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Companion Planting


Allelopathy - Rice. 2nd ed. (84-USA) 422p H $197.50

Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Planting - Riotte. (75-USA) 226p P $19.95

Companion Gardening in Australia: Working With Mother Nature - Collins. Rev. ed. (97) 144p P $16.95

Companion Planting: Green Gardening Brought to Life - Bird. (91-UK) 144p H $24.95

Companion Planting: Successful Gardening the Organic Way - Franck. (83-UK) 128p P $16.95

Companion Planting in Australia - Little (83) 94p H $12.95

Jackie French's Guide to Companion Planting in Australia and New Zealand - French. (91) 125p P $9.95

Pest Repellent Plants - Woodward. (97) 96p P $14.95

Roses Love Garlic: Secrets of Companion Planting with Flowers - Riotte. (83-USA) 236p P $19.95

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Cottage Gardening

Classic Garden Design: How to Adapt and Recreate Garden Features of the Past - Verey. (84-UK) 160p H $34.95

The Cottage Garden - Scott-James. (81-UK) 159p P $24.95

Cottage Garden and the Old-Fashioned Flowers - Genders. 2nd ed. (83-UK) 368p H $40.00

Cottage Garden Flowers - Fish. (80-UK) 127p P $9.95

Cottage Garden Revived - Nottle. (84) 104p P $14.95

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The Englishman's Garden: An Enchanting Tour Through Some of the Finest Gardens of England - Lees-Milne/Verey. (82-UK) 154p H $45.00

Flowers for the Australian Cottage Garden Border - Guest. (89) 180p H $35.00

The Front Garden: The Story of the Australian Cottage Garden - Crittenden. (79) 50p P $6.75

The Garden at Forest Hall - Irvine. (2002) 200p H $49.95

Herbs and Flowers of the Cottage Garden - Wilkinson. (89) 320p H $49.95

Historic Gardens of Victoria: A Reconnaisance - Watts. (83) 224p H $50.00

Trees and Gardens of the Goldmining Era: A Study of the Maldon Landscape - Lumtey/Dyke/Spencer/Gardiner. (83) 96p P $7.50

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Anatomy of Flowering Plants: An Introduction to Structure and Development - Rudall. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 110p P $39.95

Biotechnology of Ornamental Plants - Geneve/Preece/Merkle. (97-USA) 461p H $169.00

Bulbs: Vol. 1 - Bryan. (89-UK) 218p H $122.50

Bulbs: Vol. 2 - Bryan. (89-UK) 251p H $122.50

Bulbs and Corms - Macoby. (91) 160p H $24.95

Caring for Cut Flowers - Jones/Moon. (93) 176p P $29.95

Commercial Flower Forcing - Laurie/Kiplinger/Nelson. 8th ed. (79-USA) 438p H $111.50

Complete Book of Bulbs, Corms, Tubers and Rhizomes - Mathew/Swindells. (95) 240p H $50.00

Complete Book of Cut Flower Care - Vaughan. (88-UK) 145p H $55.50

Concise Guide to the Flowers of Britain and Europe: Over 1000 Colour Photographs - Polunin. (88-UK) 316p P $38.00

Cut Flower Quality: Gower Guide - Day, ed. (89-UK) 22p P $14.70

Field Grown Cut Flowers: A Practical Guide and Sourcebook for Commercial Field Grown, Fresh and Dried Cut Flower Production - Stevens. (98-USA) 394p H $85.00

Flowers in Old Adam's Garden - Guest. (91) 198p H $39.95

Growing Flowers in New Zealand for Pleasure and Profit - Baldwin. (88-NZ) 157p P $32.75

Handling, Precooling and Temperature Management of Cut Flower Crops for Truck Transportation - Rij/ Thompson/ Farnham. (79-USA) 26p P $6.30

Introduction to Floriculture - Larson, ed. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 638p H $119.95

Macdonald Encyclopaedia of Alpine Flowers - Moggi. (84-UK) 384p P $24.95

Name That Flower: The Identification of Flowering Plants - Clarke/Lee. (87) 260p P $29.95

Nursery Management - Mason. (94) 132p H $29.95

Ornamental Bulbs, Corms and Tubers - Rees. (92-UK) 220p P $65.90

Ornamental Plants: Pests, Diseases and Disorders - Bodman et al. (96) 158p P $32.00

Physiology of Flowering Plants: Their Growth and Development - Street/Opik. 3rd ed. (84-UK) 279p H $29.95

Post-Harvest Handling and Storage of Cut Flowers, Florist Greens and Potted Plants - Nowak/Rudnick. (90-USA) 224p H $59.95

Postharvest Handling of Australian Flowers - From Australian Native Plants and Related Species - Faragher/ Slater/ Joyce/ Williamson. (2002) 214p H $42.00

Should I Grow Wildflowers? - Carson. (2000) 160p P $70.00

Specialty Cut Flowers: the Production of Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs and Woody Plants for Fresh and Dried Cut Flowers - Armitage. (93-UK) 372p H $85.00

Stearn's Dictionary of Plant Names for Gardeners - Stearn. (92-UK) 363p H $39.95

What Flower is That? - Macoby. 14th print. (86) 317p H $59.95


Particular Flowers

African Violets, How I Grow - Daw. Rev. ed. (83) 76p P $6.95

Growing Amaryllis - Grower. (81-UK) 68p P $16.25

Compendium of Rhododendron and Azalea Diseases - Coyler/Roane. (87-USA) 65p P $95.00

Azaleas - Galle. Rev. ed. (87-USA) 519p H $140.60

Growing Azaleas - Evans. (94) 80p P $16.95

Production of Florist Azaleas - Larson. (93-USA) 136p P $39.95

Rhododendrons and Azaleas in Australia - Price. (88) 42p P $9.95

Growing Begonias - Catterall. (84-UK) 132p P $29.95

Bulb Pests - Lane. 7th ed. (84-UK) 81p P $26.50

Growing Bougainvilleas - Iredell/ Iredell. (94) 96p P $22.95

Holland Bulb Forcers Guide - De Hertogh. 5th ed. (96-Neth) 400p H $120.00

Information on Special Bulbs - International Flower Bulb Centre. (96-Neth) 200p H $84.95

Carnation Production - Holley/ Baker. (63-USA) 142p H $42.95

Carnation Production II - Holley/ Baker. (92-USA) 156p P $56.35

Growing Carnations - Bodman/Hughes. (85) 42p P $7.50

Growing Carnations - Jarratt. (88) 80p P $12.95

Chrysanthemums and Dahlias - Bircumshaw/Damp. (86-UK) 64p P $7.95

Cut Flower Chrysanthemum Production - Machin. (96-UK) 93p P $39.75

Growing and Marketing of Fall Mums - Langevin. (92-USA) 224p P $39.95

Growing Chrysanthemums - Randall/Wren. (83-UK) 168p H $26.95

Growing Chrysanthemums - Skeen. (84) 80p P $12.95

Plantsman's Guide to Chrysanthemums - Woolman. (89-UK) 124p H $24.95

Pot Chrysanthemum Production - Machin. (98-UK) 85p P $39.75

Australian Daisies for Gardens and Floral Art - Schanmann/Barker/Greig. (87) 223p P $19.95

Daffodil Varieties - Thompsett, ed. (82-UK) 40p P $12.90

Growing Fuschias - Jennings/Miller. (85-UK) 180p P $19.95

Growing Fuschias - Law. (85) 72p P $16.95

Geraniums from Seed - Farthing. (81-UK) 49p P $14.25

Gerbera Production - Rogers/Tjia. (90-USA) 116p P $26.95

Growing Hibiscus - Berres/Howie. (93) 94p P $16.95

Hydrangea Production - Bailey. (89-USA) 91p P $24.95

The Hydrangeas - Haworth-Booth. 5th rev. ed. (84-UK) 217p H $34.95

Irises for the Home Gardener - Butterfield. (61-USA) 35p P $3.70

Essential Lavender - McNaughton. 3rd ed. (95) 80p H $16.95

Lavender: A Grower's Guide for Commercial Production - McGimpsey/ Porter. (99-NZ) 62p P $29.95

Lavender, Sweet Lavender - McLeod. (89) 120p P $19.95

Lilacs: The Genus Syringa - Fiala. (88-UK) 266p H $145.00


Growing Orchids: Books 1-4 - Rentoul. (97) 790p H $120.00

Growing Orchids:

Book 3, Vandas, Dendrobiums and Others - Rentoul. (82) 242p P $34.95

Book 4, Australasian Families - Rentoul. (85) 190p P $34.95

Orchid Man: The Life, Work and Memoirs of the Rev. H M R Rupp 1872-1956 - Gilbert. (92) 248p P $49.95

Sarcohilus Orchids of Australia - Upton. (92) 119p H $34.95



Growing and Marketing of Proteas - Mathews, ed.

Vol. 2. (84) 103p P $16.00

Vol. 3. (86) 88p P $14.00

Vol. 4. (87) 139p P $17.50

Growing Proteas - McLennan. (93) 68p P $16.95

The Protea Book: A Guide to Cultivated Proteas - Matthews. (2002-NZ) 184p P $54.95.

Protea Diseases: Handbook of Diseases of Cut-Flower Proteas - van Broembsen. (89) 60p P $25.00

Protea Diseases and Their Control - Forsberg. (93) 12p P $12.00

The Proteacea of Southern Africa - Rourke. (88-SA) 96p P $9.90

Proteas: An Australian Cut Flower Growers' Guide - Mathews. (92) 42p P $32.00

Proteas of the World: Leucadendrons, Waratahs, Banksias and Grevilleas - Matthews/Carter. (94) 256p H $60.00

Proteas of Tropical Africa - Beard. (93) 112p H $75.00

South Africa's Proteacae: Know Them and Grow Them - Vogts/Patterson-Jones. (82-SA) 240p H $57.00



Book of Rhododendrons - Kneller. (95-UK) 158p H $65.00

Encyclopedia of Rhododendron Hybrids - Cox/Cox. (88-UK) 317p H $87.50

Greer's Guidebook to Available Rhododendrons - Greer. 3rd rev. ed. (96-USA) 228p P $44.95

The Larger Rhododendron Species - Cox. (90-UK) 389p H $69.95

The Smaller Rhododendrons - Cox. (85-UK) 271p H $69.95



Australian Roses - Cox. (99) 49p P $29.95

Botanica's Roses: The Encyclopaedia of Roses - Etherington, ed. (98) 704p H $89.95

Classic Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia and Grower's Manual of Old Roses, Shrub Roses and Climbers - Beales. (85-UK) 432p H $90.00

Compendium of Rose Diseases - Horst. (84-USA) 50p P $143.00

Garden of a Thousand Roses: How to Make a Rose Garden in Australia - Irvine. 3rd ed. (2003) 153p P $29.95

The Grand Rose Family: Meilland - Rondeau/ Ulzega. (98-Fr) 144p H $49.95

Making Rose Gardens: Garden of a Thousand Roses and A Hillside of Roses - Irvine. (97) 270p P $29.95

Greenhouse Roses: A Survey of Pest and Disease Control - Martin. (90-NZ) 21p P $17.95

Growing and Showing Roses - Charlton. (84-UK) 68p H $9.95

Growing Roses - Swane. (92) 152p H $29.95

Growing Old-Fashioned Roses in Australia and New Zealand - Nottle. (83) 88p P $10.95

Guide to Rose Growing - Ross. (91) 128p P $29.95

Heritage of the Rose - Austin. Rev ed. (90-UK) 455p H $118.50

Our Heritage of Old Roses - McLeod. (87) 96p P $19.95

The Peony - Harding. (85-UK) 253p H $55.00

The Rose Expert - Hessayon. 2nd ed. (88-UK) 128p P $21.95

Roses: An Illustrated Encyclopaedia - Beales. (92-UK) 300p P $39.95

Roses: A Manual Greenhouse Rose Production - Langhans. (87-USA) 372p P $106.70

Roses: Over 1400 Roses in Full-Colour Photographs - Phillips/ Rix. (88-UK) 224p P $42.95

Roses: Practical Pruning and Planting - Heathcote. (91) 26p P $7.50

Ross Guide to Rose Growing - Ross. (91) 117p P $35.00

What Rose is That? - Moody/Harkness, eds. (92) 304p H $49.95

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Arboriculture: Care of Trees, Shrubs and Vines in the Landscape - Harris. (83-USA) 688p H $99.50

Australia and New Zealand Organic Gardening - Bennett/Bennett. Rev. ed. (89) 200p P $24.95

Australian and New Zealand Gardener's Survival Manual: How to Solve Your Gardening Problems - Bonar. (84) 192p P $14.95

Australian Ferns and Fern Allies - Jones/Clemesha. Rev. ed. (81) 129p H $19.95

Australian Flower Essences for the 21st Century - Barnao. (97) 272p P $39.95

Australian Garden: Design and Style Planting - Edmanson/Lawrence. (92) 326p H $29.95

The Australian Garden: Designs and Plants for Today - Patrick. (85) 170p P $24.95

Australian Native Gardening Made Easy: A Comprehensive, No Nonsense Guide to Creating and Caring for Your Garden - Chadwick.(85) 159p H $29.95

Australian Native Gardens: Putting Visions into Practice - Snape. (92) 168p H $45.00

Australian Native Plants: Propagation, Cultivation and Use in Landscaping - Wrigley/ Fagg. 2nd ed. (96) 613p H $85.00

Australian Plants for Small Gardens and Containers - Elliot. 3rd ed. (79) 110p H $19.95

Australian Plants for Your Garden - Heyne. (85) 192p P $12.95

Ball Culture Guide: The Encyclopedia of Seed Germination - Nau. 2nd ed. (93-USA) 143p P $85.00

Ball Identification Guide to Greenhouse Pests and Beneficials - Gill/ Sanderson. (98-USA) 240p H $145.00

Ball Red Book: Greenhouse Growing - Ball. 16th ed. (98-USA) 802p H $144.95

Bamboo Rediscovered - Cusack. (97) 95p P $14.95

The Bamboos - Chapman. (97-UK) 312p H $152.40

Bamboos - Recht/ Wetterwald. (92-UK) 128p H $70.00

Building for the Garden - Green. (89) 60p P $16.95

Buying the Farm for Horticulture: Site it Right - Carr. (86) 45p P $15.00

Catalogue: Cut Flowers, Pot Plants, Bedding Plants - Gelein. (84-Netherlands) 360p H $44.20

Climbing Garden - Horton. (92) 96p H $19.95

Colour Atlas of Pests of Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Flowers - Alford. (90-UK) 432p H $250.00

Colour Your Garden With Australian Plants - Elliot. (84) 120p H $19.95

The Commercial Greenhouse - Boodley. 2nd ed. (98-USA) 612p H $144.95

Commercial Production of Climbing Plants - Browse (81-UK) 97p P $24.95

Compendium of Ornamental Foliage Plant Diseases - Chase. (87-USA) 92p P $143.00

Conifers - van Gelderen/van Hoey Smith. (86-USA) 375p H $131.60

Conservatories and Garden Rooms - Taylor, ed. (85-UK) 192p H $38.95

The Country Garden - Brookes. (87-UK) 224p H $49.95

Creating an Australian Garden - Hunt. (86) 168p H $24.95

Container Gardening - McHoy. (86-UK) 128p P $8.95

Creating Indoor Gardens: Room by Room Inspiration and Guidance - DeVerteuil/Burton. (86) 128p H $35.00

Creating Small Gardens - Strong. (86-UK) 143p H $24.95

Creating Your Eco-Friendly Garden - Horsfall. (2008) 158p P $39.95

The Creative Gardener's Companion for Australian and New Zealand Gardens - (87) 338p P $39.95

Diseases and Disorders of Ornamental Palms - Chase/Broschat. (91-USA) 62p P $47.35

Diseases of Greenhouse Plants - Fletcher. (84-UK) 331p H $99.00

Diseases and Pests of Ornamental Plants - Pirone. 5th ed. (78-USA) 665p P $112.40

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The Dry Garden: Gardening with Drought Tolerant Plants - Taylor. (93-UK) 192p H $35.00

Encyclopaedia of Australian Gardening - Bay Books. 10 vols. (80) 1920p H $79.95

Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants Suitable for Cultivation:

Vol. 1 - Elliot/Jones. (80) 346p H $125.00

Vol. 2: A - Ca - Elliot/Jones. (82) 515p H $145.00

Vol. 3: Ce - Er - Elliot/Jones. (84) 516p H $145.00

Vol. 4: Eu - Go - Elliot/Jones. (86) 447p H $145.00

Vol. 5: Gr - J - Elliot/Jones. (90) 512p H $145.00

Vol. 6: K-M - Elliot/Jones. (93) 500p H $145.00

Vol. 7: N-Po - Elliot/Jones. (97) 479p H $145.00

Vol. 8: Pr-So - Elliot/Jones. (2002) 467p H $150.00

Supplement No. 1 (93) H $45.00

Supplement No. 2 (95) P $28.95

Supplement No. 3 (96) P $28.95

Supplement No. 4 (99) P $35.00

Supplement No. 5 (2000) P $35.00

Encyclopaedia of Cacti: Over 1200 Species Illustrated and Identified - Innes/Glass. (91) 320p H $39.95

Encyclopaedia of Ferns - Jones. (87) 450p H $100.00

Energy Conservation for Commercial Greenhouses - Roberts/Bartok/Fabian/Simpkins. (89-USA) 42p P $13.60

The Englishman's Garden: An Enchanting Tour Through Some of the Finest Gardens of England - Lees-Milne/Verey. (82-UK) 154p P $19.95

Exotic Perennials - Macoboy. (91) 128p H $24.95

Fifty Years of Garden Machinery - Bell. (95-UK) 211p H $65.00

Financial Management for Production Nurseries: Selected Papers - McSweeney, ed. (92) 65p P $24.00

Forcing Flower Bulbs - Roozen, ed. 2nd ed. (90-Neth) 104p H $50.00

Forcing Flower Bulbs: Material for Horticultural Colleges and Students - Koopman, ed. (93-Neth) 46p P $22.00

From Seeds to Leaves: The Complet Guide to Growing Australian Trees and Shrubs from Seed - Stewart/ Stewart. (95) 144p P $24.95

Garden Companion to Bulbs and Perennials - Seale. (85) 184p H $29.95

Garden Design and Style: The Essence of the Garden - Dixon. (91) 214p H $45.00

Garden Design Workbook: A Practical Step-by-Step Course - Brookes. (94) 96p H $29.95

Garden Making Manual - McHoy. (85-UK) 192p H $29.95

A Garden Programme for Everyone: Including Blind, Visually Impaired and Disabled People - Rickards, ed. (88) 61p P $14.95

Garden Varieties of Australian Plants: Vol. 1 - ACRA. (88) 35p P $5.95

The Gardener's Garden - Harpur, ed. (85-UK) 185p H $29.95

Gardening in the Shade - Fish. (83-UK) 160p P $12.95

Gardening Down-Under: A Guide to Healthier Soils and Plants - Handreck. 2nd ed. (2001) 292p P $39.95

Gardening With Australian Plants - Elliot. (90) 64p P $12.95

Gardens of Victoria: The Guidebook to Victoria's Garden Scheme - Patrick. (94) 168p P $12.95

Grafter's Handbook - Garner. 5th ed. (88-UK) 323p P $24.95

Greenhouse Flowers and Plants for Agribusiness Studies - Shumack. (75-USA) 336p P $46.60

Greenhouse Gardening - Scarrow. (86-NZ) 96p P $19.95

Greenhouse Management for Flower and Plant Production - Nelson. (73-USA) 240p H $31.95

Greenhouse Operation and Management - Nelson. 5th ed. (98-USA) 636p H $287.95

Greenhouses: A Handbook for Nurserymen, Horticulturists and Gardeners - Garzoli, ed. (88) 185p P $24.95

Greenhouses: Advanced Technology for Protected Horticulture - Hanan. (98-USA) 684p H $274.90

Grow Native: Creating an Australian Bush Garden - Molyneux. (80) 154p P $8.95

Grow What Small Plant? - Australian Plant Study Group. (87) 217p H $29.95

Grow What Tree? - Australian Plant Study Group. (85) 200p H $29.95

Grow What Wet? - Australian Plant Study Group. (82) 167p H $24.95

Grow What Where? - Australian Plant Study Group. (80 ) 248p P $50.00

Grower Talks: Plugs II - Hamrock, ed. (96-USA) 214p P $64.95

Growing Bulbs - Rix. (83-UK) 209p P $29.95

Growing House Plants in Temperature an Cool Climates - James. (87) 186p P $16.95

Growing Media for Ornamental Plants and Turf - Handreck/Black. 3rd ed. (2002) 542p P $69.95

Growing Perennials - Nottle. (84) 104p P $9.95

Growing Plants Without Herbicides: Chemical Free Control of Unwanted Plants - Morgan. (90) 67p P $7.95

Growing Together: A Gardening History of Geelong - Extending to Colac and Camperdown - Jones. (84-96) 410p H $54.00

Handbook of Ferns for Australia and New Zealand - Goudey. (88) 212p P $24.95

Heathers in Colour - Proudley. (76-UK) 192p H $16.95

Hillier Book of Garden Planning and Planting - Rushforth/Griffin/Woodland. (88-UK) 384p H $49.95

Hillier Colour Dictionary of Trees and Scrubs - Hillier's Nurseries. (81-UK) 323p H $49.95

Hillier's Manual of Trees and Scrubs - Hillier & Sons. 6th ed. (91-UK) 704p P $39.95

Horticultural Flora of South-Eastern Australia: The Identification of Garden and Cultivated Plants:

Vol. 1 - Ferns, Conifers and Their Allies - Spencer, ed. (95) 464p H $125.00

Vol. 2 - Flowering Plants - Dicotyledons - Part 1 - Spencer. (97) 606p H $125.00

Vol. 3 - Flowering Plants - Dicotyledons - Part 2 - Spencer. (2002) 537p H $160.00

Vol. 4 -.Flowering Plants - Dicotyledons - Part 3 - Spencer (2002) 614p H $160.00

Vol. 5 - Flowering Plants - Monocotyledons - Roger Spencer. (2005) 638p H $160.00

Horticulture: A Basic Awareness - Baudendistel. 2nd ed. (82-USA) 341p H $103.95

Hortus Third: A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada - Staff of Bailey Hortorium. (76-USA) 1290p H $313.95

House Plant Troubleshooter: Be Your Own House Plant Doctor - Bicknell/Seddon. (86-UK) 159p H $9.95

House Plants for Busy People: An Australian Guide - Simeonoff. (80) 120p P $4.95

Houseplant Survival Manual - Davidson. (82-UK) 192p P $16.95

How to Identify Flowering Plant Families: A Practical Guide for Horticulturists and Plant Lovers - Baumgardt. (82-USA) 269p P $51.95

Ideas from Private Gardens: 35 Australians Share Their Secrets - McMaster/Edmanson. (86) 136p P $34.95

Illustrated Garden Planter: How to Choose Plants for Your Garden...900 Described - Saville. (86-UK) 589p P $78.00

Indoor Bonsai - Lesniewicz. (85-UK) 208p H $19.95

Indoor Garden Book: Complete Guide to Creative Use of Plants and Flowers in the Home - Brookes. (86) 288p H $39.95

Indoor Plant Spotter - Hessayon. (85-UK) 126p P $16.95

Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Grenhouse Crops - Albajes/ Gullino/ Van Lenteren/ Elad, eds. (99-Ger) 450p H $412.20. 0792356314. (Kluwer Academic)

Japanese Flowering Cherries: Prunus Sato-Zakura Group - Cross/Looker. (89) 32p P $8.50

Leaves of Life: Creating Therapy Gardens for People with Disabilities - Deans. (91) 66p H $12.95

Leonardo da Vinci on Plants and Gardens - Embroden. (87-USA) 234p H $57.45

Machinery for Horticulture - Bell/ Cousins. 2nd ed. (97-UK) 291p H $62.95

Macquarie Dictionary of Trees and Scrubs. (86) 534p H $45.00

Maidenhair Ferns in Cultivation - Goudey. (86) 336p H $60.00

Managing Water in Plant Nurseries - Rolfe/Currey/Atkinson. (94) 163p P $75.00

Manual of Woody Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Ornamental Characteristics, Culture, Propagation and Uses - Dirr. 4th ed. (90-USA) 1007p H $98.25

Media and Mixes for Container Grown Plants - Bunt. (88-UK) 309p H $267.50

Monograph on Bamboo - Tewari. (92-India) 498p H $91.40

Native Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia - Costermans. Rev. ed. (83) 422p H $39.95

Natural Magic of Mulch: Organic Gardening Australian Style - Roads. (89) 149p P $16.95

The New Gardener: A Practical Guide for Australian Gardeners - Greenwood. (95) 176p H $34.95

Nursery and Garden Centre Marketing Manual - Stanley. 2nd ed. (94-NZ) 300p P $89.00

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Ornamental Flowering Shrubs in Australia - Rowell. Rev. ed. (91) 334p H $39.95

Ornamental Grass Gardening: Design Ideas, Functions and Effects - Reinhardt/Reinhardt/Moskowitz. (89-UK) 126p H $38.85

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Oxford Companion to Australian Gardens - Aitken/ Looker, eds. (2002) 697p H $120.00

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Palmer's Manual of Trees, Shrubs and Climbers - Palmer. Rev. ed. (90) 340p P $39.95

Perennials: Vol. 1 - Early Perennials - Martyn/Rix. (91-UK) 240p H $45.00

Pests of Landscape Trees and Shrubs: An Integrated Pest Management Guide - Dreistadt/ Clark/ Flint. (94-USA) 327p P $69.00

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Plant Protection 2: Methods of Control - Kerruish. (2001) 300p P $46.20

Plant Protection 3: Selected Ornamentals, Fruit and Vegetables - Kerruish. (97) 400p P $57.75

Plant Protection 4: How to Diagnose Plant Problems - Kerruish/Wlakington. (2006) 212p P $55.00

The Planter's Guide to Plants and Flowers - Brookes/ Beckett/ Swane. (87) 272p P $19.95

Plants for Profit: Dozens of Ways to Make Gardening Pay - Phillips. (90-UK) 175p H $44.25

Potpourri and Perfumery from Australian Gardens - Greig. (86) 80p H $9.95

Potting Mixes - Handreck. (85) 50p P $9.00

Practical Australian Gardener - Cundall. (89) 214p P $29.95

Practical Gardening and Landscaping with Australian Native Plants - Blombery. (84) 206p H $29.95

Practical Guidelines for Nursery Hygiene - Goss. (83) 78p P $25.00

Practical Horticulture - Rice/Rice. 2nd ed. (93-USA) 419p H $110.95

Principles of Horticulture - Adams/Bamford/Early. 2nd ed. (93-UK) 204p P $55.00

Pruning of Shrubs, Trees and Conifers - Brown. Rev. ed. (96-USA) 354p H $49.00

Pruning Simplified: The Complete Guide to Pruning - Hill. Rev. ed. (90) 204p P $32.95

Rainforest Plants of Eastern Australia - Pearson/Pearson. (92) 224p H $59.95

Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening: Understanding, Planting and Caring of a Garden in Australia - Mullins. 2nd ed. (87) 648p H $49.95

Reader's Digest Gardener's Encyclopaedia of Plants and Flowers: The Definitive Reference Work for Australia and New Zealand - Reader's Digest, Eds. (91) 608p H $80.00

RHS Colour Chart - Royal Horticultural Society. (86-UK) 160p P $295.00

Rock Gardening - McHoy. (86-UK) 128p P $8.95

Seaside Gardening in Australia - Monfries. (82) 156p P $16.95

Shady Gardens - Reed. (89) 60p P $12.95

Shrubs: Over 1900 Shrubs in Full-Colour Photographs Phillips/ Rix. (94-UK) 288p P $35.00

Shrubs and Trees for Australian Gardens - Lord/ Willis. 5th rev. ed. (88) 410p H $85.00

Structural Biology of Palms - Tomlinson. (91-UK) 476p H $180.00

Topiary and Plant Sculpture - Carr. (89-UK) 142p H $39.95

Tree and Shrub Expert - Hessayon. (83-UK) 128p P $9.95

Trees and Shrubs for Eastern Australia - Dark. (86) 181p P $9.95

Trees and Shrubs - Grace, ed. (84) 199p P $24.95

Tuberous, Cormous and Bulbous Plants - Pate/Dixon. (82) 268p P $39.50

The U.C. System for Producing Healthy Container Grown Plants - Baker, ed. (79-USA) 322p P $20.00

The Urban Woodland: A Low Maintenance Garden for Australian Conditions - Price. (85) 144p H $24.95

Water Efficient Garden: A Practical and Innovative Guide - Archer/Hodges/Le Hunt. (93) 127p P $19.95

Westcott's Plant Disease Handbook - Horst. 5th ed. (90-USA) 952p H $149.95

What Plant Where: The Creative Guide to Choosing the Best Plants for Every Area of Your Garden - Lancaster. (95-UK) 256p H $45.00

What Shrub is That - Macoboy. (89) 368p H $59.95

Yate's Garden Guide: All Colour Centenary Edition - Yates & Co. 38th ed. (2002) 444p P $34.95

Yate's Handy Hints for Home Gardeners - Yates. (90) 211p P $9.95

Your Garden Design Book: Complete Practical Guide to Planning, Styling and Planting any Garden - Brookes. (91-UK) 352p H $75.00

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ABC of NFT: Nutrient Film Technique - Cooper. (96) 171p P $39.95

ABCs of Hydroponics - Schubert. (82-UK) 128p P $12.95

Australian Hydroponic Conference: Hydroponics and Environment - Hanger et al. (94) 130p P $49.95

Beginning Hydroponics: Soilless Gardening - Nicholls. (77-USA) 126p P $17.95

Commercial Hydroponic Production (Home Study) - McKenzie/Ryall/Beckingham. (90) 180p H $75.00

Commercial Hydroponics: How to Grow 102 Different Plants in Hydroponics - Mason. 2nd ed. (2005) 195p P $34.95

Commercial Hydroponics in Australasia: A Guide for Growers - Hanger et al. (94) 154p P $49.95

Growing in Perlite: Gower Digest - Day, ed. (91-UK) 35p P $17.50

Growing Indoor Plants by Hydroponics - Romer. (86) 92p H $9.95

Guide for the Hydroponic and Soilless Culture Grower - Jones. (83-USA) 123p P $39.25

Hydro-Story: The Complete Manual of Hydroponic Gardening - Shermar/Brenizer. (76-USA) 95p P $20.00

Hydroponic Crop Production - Romer. Rev. ed. (2002) 143p P $30.00

Hydroponic Gardening - Bridwell. (74-USA) 224p P $16.95

Hydroponic Gardening in Australia: The Essential Guide for Amateurs and Professionals - Romer. Rev. ed. (2002) 138p P $29.95

Hydroponic Home Food Gardens - Resh. (93-USA) 200p P $25.95

The Hydroponic Hothouse: Low Cost, High Yield Greenhouse Gardening - De Korne. (93-USA) 178p P $12.95

Hydroponics: A Practical Guide for the Soilless Grower - Jones. (97-USA) 230p H $108.60

Hydroponics: The Complete Guide to Gardening Without Soil - Harris. (88-UK) 232p P $14.95

Hydroponics for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Gardening in the 21st Century - Sutherland. 4th ed. (99) 104p P $31.95

Managing Nutrient Solutions in Hydroponics - Huett. (92) 30p P $16.95

Micronutrients - Katyal/ Randhawa. (83-Italy) 82p P $10.00

Nutrient Handbook - Barry. (2002) 54p P $19.95

Practical Guide to NFT - Molyneux. (88-UK) 153p P $64.85

Practical Hydroponics - Evans. (92) 40mins. VHS $29.95

Rockwool in Horticulture - Smith. (87-UK) 154p $57.75

Simple Hydroponics for Australian and New Zealand Gardeners - Sundstrom. 3rd ed. (89) 149p P $19.95

Water, Media and Nutrition: A Grower's Guide - Reed. (96-USA) 314p P $119.95

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Landscaping & Design


Amenity Landscape Management: A Resources Handbook - Cobham, ed. (90-UK) 457p H $99.95

Anatomy of a Park: The Essentials of Recreation Area Planning - Molnar. 2nd ed. (86-USA) 224p H $93.00

Design with Nature - McHarg. (92-USA) 198p P $99.95

Edna Walling Book of Australian Garden Design - Barrett, ed. (80) 144p H $40.00

Education of a Gardener - Page. (62-UK) 260p P $16.99

Financing, Managing and Marketing Recreation and Park Resources - Howard/Crompton. (80-USA) 490p P $59.30

For the People's Pleasure: Australia's Botanic Gardens - Henty. (88) 186p H $75.00

Gardens of Roberto Burle Marx - Eliovson. (91-USA) 236p H $84.25

Interior Landscape Dictionary - Steele. (92-USA) 151p H $45.00

Landscape Design: A Practical Approach - Hannebaum. 4th ed. (97-USA) 429p H $205.95

Landscape Graphics - Reid. (96-USA) 215p P $43.95

Landscape Management and Maintenance: A Guide to Its Costing ad Organization - Parker/Bryan. (89-UK) 176p H $97.40

Landscape Operations: Management, Methods and Materials - Hannebaum. 2nd ed. (93-USA) 351p H $157.95

Landscape Professional Practice - Clamp. (88-UK) 206p H $96.40

Landscape Techniques - Weddle. (79-UK) 265p H $160.00

Landscaping: Principles and Practices - Ingels. 5th ed. (97-USA) 424p H $41.95

Livable Landscape Design - Collins/Adelman. (88-USA) 64p P $21.75

The 'New' Look in Home Landscaping - New. (75-USA) 189p P $35.95

Playground Equipment Manual: Simple, Suitable, Safe Solutions - Ozturk. (87) 84p P $22.50

Practical Guide to Home Landscaping - Reader's Digest. (87) 456p H $39.95

Spon's Landscape Contract Handbook - Clamp. 2nd ed. (95-UK) 192p H $94.95

Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture - Harris/Dines. 2nd ed. (2002-USA) 980p H $283.95

The Vision of Edna Walling - Dixon/ Churchill. (98) 150p H $49.95

Your Garden Design Book: The Complete Practical Guide to Planning, Styling and Planting any Garden - Brookes. (91-UK) 352p H $65.00

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Plant Identification


Australian Gardeners' Catalogue - Swane. (90) 300p P $39.95

Common Families of Flowering Plants - Hickey/ King. (97-UK) 212p P $36.95

Dictionary of Plant Names: The Pronunciation, Derivation and Meaning of Botanical Names, and Their Common-Name Equivalent - Coombes. (85-UK) 207p H $24.95

Plant Names: A Guide to Botanic Nomenclature - Lumley. (90) 72p P $9.95

Reference Manual for Woody Plant Propagation: From Seed to Tissue Culture - Dirr/Heuser. (87-USA) 239p P $72.45

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Plant Propagation

Cheap and Easy Propagation - Edmanson. (91) 64p P $16.95

Garden Flowers from Seed - Lloyd/ Rice. (91-UK) 276p H $50.00

Gardens For Free: A Propagation Handbook - Bryant. (92-NZ) 124p P $12.95

Genetic Engineering of Plants: Agricultural Research Opportunities and Policy Concerns - National Research Council. (84-USA) 83p H $19.95

Handbook of Plant Cell Culture:

Vol. 2 - Crop Species - Ammirato/Evans/Sharp/Yamada, eds. (84-USA) 620p P $117.00

Vol. 4 - Techniques and Applications - Evans/Sharp/Ammirato. (86-USA) 698p H $160.00

Heating Commercial Greenhouses with Solar Energy: A Grower's Guide - Fuller. (90) 40p P $11.50

Modern Plant Propagation - Gardiner. (88) 186p P $24.95

New Plants for Old: Simple, Natural, No-Cost Plant Propagation - French. (91) 96p P $16.95

Plant Breeding in New Zealand - Wratt/ Smith. (83-NZ) 309p P $69.00

Plant Breeding in the 1990s - Stalker/ Murphy, eds. (92-UK) 539p H $130.20

Plant Genetic Resources: An Introduction to Their Conservation and Use - Ford-Lloyd/ Jackson. (86-UK) 150p P $32.95

Plant Propagation: A to Z: Growing Plants for Free - Bryant. (2002) 224p P $29.95

Plant Production in Containers - Whitcomb. (88-USA) 633p H $85.00

Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices - Hartmann/ Kester/ Davies/ Geneve. 7th ed. (2002-USA) 880p H $122.95

Plant Propagation - Browse. 2nd ed. (99-UK) 161p P $24.95

Plant Protoplasts: A Biotechnological Tool for Plant Improvement - Bengochea/Dodds. (86-UK) 90p P $19.95

Plant Tissue Culture: General Principles and Commercial Applications - Drew/Smith/Moisander/James. (91) 32p P $16.00

Plant Tissue Culture Propagation - De Fossard. Rev. ed. (93) 185p P $52.50

Plants from Test Tubes: An Introduction to Micropropagation - Kyte/Kleyn. 3rd ed. (96-USA) 240p H $59.95

Practical Woody Plant Propagation for Nursery Growers - Macdonald. (86-USA) 669p P $125.30

Plug and Transplant Production: A Grower's Guide - Styer/ Koranski. (99-USA) 300p H $170.00

Principles of Plant Biotechnology: An Introduction to Genetic Engineering in Plants - Matthews/ McKee. (85-UK) 265p P $45.95

Production of Landscape Plants II - Whitcomb. 2nd ed. (2001-USA) 589p H $154.00

Theory of Plant Breeding - Mayo. 2nd ed. (87-UK) 334p P $52.50

Tissue Culture for Plant Propagators - de Fossard. (76) 409p P $58.00

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Plant Science


Anatomy of Flowering: An Introduction to Structure and Development - Rudall. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 110p P $39.95

Anatomy of Seed Plants - Esau. 2nd ed. (77-USA) 550p P $59.95

Applied Principles of Horticultural Science - Brown. (96-UK) 252p P $48.95

Biological Science: The Web of Life - Part 2, Functioning Organisms - Morgan, ed. (81) 549p P $39.95

Biology of Horticulture: An Introductory Textbook - Preece/ Read. (93-USA) 480p H $99.50

Biology of Plants - Raven/ Evert/ Eichorn, eds. 5th ed. (92-USA) 775p H $89.95

Biophysical Plant Physiology and Ecology - Nobel. (83-USA) 608p H $76.95

Botanical Latin - Stearn. 4th ed. (92-UK) 546p H $70.00

Botany for Gardeners: An Introduction and Guide - Capon. Rev. ed. (2005-USA) 239p P $34.95

Cellulose: Structure, Modification and Hydrolysis - Young/Rowell, eds. (86-UK) 379p H $169.90

Chemicals for the Protection of Ornamentals and Turf - Beavis/Simpson/Syme/Ryan. 2nd ed. (91) 187p P $32.50

CO2 Enrichment in the Greenhouse - Hicklenton. (88-USA) 58p P $18.45

Developmental Regulation of Plant Gene Expression - Grierson, ed. (91-UK) 226p H $139.65

Diagnosis of Mineral Disorders of Plants: Vol. 1 - Principles - Bould/Hewitt/Needham. (83-UK) 178p H $49.40

Driven by Nature - Gadish/Giller. (97-UK) 432p H $126.00

Ecology of Photosynthesis in Sun and Shade - Caemmerer/Adams, eds. (88) 358p H $70.00

Ecology of Seeds - Fenner/ Thompson. (2005-UK) 250p P $99.00.

Environmental Injury to Plants - Katterman, ed. (90-USA) 289p H $121.45

Epidemiology and Plant Disease Management - Zaddocks/Schein. (79-USA) 444p P $48.00

The Food Potential of Seeds from Australian Native Plants - Jones, ed. (85) 212p P $18.00

Fruit and Seed Production: Aspects of Development, Environmental Physiology and Ecology - Marshall/Grace, eds. (92-UK) 256p H $125.00

Fungi on Plants and Plant Produce in the United States - Farr et al. (89-USA) 1294p H $103.45

Gardener's Latin - Neal. (92-UK) 135p H $19.95

Green Plants: Their Origin and Diversity - Bell. (92-USA) 318p P $59.95

Growth Differentiation in Plants - Wareing/Phillips, eds. (81-UK) 343p P $53.90

Guide to Plant Pathogenic Bacteria - Bradbury. (86-UK) 332p P $52.20

Herbicides and Plant Physiology - Cobb. (92-UK) 176p P $44.95

Horticultural Science - Janick. 4th ed. (86-USA) 746p H $91.10

How Flowers Work: A Guide to Plant Biology - Gibbons. (84-UK) 160p H $19.95

Identification of Rhizoctonia Species - Sneh/Burpee/Ogoshi. (91-USA) 133p P $50.45

Identification of Root-Knot Nematodes (Meloidogyne Species) - Jepson. (87-UK) 265p H $85.50

Introduction to Botany - Schooley. (97-USA) 156p P $104.95

Introduction to Plant Disease Epidemiology - Campbell/ Madden. (90-USA) 531p H $187.40

Introduction to Plant Diseases: Identification and Management - Lucas/ Campbell/ Lucas. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 364p H $174.95

Introduction to Plant Physiology - Hopkins. 2nd ed. (99-USA) 512p H $108.95

Introduction to Plant Virology - Bos. 2nd ed. (83-UK) 100p P $27.50

Introductory Botany: Plants, People and Environment - Berg. (97-USA) 490p H $56.95

Introductory Plant Biology - Stern. 9th ed. (2003-USA) 627p H $105.60

Laboratory Guide to the Identification of Plant Pathogenic Bacteria - Schaad. 2nd ed. (88-USA) 164p P $60.20

Laboratory Methods for Work with Plant and Soil Nematodes - Southey. 6th ed. (86-UK) 202p P $40.45

Laboratory Topics in Botany - Evert/Eichorn. (81-USA) 176p P $13.50

Light and Plant Growth - Hart. (88-UK) 204p P $39.95

Literature Guide for the Identification of Plant Pathogenic Fungi - Rossman/Palm/Spielman. (87-USA) 252p P $49.35

Methods for Research on Soilborne Phytopathogenic Fungi - Singleton/Mihail/Rush, eds. (92-USA) 265p P $73.10

Methods in Plant Ecology - Moore/Chapman, eds. (86-UK) 589p P $86.00

Mineral Nutrition in Higher Plants - Marschner. 2nd ed. (95-UK) 674p P $139.00

Modelling Plant Growth and Development - Charles-Edwards/Doley/Rimmington. (86) 235p P $26.00

Molecular Plant Pathology: A Practical Approach - Vol. 1 - Gurr/McPherson/Bowles, eds. (92-UK) 216p P $70.00

Molecular Plant Pathology: A Practical Approach - Vol. 2 - Gurr/McPherson/Bowles, eds. (92-UK) 216p P $70.00

Mycorrhizae in Sustainable Agriculture - Thomas, ed. (92-USA) 124p P $39.85

Mycorrhizal Symbiosis - Harley/Smith. (83-UK) 483p H $221.80

The Nature of Plants: Habitats, Challenges and Adaptations - Dawson/ Lewis. (2005) 314p H $64.95.

Nitrogen in Higher Plants - Abrol, ed. (90-UK) 492p H $186.30

Nutritional Disorders of Plants: Development, Visual and Analytical Diagnosis - Bergmann, ed. (92-Ger) 741p H $474.20

Penguin Dictionary of Botany - Blackmore/Tootill. (90-UK) 391p P $16.95

Physiological Ecology of Woody Plants - Kozlowski/Kramer/Pallardy. (91-USA) 657p H $165.60

Physiology of Woody Plants - Kozlowski/Pallardy. 2nd ed. (97-USA) 411p H $224.95

Plant Analysis Handbook II: A Practical Sampling, Preparation, Analysis and Interpretation Guide- Jones/ Mills. (96-USA) 422p H $165.00

Plant Analysis: An Interpretation Manual - Reuter/ Robinson, eds. 2nd ed. (97) 572p H $95.00

Plant Anatomy - Fahn. 4th ed. (90-UK) 588p P $66.40

Plant Chimeras - Tilney-Bassett. (86-UK) 199p P $46.95

Plant Diseases: Their Biology and Social Impact - Schumann. (91-USA) 397p H $78.90

Plant DNA Infectious Agents - Hohn/ Schell. (87-Ger) 348p H $220.00

Plant Fluoride Relationships: An Analysis with Particular Reference to Australian Vegetation - Doley. (86) 128p H $65.95

Plant Genetic Engineering - Grierson, ed. (91-UK) 267p H $153.85

Plant Growth, Drought and Salinity - Turner/ Passioura, eds. (86) 201p P $50.00

Plant Growth Regulators - Roberts/ Hooley. (88-UK) 190p P $42.20

Plant Microbiology - Campbell. (85-UK) 191p P $30.75

Plant Names: A Guide to Botanical Nomenclature - Lumley/Spencer. 2nd ed. (91) 53p P $9.75

Plant Names Simplified: Their Pronunciation, Derivation and Meaning - Johnson/ Smith. 2nd rev. ed. (72-UK) 120p P $29.95

Plant Nutrient Disorders: Vol. 5 - Ornamental Plants and Shrubs - Weir/ Cresswell. (98) 200p P $75.00

Plant Nutrition Manual - Jones. (98-USA) 149p H $97.40

Plant Pathogens and Plant Diseases - Brown/ Ogle, eds. (97) 440p P $65.00

Plant Pathologist's Pocketbook - Johnston/Booth. 2nd ed. (83-UK) 438p P $25.00

Plant Pathology - Agrios. 4th ed. (97-USA) 635p H $105.00

Plant Pathology in Agriculture - Parry. (90-UK) 385p H $170.00

Plant Physiological Disorders - ADAS. (85-UK) 83p P $33.30

Plant Physiological Ecology: Field Methods and Instrumentation - Pearcy/Ehleringer/Mooney/Rundel, eds. (89-UK) 457p P $59.95

Plant Physiology - Delvin/Witham. (83-USA) 577p H $46.95

Plant Physiology - Salisbury/Ross. 4th ed. (92-USA) 682p H $51.95

Plant Physiology - Taiz/ Zeiger. 3rd ed. (2002-USA) 670p H $115.00

Plant Root Systems: Their Function and Interaction with the Soil - Russell. (82-UK) 298p P $11.95

Plant Roots: The Hidden Half - Waisel/ Eshel/ Kafkafi, eds. (91-USA) 948p H $313.30

Plant Science: Growth, Development and Utilization of Cultivated Plants - Hartmann/ Kofranek/ Rubatsky/ Flocker. 2nd ed. (88-USA) 690p H $72.95

Plant Science: An Introduction to World Crops - Janick/Schery/Woods/Rattan. 3rd ed. (91-USA) 868p H $84.95

Plant Stems: Physiology and Functional Morphology - Gartner, ed. (95-UK) 440p H $298.10

Plant Succession: Theory and Prediction - Glenn-Lewin/Peet/Veblen, eds. (92-UK) 352p H $113.95

Plants in Action: Adaptation to Nature and Performance in Cultivation - Atwell/ Kriedemann/ Turnbull, eds. (99) 664p H $76.95

Population Biology of Plants - Harper. (77-USA) 872p P $86.40

Principles of Plant Nutrition - Mengel/ Kirkby. 5th ed. (2001-Neth) 885p H $696.40

Quantitative Plant Ecology - Greig-Smith. (83-UK) 359p P $57.00

Root Identification Manual of Trees and Scrubs - Cutler/Rudall/Gasson/Gale. (87-UK) 300p P $157.95

Seed Dispersal - Murray, ed. (86) 322p H $135.50

Seeds: Ecology, Biogeography and Evolution of Dormancy and Germination - Baskin/ Baskin. (98-USA) 666p H $223.80

Serological Methods for Detection and Identification of Viral and Bacterial Plant Pathogens - Hampton/Ball/De Boer, eds. (90-USA) 387p P $95.60

Soilborne Plant Pathogens: Management of Diseases with Macro-and Microelements - Engelhard. (93-USA) 217p P $65.75

Source Book of the Genus Phytophora - Ribeiro. (78-Ger) 417p H $98.40

Techniques for the Rapid Detection of Plant Pathogens - Duncan/Torrance, eds. (91-UK) 256p H $158.00

Tropical Plant Diseases - Thurston. (84-USA) 208p P $33.20

Ultrastructure of the Root-Soil Interface - Foster/Rovira/Cock. (88-USA) 157p H $95.60

Use of Plant Genetic Resources - Brown/Marshall/Frankel/Williams, eds. (89-UK) 382p P $45.00

Visual Dictionary of Plants - Dorling-Kindersley. (92-UK) 64p H $19.95

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Pruning Landscape Trees - Harris/ Hamilton/ Davis/ Leiser. (81-USA) 31p P $7.15

Pruning Ornamental Shrubs and Trees: An ABC for Australian Gardeners - Eager. (91) 95p P $14.95

Pruning: A Practical Guide - Elliot. Rev. ed. (93) 168p P $24.95

Pruning Roses, Shrubs, Evergreens, Hedges, Fruit Bushes and Trees - Brickell. (79-UK) 96p P $24.95

Pruning Simplified: The Complete Guide to Pruning - Hill. Rev. ed. (90) 204p P $29.95

Pruning of Trees, Scrubs and Conifers - Brown. Rev. ed. (96-USA) 345p H $59.95

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Aquatic and Wetland Plants for Southern Australia - Romanowski. (92) 168p P $29.95

Complete Book of the Water Garden - Swindells/ Mason. (89-UK) 220p H $50.00

Collins Guide to Waterlilies and Other Aquatic Plants - Stapely Water Gardens. (89-UK) 160p H $35.00

Planting Wetlands and Dams - Romanowski. (98) 96p P $22.95

Stapeley Book of Water Gardens - Russell. (85-UK) 180p H $19.95

Water and Wetland Plants for Southern Australia - Romanowski. (92) 168p P $29.95

Water in Your Garden: Constructing Ponds, Waterfalls and Fountains - Thompson. (91) 64p P $12.95

The Water Garden - Plumtree. (93-UK) 267p H $75.00

Water Gardening - McHoy. (86-UK) 128p P $16.95

Water Plants in Australia - Sainty/ Jacobs. (96) 160p P $35.00

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