Local Government & Planning


Local Government and the People: Challenges for the Eighties - Jones. (81) 288p P $16.95

Local Government Litigation in Victoria - Lonie/Pisano. (90) 69p P $40.00

Local Government Litigation in New South Wales - Ellis-Jones/Irish. (90) 59p P $40.00

Managing Local Government: Leadership for the 21st Century - Jones. (89) 212p P $29.95

Playground Equipment Manual: Simple, Suitable, Safe, Solutions - Ozturk. (87) 86p H $22.50

Accidents will Happen: A Small Town Guide to Planning for Hazardous Materials Response - National Center for Small Communities/ National Center for Hazard Communication. (90-USA) 56p P $20.60

Australian Engineering Drawing Handbook - Roth/ van Haeringen.

Part One - Basic Principles and Techniques. Rev. ed. (88) 241p P $31.25

Part Two - Structural Building. Rev. ed. (87) 76p P $41.75

Bituminous Roads in Australia - Dickinson. (84) 330p P $60.00

Case Studies in Environmental Hope - Newman/ Neville/ Duxbury, eds. (88) 185p P $12.50

Cities in Transition: The Regeneration of Britain's Inner Cities - Middleton. (91-UK) 320p H $60.00

Community Economics: Economic Structure and Change for Smaller Communities - Shaffer. (89-USA) 322p H $51.40

Competitive Tendering: How to Write a Competitive Tender - Roberts. (97) 109p P $36.00

Conservation Easement Handbook: Managing Land Conservation and Historic Preservation Easement Programs - Diehl/ Barrett. (88-USA) 269p P $42.60

Countryside Planning Policies for the 1990s - Gilg. (91-UK) 300p H 125.60

Demands on Rural Lands: Planning for Resource Use - Cocklin/ Smit/ Johnston, eds. (87-USA) 336p P $58.50

Dogs in an Urban Environment: A Handbook of Municipal Management - Murray/ Penridge. (92) 128p P $35.00

Economics of Natural Resources and the Environment - Pearce/ Turner. (90-UK) 378p P $32.95

Environmental Economics: A Survey - Cropper/ Oates. (91-USA) 120p P $6.95

Environmental Health Reference Book - Jackson/ Morris/ Smith/ Crawford. (89-UK) 450p H $240.00

Environmental Impact Assessment: A Practical Guide - Porter. (85) 269p P $35.00

Environmental Land Use Planning and Management - Randolph. (2004-USA) 664p H $110.00.

Environmental Law in Australia - Bates. 3rd ed. (92) 405p H $65.00

Farming and the Countryside - Soper/ Carter. (91-UK) 160p P $37.95

Farming and the Countryside: An Economic Analysis of External Costs and Benefits - Hanley, ed. (91-UK) 336p H $123.70

Green Belts: Conflict Mediation in the Urban Fringe - Elson. (86-UK) 304p H $15.95

Guide to Delineating the Edges of Historic Districts - Keune/ Wright. (83-USA) 95p P 17.95

History of Australian Roads - Lay. (85) 135p P $60.00

Introduction to Regional Economics - Hoover/ Giarratani. 3rd ed. (84-USA) 444p H $61.95

Introduction to Victoria's Key Environment and Planning Law: A Community Guide to Victoria's Decision-Making Processes About Environment and Planning Issues - Juilian, ed. 2nd ed. (98) 160p P $25.00

Legal Research: Materials and Methods - Campbell/ Glasson/ York/ Sharpe. (88) 338p P $52.50

Local Area Traffic Management: Workshop Papers and Discussions - Brindle, ed. (89) 100p P $22.50

Local Area Traffic Management and Street Improvement in Europe - Brindle, ed. (87) 100p P $22.50

Local Government and Environmental Planning Law in New South Wales - Whitmore. (81) 190p P $39.00

Local Greening Plans: A Guide for Vegetation and Biodiversity Management - Greening Australia. (95) 144p P $29.50

Making Townscape: A Contextual Approach to Building in an Urban Setting - Tugnutt/ Robertson. (91-UK) 176p P $69.95

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment and Evaluation - Baggs/Baggs. (85) 103p P $22.50

New Planning System in Victoria - Bruce. (88) 442p P $67.50

New Viewpoints in Australian Outdoor Recreation Research and Planning - Mercer, ed. (94) 162p P $49.95

Outdoor Adventure Pursuits: Foundations, Models and Theories - Ewert. (89-USA) 234p H $65.75

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction - Alexander/ Ishikawa/ Silverstein. (77-USA) 1165p H $140.00

Planning and the Rural Environment - Davidson/ Wibberley. (77-UK) 221p P 37.50

Planning and Zoning for Farmland Protection: A Community Based Approach - Wyckoff/Misseldine.

(87-USA) 58p P $15.95

Planning Theory - Faludi. (73-UK) 308p P $31.50

Rationalising Rustic Regulation - Sieper. (82) 55p P $7.75

Saving the Farm: A Handbook for Conserving Agricultural Land - Nisbet/ Shafroth. (90-USA) 150p H $51.30

Teaching and Workshop Methods in Agriculture: A Handbook for Planners, Instructors and Administrators - Shute/ Moore. (82-Can) 119p P $12.95

Urban Streetscapes: A Workbook for Designers - Gibbons/ Oberholzer. (91-UK) 160p P $65.00

Values for the Environment: A Guide to Economic Appraisal - Winpenny. (91-UK) 277p H $45.10

Valuing Cultural Landscapes in USA, Britain and Australia - Russell. (88) 107p P $15.00

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