USA) 305p P $36.90

Agricultural Product Prices - Tomek/Robinson. 3rd ed. (90-USA) 360p P $70.95

Agricultural Research and Technology in Economic Development - Pinstrup-Anderson. (82-UK) 288p H $52.95

Agro-Food Marketing - Padberg/ Ritson/ Albisu, eds. (97-UK) 492p P $86.25

Agro-Research for the Semi-Arid Tropics: North-West Australia - Muchow, ed. (85) 601p H $50.00

Alternative Farm Enterprises: A Guide to Alternative Sources of Income for the Farmer - Slee (87-UK) 210p H $37.95

Analysis of Response in Crop and Livestock Production - Dillon/Anderson. 3rd ed. (90) 251p P $45.00

Applied Farm Management - Turner/ Taylor. 2nd ed. (98-UK) 394p P $81.00

The Applied Theory of Price - McCloskey. 2nd ed. (85-USA) 631p H $29.95

The Arid Lands: Their Use and Abuse - Heathcote. (83-UK) 323p P $26.75

Australian and New Zealand Small Business Manual - Ratnatunga. 3rd ed. (93) 375p P $54.00

Australian Business Dictionary - Ford/Hinde/Hinde. (85) 209p P $17.50

Australian Business Statistics - Selvanathan/ Selvanathan/ Keller/ Warrack. 3rd ed. (2004)1078p P $99.95

Australian Commercial Law - Turner. 20th rev. ed. (95) 1067p P $57.00

The Australian Constitution - Sawer. 2nd ed. (88) 174p P $24.95

Australian Dictionary of Accounting Terms - Robb. (81) 59p P $9.50

The Australian Economy in the Long Run - Maddoek/Mclean. (87) 372p P $29.95

Australian Export Manual - Sacks/Malbon, eds. (92) 363p P $51.00

Australian Farm Business Management: Financial Strategies for the Primary Producer - Pestana, ed. (93) 240p H $65.00

Australian Financial Review Economic Update - Clark. (89) 100p P $14.95

The Australian Financial System - Lewis/ Wallace, eds. (93) 509p P $44.99

Australian Industrial Relations - Derry/ Plowman. 3rd ed. (91) 528p P $41.95

Australian Macroeconomics - Walker/ Murphy/ Perry. 3rd ed. (87) 419p P $31.95

Australian Management: A First Line Perspective - Saville/ Higgins. (95) 340p P $42.95

Australian Management: A Practical Guide for Managers, Supervisors and Administrators - McLaughlin. (87) 250p P $28.10

The Australian Manager - Byrt/ Masters. Rev. ed. (82) 219p P $20.95

Australian Marketing Casebook - Gilmour/Rados/Gibson. 2nd ed. (88) 328p P $24.95

Australian Office Procedures - Hopkins/Hamilton. (88) 138p P $16.95

Australian Public Sector Management - Corbett. (92) 280p P $27.95

Australian Small Business Manual - Ratnatunga/Dixon. (86) 320p P $45.00

The Australian Stock Exchange: An Introduction - (88) 148p P $16.00

Banking and Lending Practice - Weaver/Shanahan. 3rd ed. (94) 332p P $36.00

Banking Law and the Financial System in Australia - Weerasooria. 2nd ed. (88) 550p P $55.00

Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach - Quester/ McGuiggan/ Perreault/ McCarthy. 3rd Australasian ed. (2001) 743p P $93.95

Business Finance - Peirson/Bird/Brown/Howard. 5th ed. (90-USA) 832p P $54.95

Business Law in Australia: 1992 Edition - Latimer. (92) 1189p H $64.00

Business, Society and the Law - Terry/ Giugni. 2nd ed. (97) 1052p P $89.95

Calculations for Agriculture and Horticulture - Boatfield/ Hamilton. (84-UK) 116p P $32.95

Cash Flow Planning in Agriculture - Libbin/Catlett/Jones. (94-USA) 203p P $54.75

Changing Agriculture: An Introduction to Systems Thinking - Wilson. (88) 80p P $14.95

Collective Bargaining in Agriculture - Roy. (70-USA) 283p P $16.65

Commodity Marketing from a Producer's Perspective - Chafin/Hoepner. (89-USA) 334p P $49.90

Commonwealth Agricultural Policy of the European Community - Fennell. 2nd ed. (87-UK) 227p P $68.00

Competitive Marketing Strategy: Developing, Maintaining and Defending Competitive Position - Brown. (90) 410p P $53.95

Conflict Management: A Practical Guide - Condliffe. (91) 216p P $27.95

Consumer Behavior - Engel/Blackwell/Miniard. 6th ed. (90-USA) 840p P $52.95

Consumer Behaviour: Concepts and Strategies - Berkman/Gilson. 3rd ed. (86-USA) 650p H $47.95

Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy - Peter/Olson. 2nd ed. (90-USA) 606p H $52.95

Cooperatives: Development, Principles and Management - Roy. 4th ed. (81-USA) 611p P $27.60

Coping with Drought: Experience in Western Victoria - Cole, ed. (87) 110p P $18.75

Coping with Risk in Agriculture - Hardaker/ Huirne/ Anderson. (97-UK) 274p P $60.45

Dead Reckoning: Calculating without Instruments - Doerfler. (93-USA) 182p P $29.20

Demand Systems Estimation: Methods and Applications - Johnson/Haasan/Green. (84-USA) 178p P $33.15

Direct Marketing: Strategy, Planning and Execution - Nash. 2nd ed. (86-USA) 445p H $115.00

Diversifying the Farm Business: A Practical Guide to the Opportunities and Constraints - Haines/ Davies. (87-UK) 304p P $44.00

Don't Dream It, Do It!: Making Money From New Farm Ideas - Cahill. (93) 150p P $29.95

Drylands Dilemma: A Solution to the Problem - MacRae. (87) 24p P $5.95

Economic Analysis and Agricultural Policy - Day, ed. (82-USA) 368p H $77.35

Economica: A Country Whose Economic Problems and Solutions - Kane. (93) 381p P $55.00

Economics - McTaggart/ Findlay/ Parkin. 2nd ed. (96) 1050p P $69.95

Economics of Tropical Farm Management - Makeham/Malcolm. (86) 178p P $25.00

Emerging Biotechnologies for Agriculture - Oram/Johnston. (85) 75p P $20.00

Essential Law for Landowners and Farmers - Gregory/Parrich. (80-UK) 280p P $35.95

Establishing a Farm Office - Vere. (85) 51p P $7.95

Experiential Learning: Experience as The Source of Learning and Development - Kolb. (84-USA) 256p H $111.95

Exploring Agribusiness - Roy. (80-USA) 293p H $45.70

Export Handbook - Swanson, ed. 14th ed. (91) 200p P $85.00

Farm and Small Business Record Book - Dept of Agriculture. (95) 97p P $29.95

Farm Biz: For Your Farm Business - Cropping and Grazing - Stephens. (91) 164p H $49.95

Farm Estate and Business Planning - Harl. 12th ed. (94-USA) 421p P $47.95

Farm Financial Solutions - Hurst. (91) 112p P $15.00

Farm and Food Policies: Issues of the 1980s - Paarlberg. (80-USA) 338p H $34.25

Farm and Food Policies of the European Community - Harris/Swinbank/Wilkinson. (83-UK) 354p H $47.50

The Farm Family Business - Gasson/Errington. (93-UK) 290p P $56.50

Farm Lease Guide - Dunaway/Morrow. (80-USA) 175p P $11.60

Farm Management - Boehlje/ Eidman. (84-USA) 806p H $102.70

Farm Management: Decisions, Cooperation and Control - Kadlec. (85-USA) 429p H $85.50

Farm Management - Kay/ Edwards/ Duiffy. 5th ed. (2004-USA) 444p H $112.95.

Farm Management in Africa: Principles of Production and Planning - Upton. (73-UK) 356p P $22.50

The Farm Office - Hosken/ Brown. 4th ed. (91-UK) 225p P $41.95

Farm Organisation and Management - Buckett. (87-UK) 200p P $38.50

Farm Planning and Control - Barnard/ Nix. 2nd ed. (79-UK) 600p P $80.00

Farmer as Manager - Giles/ Stansfield. 2nd ed. (90-UK) 208p P $32.25

Farmers Markets of America - Sommer. (80-USA) 160p P $14.95

Farming Facts, Finances and Failures - Kerrigan/ Kelliher. (92) 334p P $36.00

Farming Fiasco: Why New Zealand, Our Farmers and the World's Poor Lose Out - Yerex. (92-NZ) 158p P $34.95

The Farming Game: Agricultural Management and Marketing - Malcolm/ .Makeham/ Wright. 2nd ed. (2005) 291p P $59.95

The Fight for Food: Factors Limiting Agricultural Production - Croxall/ Smith. (84-UK) 218p P $17.95

Financial Engineering: Philosophies and Precedents - Pollard. (88) 310p H $49.00

Financial Management and Policy in Australia - Van Horne/ Wachowicz/ Davis/ Lawriwsky. 4th ed. (95) 958p P $58.95

Financial Management for Agribusiness - Obst/ Graham/ Christie. (2007) 352p P $64.95.

Financial Management for Small Business - McMahon. 2nd ed. (95) 224p P $32.00

Financial Management in Agriculture - Barry/ Ellinger/ Hopkin/ Baker. 5th ed. (95-USA) 665p H $82.10

Financial Planning in Agriculture: A Key to Credit and Money Management - Osburn/ Schneeberger. (77-USA) 80p P $11.95

Fire in the Belly: On Being a Man - Keen. (91-USA) 272p P $18.95

Fundamentals of Marketing - Stanton/Miller/Layton. 2nd ed. (91) 690p H $49.95

Future Agricultural Technology and Resource Conservation - English/ Maetzold/ Holding/ Heady, eds. (84-USA) 604p H $62.70

Future Frontiers in Agricultural Marketing Research - Farris, ed. (83-USA) 341p H $59.65

Government Administration in Australia - Spann. (79) 524p H $29.95

Guidelines for Efficient Farm Administration - Rickards/Hudson/Peart. (81) 18p P $3.00

Handbook of Australian Corporate Finance - Bruce/McKern/Pollard/Skully. 3rd ed. (89) 535p P $51.00

Handbook for Farm Managers - Pockley. (87) 240p H $19.95

Handbook of Modern Marketing - Buell, ed. 2nd ed. (86-USA) 1000p H $210.00

Handbook of Organic Husbandry - Blake. (87-UK) 221p H $29.95

Helping Groups to be Effective - Dick. 2nd ed. (91) 380p P $65.00

Home Office Design: Everything You Need to Know About Planning, Organizing and Furnishing Your Workspace - Zimmerman. (96-USA) 204p P $34.95

How to Organise and Operate a Small Business in Australia - English. 9th ed. (2003) 290p P $39.95

How to Prepare a Promotional Plan - Waller. (98-USA) 100p P $31.95

How to Start a Service Business and Make it Succeed - Retzler. (87-USA) 267p P $37.40

Human Resource Management - Stone. 2nd ed. (96) 300p P $57.95

Industrial Relations in Australia - Dabscheck/Niland. (81) 603p P $24.95

Information Privacy Law in Australia - Tucker. (92) 272p P $47.00

Information Systems in Management - Senn. 3rd ed. (87-USA) 326p P $48.90

Inside the Bank: The Role of the Reserve Bank of Australia in the Economic, Banking and Financial Systems - Linklater. (92) 252p P $29.95

International Marketing - Cateora. 8th ed. (94-USA) 839p H $59.95

Introduction to Agri-Business Management - Wills. 2nd ed. (79-USA) 167p H $23.25

Introduction to Agricultural Sales - Wills. (83-USA) 275p H $62.50

An Introduction to Farm Organisation and Management - Buckett. (81-UK) 313p P $38.50

Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Econometrics - Judge/ Hill/ Griffiths/ Lutkepohl/ Lee. 2nd ed.(80-USA) 248p P $39.95

Investment Projects in Agriculture - Benjamin. (87-UK) 297p P $29.50

Job Analysis: A Handbook for the Human Resources Director - Ghorade. (88-USA) 348p H $85.50

Labour Law in Australia: Vol. 1 - Industrial Aspects - Sykes. (80) 413p P $49.00

Law Handbook 1990: Your Practical Guide to Law in Victoria - Fitzroy Legal Service. (90) 664p P $29.95

Leadership for Agricultural Industry - Stewart. (78-USA) 152p P $25.95

Legacy Under Threat?: Family Farming in Australia - Lees, ed. (97) 259p P $32.50

Legal Research: Materials and Methods - Campbell/ Glasson/ York/ Sharpe. 3rd ed. (88) 326p P $29.50

Livestock and Land Use Budgeting for Computer Illiterates - Lines. (89) 350p P $75.00

Making Money at Home - Smith. (91) 200p P $19.95

Managerial Accounting - Garrison. 6th ed. (91-USA) 810p P $56.95

Managing Agricultural Systems - Dalton. (82-UK) 161p H $49.75

Management - Dunham/ Pierce. (89-USA) 950p H $69.95

Management - Kreitner. 3rd ed. (86-USA) 750p P $69.75

Management: A Behaviourial Approach - Petzall/Selvarajah. (91) 316p P $34.95

Management: A Pacific Rim Focus - Bartol/ Tein/ Matthews/ Martin. Enhanced Edition. (2002-USA) 540p P $108.95

Management Case Studies - Selvarajah/Petzall/Willis. (91) 163p P $18.99

Management in Australia - Stoner. (85) 832p P $54.95

Management Information Systems: Conceptual Foundations, Structure and Development - Davis/ Olson. 2nd ed. (84-UK) 693p P $38.95

Managing the Management Buyout - Rothbery/ O'Sullivan/ McLean. (92) 229p H $55.00

Marketing: A Strategic Approach - McColl-Kennedy/ Kiel. (2002) 400p P $99.95

Marketing: Australia and New Zealand - Kotler/ Brown/ Adam/.Armstrong. 6th ed. (2004) 944p P $104.95

Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations - Kotler. (82-USA) 528p P $59.95

Marketing for the Non-Profit Sector - Hannagan. (92-UK) 190p P $19.95

Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control - Kotler. 9th ed. (91-USA) 756p P $64.95

Marketing of Agricultural Products - Kohls/ Uhl. 9th ed. (2002-USA) 544p H $150.00

Marketing Planning and Strategy - Redd. (92) 320p P $29.95

Marketing Plans: How to Prepare Them, How to Use Them - McDonald. 2nd ed. (89-UK) 337p P $45.95

Marketing: Principles and Strategy - Assael/Reed/Patton. (95) 680p P $59.95

Microeconomic Reform in Australia - Forsyth, ed. (92) 322p P 54.95

Mind of the Strategist: Business Planning for Competitive Advantage - Ohmae. (83-UK) 283p P $14.99

Modern Marketing - Jefkins. 2nd ed. (89-UK) 224p P $18.99

Modern Marketing of Farm Products - Mortenson. 3rd ed. (77-USA) 348p H $30.60

Money Management for Students - Bond/Steer. Rev. ed. (92) 154p P $19.95

Money Market Maths - Crapp/Marshall. (87) 181p P $19.95

Money Thoughts: The ABC of Money Management - Bond. 2nd ed. (92) 160p P $19.95

The New Direct Marketing: How to Implement a Profit-Driven Data Base Marketing Strategy - Shepard Associates. (90-USA) 553p H $102.95

Organisation Theory in Australia - Robbins/Barnwell. (89) 476p P $49.95

Organisational Behaviour - Robbins/ Millett/ Waters-Marsh. 4th ed. (2004) 669p P $102.95

Organisational Behaviour: Life at Work in Australia - Vecchio/Hearn/Southey. (92) 690p P $47.95

Organisational Behaviour: The Australian Context - Lansbury/Spillane. 2nd ed. (91) 328p P $29.50

Organizational Theory - Dessler. (92-USA) 500p P $44.95

Overseas Marketing from Australia - Cooke. (91) 383p P $65.00

Personnel/Human Resources Management in Australia - Schuler/Dowling/Smart. (88) 454p P $39.95

Personnel Management in Australia - McCarthy/ Stone. (86) 578p P $37.95

Planning and Decision in Agribusiness: Principles and Experiences - Hanf/ Shieffer, eds. (83-Neth.) 368p H $205.10

The Political Economy of Agricultural Protection - Anderson/ Hayami. (86) 185p P $21.95

Positive Economics for Australian Students - Lipsey/ Langley/ Mahoney. (82) 850p P $39.95

Practical Accounting for Farm and Rural Business - Brown. (91-UK) 183p H $44.95

Practical Farm Business Management - Obst. 2nd ed. (86) 272p P $39.95

Preparing a Business Plan - Sampson. (88) 77p P $19.95

Price Theory and Applications - Hirshleifer. 4th ed. (88-USA) 563p P $37.95

Principles and Practices of Farm Management Accounting - Mallyon/Neilson. 3rd ed. (86) 293p P $65.00

Principles of Agribusiness Management - Beirerlein/Schneeburger/Osburn (86-USA) 441p H $99.95

Principles of Agricultural Economics: Marketing and Prices in Less Developed Countries - Colman/Young. (89-UK) 323p P $55.00

Principles of Marketing - Kotler/ Armstrong. 10th ed. (2004-USA) 690p P $99.95

Principles of Microeconomics - Gans/ King/ Mankiw. 2nd ed. (2003) 504p P $89.95

Project Management: A Managerial Approach - Meredith/Mantel. 2nd ed. (89-USA) 624p P $59.95

Pursuit of Quality: How Companies in Australia are Attaining Excellence - Whitford/Andrew. (94) 584p P $34.95

Range and Wildlife Management in the Tropics - Heady/Heady. (82-UK) 140p P $12.75

Readings in Human Resource Management - Stone. (91) 338p P $29.95

Rethinking Locations: A Seminar on Alternative Farming Systems - KDFIG. (85) 200p P $20.00

Review of the Process of Farm Adjustment in Australia - Stayner/Gow. (92) 48p $18.00

Risk Management in Agriculture - Barry, ed. (84-USA) 282p H $76.70

Rural Law Handbook: A Guide for Primary Producers - Golding/ Smith/ Bowen. (2002) 416p P $43.00

Rural Development: Putting the Last First - Chambers. (83-UK) 246p P $7.25

Rural Property Planning: Risk Management - Krause. (95) 128p P $46.75

Science for Agriculture: The Way Ahead - Martinelli, ed. (86) 155p P $30.00

Selling: Principles and Practices - Russe/Beach/Buskirk. (88-USA) 602p P $39.95

Selling in Agribusiness - Miller. (79-USA) 136p P $27.95

Selling in Agribusiness: Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations - Kotler. 2nd ed. (82-USA) 528p H $59.95

Small Business Management in Australia - Meredith. 3rd ed. (88) 477p P $35.95

Smart Selling: The Consultative Approach - McCloy. (93) 127p P $24.95

State of Play 7 - Indecs. (92) 342p P $19.95

The Stockman's Handbook - Ensminger. 5th ed. (78-USA) 1092p H $49.40

Strategic Management Processes - Perry. (92) 293p P $23.99

Strategic Market Management (Australian Edition) - Aaker/ Mills. (2005) 411p P $72.95

Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organisations - Kotler/Andreasen. 4th ed. (91-USA) 644p H $64.95

Successful Agribusiness Management - Freivalds, ed. (85-UK) 245p H $96.25

Supervision: Management in Action - Cole. (98) 756p P $48.95

Supervision in Action - George/Collins/Gill/Cole. (87-USA) 486p P $32.95

Supervision in Australia: Concepts and Practices of Management - Samuelson. (85) 369p P $27.95

Surviving the Rural Crisis of the 90s and How to Save the Farm - Smith. (91) 64p P $9.95

Systems Approaches for Improvement in Agriculture and Resource Management - Wilson/Morren. (90-USA) 361p H $78.95

Systems Thinking, Systems Practice - Checkland. (81-USA) 330p H $48.95

Towards a More Organizationally Effective Training Strategy and Practice - Camp/Blanchard/Huszczo. (86-USA) 405p P $62.50

Transferring the Family Farm - Bridge. (91) 20p P $4.95

Truth About Success and Motivation: Plain Advice on How to be One of Life's Real Winners - Montgomery. (87) 169p P $14.95

Understanding Investments: An Australian Investor's Guide to the Stock Market, Property and Cash Based Securities - Beelaerts/ Forde. 2nd ed. (97) 160p P $19.95

Understanding Real and Nominal Interest Rates and Rates of Return on Capital - Donnett. (82) 17P p $3.50

Upgrading New Zealand's Competitive Advantage - Crocombe/Enright/Porter. (91-NZ) 235p P $29.95

Utilization-Focused Evaluation: The New Century Text - Patton. 3rd ed. (97-UK) 430p P $58.95

We are Hanging On: Voices of Hope in the Rural Crisis - Pfitzner, ed. (92) 96p P $5.95

What Future for Australia's Arid Lands - Messer/Mosley, eds. (83) 266p P $20.00

What Price Farm Budgets - Malcolm/Makem. (87) 200p H $37.50


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End of Certainty: the Story of the 1980s - Kelly. (92) 775p P $29.95

Suffrage to Sufferance: 100 Years of Women in Politics - Haines. (92) 210p P $14.95


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Agricultural Experimentation: Design and Analysis - Little/ Hills. (78-USA) 350p P $101.20

Analysis of Binary Data - Cox/ Snell. 2nd ed. (89-UK) 336p H $68.95

Basis Business Statistics: Concepts and Applications - Berenson/ Levine. (86-USA) 907p P $31.95

Biostatistical Analysis - Zar. 4th ed. (99-USA) 800p P $93.95

Design of Experiments: Statistical Principles for Practical Application - Mead. (90-UK) 620p P $55.00

Do it Yourself Social Research - Wadsworth. (84) 89p P $16.00

Doing Fieldwork: Eight Personal Accounts of Social Research - Perry, ed. (89) 155p P $25.00

Elementary Statistical Procedures - Chase. 3rd ed. (85-USA) 397p P $43.95

Everyday Evaluation on the Run Wadsworth. (91) 88p P $15.00

Experimental Designs - Cochran/Cox. 2nd ed. (57-USA) 620p P $38.95

Handling Experimental Data - Pentz/Shott. (88-UK) 95p P $19.95

In-Depth Interviewing: Researching People - Minichiello/Aroni/Timewell/Alexander. (90) 357p P $23.99

Introduction to Sample Surveys: A User's Guide - Crockett. (89) 90p P $25.00

Introduction to the Practice of Statistics - Moore/ McCabe. 4th ed. (2003-USA) 910p H $130.00

Mail and Telephone Surveys: The Total Method - Dillman. (78-USA) 325p H $100.00

Mastering Statistics - Hannagan. 3rd ed. (97-UK) 200p P $19.95

Optimal Design of Experiments - Pukelsheim. (93) 454p H $140.00

Practical Statistics for Field Biology - Fowler/Cohen. (91-UK) 227p P $37.50

Principles and Procedures of Statistics: A Biometrical Approach - Steel/Torrie. 2nd ed. (81-USA) 633p P $35.95

Problem Solving: A Statistician's Guide - Chatfield. (88-UK) 261p P $51.95

Questionnaire Design, Interviewing and Attitude Measurement - Oppenheim. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 308p P $34.40

Sampling Techniques - Ciochran. 3rd ed. (77-USA) 428p P $45.95

Sociology One - Waters/ Crook. 2nd ed. (90) 514p P $29.99

Statistical Ecology: A Primer on Methods and Computing - Ludwig/ Reynolds. (88-USA) 337p P $63.95

Statistical Methods - Snedecor/ Cochran. 8th ed.(89-USA) 503p H $94.50

Statistical Methods for Food and Agriculture - Bender/ Douglas/ Kramer. (89-USA) 345p P $59.95

Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology - Mead/ Curnow/ Hasted. (90-UK) 415p H $119.95

Statistics: An Introduction - Goldman/ Weinberg. (85-USA) 780p H $39.95

Statistics for the Terrified - Kranzler/ Moursund. (95-USA) 164p P $32.95

Statistics Without Tears: A Primer for Non-Mathematicians - Rowntree. (81-UK) 199p P $14.95

Surveys in Social Research - de Vaus. 3rd ed. (91) 379p P $24.95



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Australian Master Tax Guide 1997 - CCH Tax Editors. (97) 1748p P $65.00

Farm Taxation - Tomes. (96) 136p P $18.00

Tax and Farmers: The New Rules - Bird, ed. (87-NZ) 48p P $24.95

Understanding the Cash Transactions Reports Act - Hewett/ Kalyk. (91) 220p P $58.00



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Creating Training Miracles - Rylatt/Lohan. (95) 341p P $34.95

How to Run Seminars and Workshops: Presentation Skills for Consultants, Trainers and Teachers - Jolles. (93-USA) 240p H $79.95

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