Prices in this list now include 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax


Against the Odds: Gai Waterhouse, Woman in a Man's World - Perkins. (96) 470p H $49.50

Australian Horses as a Primary Industry - Pilkington/ Wilson. (93) 113p P $30.25

Beneath Whose Hand: The Autobiography of R M Williams - Williams/ Ruhen. 2008 Reprint. (84) 202p P $32.95

Bygones: The Horseman - Jones. (98-UK) 60mins VHS $52.25

Hauling the Loads: A History of Australia's Working Horses and Bullocks - Kennedy. (2005) 240p P $25.95

The Horse in Husbandry - Brown. (82-UK) 180p H $50.50

The Horse Interlude: A Pictorial History of the Horse and Man in the Inland Northwest - Keith. (78-USA) 120p P $32.95

Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care and Enjoyment - Evans. 3rd ed. (2001-USA) 879p P $73.00

Horses and Horsemanship - Ensminger. 6th ed. (93-USA) 546p H $143.90

I Once Met a Man: True Stories from One of Australia's Greatest Folk Heroes - Williams. (97) 128p P $21.95

Managing Veterebrate Pests: Feral Horses - Dobbie/ Berman/ Braysher. (93) 123p P $27.45

Manual of Horsemanship - Cooper, ed. (93-UK) 434p H $48.40

Pharlap - Armstrong/ Thompson. (2000) 180p H $49.95

The Principal Club: History of the Australian Jockey Club - Painter/ Waterhouse. (92) 252p H $43.95

Anatomy & Physiology

The Athletic Horse: Principles and Practices of Equine Sports - Hodgson/ Rose. (99-USA) 340p H $279.40

Behaviour of Horses - Kiley-Worthington. (87-UK) 200p H $47.30

Behaviour of the Horse - Fraser. (92-UK) 288p P $98.95

The Color of Horse: The Scientific and Authoritative Identification of the Color of the Horse - Green. (2001-USA) 128p P $34.95

Colour Atlas of the Anatomy of the Horse: An Illustrated Text - Budras/ Sack/ Rock. 4th ed. (2003-Ger) 135p H $239.40

Colours and Markings of Horses - Packer/Ali. (85-UK) 72 H $41.75

Conformation Evaluation: How to Buy a Winner - Owen. (94-UK) 30mins VHS $71.50

Equine Behaviour: Principles and Practice - Mills/ Nankervis. (99-UK) 232p P $70.40

Equine Color Genetics - Sponenberg. 2nd ed. (2003-USA) 218p H $152.00

Equine Exercise Physiology - Marlin/ Nankervis. (2002-UK) 296p P $115.50

Equine Exercise Physiology: The Science of Exercise in the Athletic Horse - Hinchcliff/ Geor/ Kaneps. (2008-USA) 463p P $125.00

The Equine Foot: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management - Jurga. (2000-USA) 96p P $37.50.

Foal in the Womb - Marrable. (78-UK) 48p P $12.95

Horse Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Equine Structure - Goody. 2nd rev. enl ed. (2003-UK) 139p P $67.50

Horse Behaviour Explained: Origins, Treatment, and Prevention of Problems - Zeitler-Feicht. (2004-UK) 224p H $94.99.

The Horse from Conception to Maturity: The Complete Guide to Horse Breeding - Rossdale/ Bailey. (2002-UK) 260p H $89.95

Horse Gaits, Balance and Movement: The Natural Mechanics of Movement Common to All Breeds - Harris. (93-USA) 178 p H $67.95.

The Horse: Its Action and Anatomy by an Artist - Ward. (96-UK) 137p P $65.95

The Horse in Motion: The Anatomy and Physiology of Equine Locomotion - Pilliner/ Elmhurst/ Davies. (2002-UK) 160p P $65.95

Horse Structure and Movement - Smythe/ Goody/ Gray. 3rd ed. (93-UK) 210p P $41.80

Horse Anatomy: A Colouring Atlas - Kainer/ McCracken. (98-UK) 80p P $85.00

Horse Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Equine Structure - Goody. 2nd ed. (2000-UK) 139p P $67.50

Horse Colours Explained: A Breeder's Perspective - Gower. (99) 144p P $38.45

Horse Psychology - Williams. Rev. ed. (85-UK) 208p P $32.95

The Horse: Physiology - Brega. (95-UK) 208p P $38.00

The Horse's Mind - Rees. (93-UK) 224p P $30.25

Mind of the Horse - Smythe. (65-UK) 119p H $27.45

The Nature of Horses: Their Evolution, Intelligence and Behaviour - Budianksy. (98-USA) 200p P $27.50

Photographic Guide to Conformation [of Horses] - Oliver/ Langrish. 2nd rev. ed. (2002-UK) 182p H $72.50

Principles of Conformation Analysis - Bennett.

Vol. 1 - (88-USA) 96p P $27.50

Vol. 2 - (89-USA) 96p P $27.50

Vol. 3 - (91-USA) 96p P $27.50

Selection by Conformation - Cakebread. (95) 20mins Video VHS $43.15

USPC Guide to Conformation, Movement and Soundness - Harris. (97-USA) 60p $24.95

Your Horse's Skin: The Baraometer to Your Horse's Health - Pooley. (2005-UK) 214p H $79.95

Breeding & Management

Australian Horse Sense - Kerrigan/ Cleland. (2000) 260p P $49.50

BHS Complete Manual of Stable Management - British Horse Society. (98-UK) 408p P $85.00

Bloodstock Breeding - Leicester/ Wright. (83-UK) 504p H $104.50

Breeding for Racing - Hislop. (76-UK) 192p H $45.65

Breeding, Management and Foal Development - Evans/ Torbeck. (82-USA) 600p H $144.30

Breeding the Racehorse - Tesio. (58-UK) 130p H $45.65

Cavalry Manual of Horse Management - Devereux, ed. (79-USA) 236p P $22.00

Clipping Your Horse - Tuke. (84-UK) 48p P $12.95

Equine Genetics and Selection Procedures - Wagoner, ed. (78-USA) 542p H $182.00

Equine Manual - Higgins/ Wright, eds. Rev. ed. (98-UK) 1134p H $248.05

Equine Nutrition and Feeding - Frape. 2nd ed. (98-UK) 578p H $215.00

Equine Reproduction - McKinnon/ Voss. (93-USA) 1137p H $246.40

Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Management - Morel. 2nd ed. (2003-UK) 374p P $110.95

Equine Safety - Mackenzie. (98-USA) 130p P $49.95

Equine Science - Parker. 3nd ed. (2008-USA) 535p H $88.95

Equine Transport - Leadon. (99) 28p P $16.50

Equus Caballus: On Horses and Handling - May. (95-UK) 122p P $63.25

Feeding and Care of the Horse - Lewis. (82-USA) 248p H $39.55

Feeding and Nutrition of Horses - Kohnke. 3rd ed. (98) 260p P $35.00

Feeding Horses in Australia: A Guide for Horse Owners and Managers - Kohnke/ Kelleher/ Trevor-Jones. (99) 241p P $42.95

Feeding to Win II - Wagoner, ed. (92-USA) 557p H $128.40

Feeding Your Horse and Pony - Tuke. (88-UK) 85p H $23.65

Fertility and Obstetrics in the Horse - Allen/ England. 2nd ed. (95-UK) 256p P $90.00

Fertilser Essentials - David Brouwer.(2007) 104p P $36.00. 0731306023. (Primary Industries)

First Foal - van Lennep. (91-UK) 102p H $61.30

Foaling: Mare and Foal Management - Maver. (95) 88p P $38.50

Genetics of the Horse - Bowling/ Ruvinsky, eds. (2001-UK) 400p H $350.00

Hoofprints: A Manual for Horse Property Management - Foyel. Rev. ed. (2001) 90p P $25.95

The Horse: Breeding and Young Stock - Brega. (94-UK) 128p P $32.95

The Horse: From Conception to Maturity - Rossdale. 2nd ed. (93-UK) 174p P $45.65

Horse and Stable Management - Brown/ Pilliner/ Davies. 4th ed. (2003-UK) 432p P $59.95

Horse Breeding - Rossdale. Rev. ed. (93-UK) 384p H $64.95

Horse Breeding - Kerrigan.

1: Mating Preparation (94) 35mins VHS $66.00

2: Mating Management (94) 35mins VHS $66.00

3: Foaling Management (94) 35mins VHS $66.00

4: Breeding Problems (94) 35mins VHS $66.00

Horse Breeding: A Practical Guide for Owners - Pavord/ Drummond. (90-UK) 192p H $49.45

Horse Business Management: Managing a Successful Yard - Houghton-Brown/ Powell-Smith. 2nd ed. (95-UK) 213p P $63.75

Horse Feeding and Nutrition - Cunha. 2nd ed. (91-UK) 445p H $185.90

Horse Feeding Simplified - Kerrigan. (90) 238p P $22.00

Horse Genetics - Bowling. (96-UK) 200p P $75.95

Horse Nutrition and Feeding - Pilliner. 2nd ed. (99-UK) 224p P $52.75

Horse Sense: The Guide to Horse Care in Australia and New Zealand - Huntingdon/ Myers/ Owens. 2nd ed. (2004) 340p P $69.95

Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage: Facilities Design and Management - Hill. (90-USA) 179p P $37.50

Horsemaster's Notebook - Rose. (77-UK) 230p H $37.50

Horses: The Buyer's Guide - Kerrigan (94) 195p P $27.50

Horses and Money: How to Manage an Equine Business - Bacon. (96-UK) 184p P $64.90

Horsing Around - McBeth. (2003) 454p P $49.50.

Keeping Horses: How to Save Time and Money - McBane. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 173p P $43.95

Management of the Stallion for Maximum Reproductive Efficiency - Pickett/ Voss/ Squires/ Amann. (81-USA) 84p P $47.50

Managing Horses on Small Properties - Myers. (2005) 212p P $49.95

Manual of Stable Management: Book 1 - The Horse - British Horse Society. (88-UK) 128p P $29.15

Natural Approach to Horse Management - McBane. (92-UK) 272p H $36.95

Natural Horse Care - Coleby. 2nd ed. (2003) 240p P $19.95

Nutrient Requirements of Horses - National Research Council. 6th rev. ed. (2007-USA) 340p H $129.00

Pastures for Horses: A Winning Resource - Avery. (96) 128p P $39.95

Practical Essentials in the Care and Management of Horses on Thoroughbred Studs - Miller. 2nd ed. (81-UK) 125p H $29.95

Practical Horse Breeding - Kerrigan/ Rodger/ Morgan. (90) 446p H $60.50

Practical Horse Nutrition - Kerrigan. 3rd ed. (94) 336p H $49.50

The Racehorse: An Introduction to Thoroughbred Breeding - Wicks. (90) 187p P $21.95

Science of Bloodstock Breeding - Vijay. (91-USA) 422p H $61.95

Sir Charles Leicester's Bloodstock Breeding - Wright, rev. (83-UK) 505p H $104.50

The Stallion: A Breeding Guide for Owners and Handlers - McCall. (95-USA) 228p H $64.95

The Stallion: Your Guide to Horse Health Care and Management - Squires. (99-USA) 99p P $37.50

Stallion Management: A Practical Guide for Stud Owners - Hardman. (74-UK) 104p P $22.00

Stallions: Their Management and Handling - Dougall. (73-UK) 104p P $29.95

Welfare of Horses Being Transported: A Report for Livestock and Pastoral Division - Pilkington/ Wilson. (90) 64p P $16.60

Understanding the Brood Mare - Schweizer. (99-UK) 128p P $35.75

Understanding the Stallion - Squires. (99-UK) 128p P $35.50


American Quarter Horses in Pictures - Self. (76-USA) 157p P $16.50

The Appaloosa - Hyland. (90-UK) 145p P $22.00

Arabian Exodus - Greely. 2nd rev. ed. (85-UK) 240p H $49.45

Arabian Horse - Summerhays. (69-USA) 103p P $16.50

Born in a Sunburnt Country: Today's Horse for Tomorrow - Australian Stock Horse Society. (95) 5mins VHS $11.95

British Native Ponies and Their Crosses - Hinton. (78-UK) 120p H $37.45

Horse Power - Lessiter. (77-USA) 256p P $32.95

The Horse that Calls Australia Home [The Australian Stockhorse] - Starr. (96) 214p H $41.80

International Warmblood Horse: A World wide Guide to Breeding and Blood Lines - Clarke/ Wallin. (91-UK) 240p H $82.85

Leading the Field: British Native Breeds of Horses and Ponies - Edwards. (92-UK) 180p H $63.75

Quarter Horse - Hyland. (96-UK) 200p H $53.85

Quarter Horses: A Story of Two Centuries - Denhardt. (91-USA) 192p P $34.95

Shetland Ponies - Hodson. (90-UK) 208p H $62.40

The Shetland Pony - Cox. (76-UK) 140p H $27.95

The Shire Horse - Chivers. (81-UK) 872p H $120.50

The Trakehner - von Velsen/ Schulte. (87-UK) 140p H $45.65

The Versatile Arabian Horse - Archer. (96-UK) 176p H $65.00

This is the Spanish Horse - Llamas/ Rabagliatti. (96-UK) 300p H $123.75

The Welsh Cob - Davies. (96-UK) 320p H $82.50

The Welsh Mountain Pony - Davies. (96-UK) 240p H $54.45

Welsh Ponies and Cobs - Davies. (88-UK) 506p H $69.25


Equine Dentistry - Baker/ Easley. 2nd ed. (2004-USA) 513p H $248.00

Equine Dentistry: A Practical Approach - Pence/ Mergo/ Foye. (2001-USA) 310p H $200.20

Horse Dentistry: Theory and Practice of Equine Dental Maintenance - Jeffery. (98-USA) 300p H $145.95

Mouths and Bits - Webber. (87-UK) 48p P $17.55



The Competitive Edge: Improving Your Dressage Scores in the Lower Levels - Gahwyler. Rev. ed. (90-USA) 168p H $59.95

The Competitive Edge II: Moving up the Levels - Gahwyler. (92-USA) 136p H $63.25

Complete Guide to Dressage: How to Achieve Perfect Harmony Between You and Your Principles of Riding - Ger. Nat. Eq. Fed. 2nd ed. (90-UK) 206p P $53.90

Complete Training of the Horse and Rider - Podhajsky. (90-UK) 240p H $60.45

Dressage: A Study of the Finer Points of Riding - Wynmalen. (60-UK) 288p P $33.00

Dressage as an Art in Competition - Winnett. (93-UK) 140p H $60.50

Dressage: An Approach to Competition - Hamilton. (87-UK) 160p H $38.50

Dressage Formula - Herbermann. 2nd ed. (89-UK) 162p H $68.75

Dressage Terms Defined - Eleanor Russell/Sandra Pearson-Adams. (96) 96p P $4.50

Klimke on Dressage - Klimke. (93-UK) 160p H $119.90

My Horses My Teachers - Podhajsky. (92-UK) 200p H $62.15

Training Strategies for Dressage Riders - De Kunffy. (95-UK) 200p H $55.95



The Art of Driving - Pape. (82-UK) 191p H $98.95

Breaking a Horse to Harness: A Step-by-Step Guide - Walrond. (89-UK) 136p H $77.00

Breaking and Training the Driving Horse - Ganton. (84-USA) 84p P $36.30

Competition Carriage Driving - Duke of Edinburgh. (92-UK) 200p H $81.95

Competition Carriage Driving on a Shoestring - Johnson. (90-UK) 112p P $41.25

Drive On: Training and Showing the Advanced Drving Horse - Ganton. (70-USA) 180p P $22.00

Driving: Book 5 - The Complete Riding and Driving System - German National Equestrian Federation. (88-UK) 192p P $49.50

Driving a Tandem - Doliveux. (97-UK) 200p H $81.95

Encyclopedia of Carriage Driving - Walrond. (88-UK) 240p H $84.50

A Guide to Driving Horses - Walrond. (70-UK) 120p P $22.00

The Harness Horse - Gilbey, revised by Watney. (76-UK) 100p H $24.20

Harnessing Up - Pethick/ Norris. (89-UK) 32p P $14.95

Hints on Driving - Knight. (68-UK) 212p H $20.95

Horse and Carriage - Watson. (94-UK) 200p H $54.95

Judging Carriage Driving - Walrond. (97-UK) 140p H $45.65

Training a Gentle Giant: Preparing Scotland's Native Heavy Horse for Show - McGregor. (95-UK) 90min VHS $49.95


Endurance Riding

Complete Guide to Endurance Riding and Competition - Snyder-Smith. (94-UK) 200p H $43.95

Endurance Horse - Hyland. (92-UK) 240p H $71.45

Endurance Riding - Wilde. (90-UK) 200p H $71.45

Endurance Start to Finish - Pavord. (95-UK) 200p H $85.70

Go the Distance - Loving. (94-UK) H $77.00

Going the Distance: A Manual of Long Distance Riding - Parslow. (98-UK) 200p H $49.45

Long Distance Riding - Drummond. (87-UK) 142p H $47.50

Monitoring Heart Rates of Endurance Horses - Pollitt. (95) 48p P $16.50




Coaches and Coachbuilding

American Carriages, Sleighs, Sulkies and Carts - Berkebile, ed. (77-USA) 128p P $24.95.

Coachbuilder Book of Designs: Comprising Engravings of Popular Australasian Vehicles with Tables of Measurements - Bishop. 2nd ed. Reprint. (1909) 260p H $50.00.

Coach-Building - Burgess. Reprint. (1881) 188p H $38.50

The Coachmakers - Nockolds, ed. (76-UK) 240p H $57.95

Coach-Makers' Illustrated Hand-Book: Containing Complete Instructions on Carriage Building - Reprint of 1875 Edition. (95) 368p P $39.95

Competition Vehicles: Choice, Construction, Maintenance - Lorch. (91-UK) 74p H $76.95

Dictionary of Horse-Drawn Vehicles - Smith. (90-UK) 190p H $37.65

Harness and Horse-Drawn Farm Implements - McDonald. (11) 100p H $41.80

Horse-Drawn Commercial Vehicles: 255 Illustrations of Nineteenth-Century Stagecoaches, Delivery Wagons, Fire Engines, Etc. - Berkebile, ed. (89-USA) 148p P $29.95.

Looking at Carriages - Walrond. (98-UK) 200p H $104.50

Practical Carriage and Wagon Painting - Hillick. (1898-USA). 1997 Reprint. 160p P $39.95.

Practical Treatise on Coach-Building - Burgess (1881-UK) 188p H $38.50

Restoration of Carriages - Isles. (85-UK) 200p H $71.80

Wheelmaking: Wooden Wheel Design and Construction - Carriage Museum of America/ Pweloubet, ed. (96-USA) 245p P $64.95.



Advanced Western Saddle Making: Vol. 1 - Yates. (84) 75p P $24.95

Allen Advanced Guide to Bits and Bitting - Vernon. (94-UK) 200p H $82.45

Allen Illustrated Guide to Training Aids - Vernon. (2000-UK) 200p H $82.90

Bit by Bit: A Guide to Equine Bits - Tuke. (65-UK) 73p H $29.45

Bits: Their History, Use and Misuse - Taylor. (66-USA) 214p P $27.50

Bitting in Theory and Practice - Edwards. (90-UK) 102p H $24.95

Bridlework - Steinke. (94-UK) 300p H $105.00

Make Your Own Horse Clothing - Perry. (83-UK) 108p P $33.55

Make Your Own Horse Equipment - Perry. (85-UK) 1112p P $33.55

Making a Saddle - CoSIRA. 2nd ed. (78-UK) P $29.50

Making a Stock Saddle - Edwards. (84) 120p P $21.95

Making Your Own Riding Clothes - Perry. (90-UK) 112p P $33.55

Repair Your Own Saddlery and Harness - Steinlke. (96-UK) 240p H $62.65

Running A Tack Shop as a Business - MacDonald. (80-UK) 96p P $16.95

The Saddle - Edwards. (87-UK) 100p H $29.15

Saddlery - Edwards. (63-UK) 262p P $43.95

Saddlery and Harness-making - Hasluck. (62-UK) 320p P $41.25

Saddles - Beattie. (81-UK) 391p H $114.50

Stitch by Stitch: A Guide to Equine Saddles - Tuke. (70-UK) 110p H $30.25

To Handmake a Saddle - Shields. (75-UK) 79p P $24.75

Western Saddle Making - Yates. (76) 58p P $24.95


Stables and Housing


All Weather Surfaces - Lodge/ Shanks. (96-UK) 200p H $65.95

Design and Construction of Stables and Ancillary Buildings - Smith. (67-UK) 98p P $32.95

Horse Handbook: Housing and Equipment - Geiser, ed. (71-USA) 60p H $19.10

Stables and Other Equestrian Buildings: A Guide to Design and Construction - Warth. (97-UK) 102p H $97.50



Blacksmithing, Horse-Shoeing and Horse-Breaking - Dept of Agriculture. (1912) 64p H $30.80

Bud Beaston's The Master Farrier Manual of Problem Horseshoeing - Beaston. (75-USA) 191p H $74.30

Complete Horseshoeing Guide - Wiseman. 2nd ed. (73-USA) 230p H $49.60

Corrective Farriery: A Textbook for Remedial Horsehoeing - Vol. 1 - Curtis. (2002-UK) 340p H $248.00

Elements of Horseshoeing - Springhall. (980) 60p P $16.45

Farriery - Butler/ Adkins/ Neville. (97) 97p P $38.50

Hickman's Farriery: A Complete Illustrated Guide - Hickman/Humphrey. 2nd ed. (88-UK) 245p H $120.00

Horse Foot Care - Butler. (93-USA) 32p P $19.85

The Horse Shoeing Book: A Pictorial Guide for Horse Owners and Students - Humphrey. (95-UK) 112p H $62.15

Maximum Hoof Power: How to Improve Your Horse's Performance Through Proper Hoof Management - Hill/ Klimesh. (94-USA) 251p P $39.95

A Practical Guide to Horseshoeing - US Cavalry. (79-USA) 118p P $16.50

The Principles of Horseshoeing II - Butler. Rev. and exp. ed. (85-USA) 567p H $175.90

Shoeing for Performance in the Sound and Lame Horse - Price/ Fisher. (89-UK) 144p H


Six-Figure Shoeing: How to Build a Profitable and Rewarding Farrier Business - Butler. (2000-USA) 300p H $142.75

Well-Shod: Horseshoeing Guide for Owners and Farriers - Baskins. (97-USA) 159p P $34.95


Hunting, Eventing & Showjumping

Constructing Cross Country Obstacles - Thomson. 2nd rev. ed. (79-UK) 103p H $24.75

Course Design and Construction for Trials: All Phases, All Levels - Watson, ed. (89-UK) 240p H $70.35

Courses for Horses: Complete Guide to Designing and Building Showjumping Courses - Coldrey, 2nd ed. (91-UK) 175p H $42.95

Cross Country Riding - Green. (96-UK) 300p H $82.50

Event Groom's Handbook: Care of Horse and Rider - Kane/ Waltman. (89-UK) 180p P $42.95

Eventing: Preparation, Training and Competition - Bradwell. (88-UK) 160p H $51.95

Eventing Technique - Opel. (91-UK) 127p H $60.50

A Guide to Foxhunting in Australia - Cameron-Kennedy. (91) 44p P $9.35

Hunter Seat Equitation - Morris. (98-UK) 196p H $60.45

Hunting: An Introductory Handbook - Poole. (88-UK) 191p H $49.50

Mark Todd's Cross Country Handbook - Todd. (91-UK) 168p H $52.80

The Oaklands Hunt: A Chronicle of Events - Cameron-Kennedy. (89) 264p H $38.45

Practical Eventing - Holderness-Roddam. (88-UK) 250p H $54.95

Riding Cross-Country - Diggle. (90-UK) 112p H $32.95

Showjumping Terms Defined - Creighton/Russell. (96) 96p P $20.00

Steeplechasing - Hislop. (71-UK) 294p H $38.45

Teaching Basic Jumping - Diggle. (2000-UK) 200p H $63.25

Training Hunters, Jumpers and Hacks - Chamberlin. (39-UK) 335p H $37.50

Training the Show Jumper - Haley. (85-UK) 210p H $47.25

Training Showjumpers - Paalman. (78-UK) 404p H $115.50

Training the Three Day Event Horse and Rider - Wofford. (98-UK) 128p P $33.00

Young Event Horse: Buying, Breaking, Training, Competing - Strachan (89-UK) 185p H $34.95


Judging & Showing

Fun on Horseback - Self. (76-USA) 120p P $14.25

Gymkhanas and Rally Games - Webber. (89-UK) 159p H $27.50

Handbook of Showing - Spooner. Rev. ed. (87-UK) 270p P $49.45

Horse Show Organisation - Cooper. (79-UK) 180p H $29.95

Judging Horses and Ponies - Russell. (78-UK) 176p H $32.95

Preparing for the Show - Holderness-Roddam. (97-UK) 64p P $18.75

Showing - Holderness-Roddam. (89-UK) 160p H $52.95



The Horse and the Law - Pannam. 2nd ed. (86) 300p H $95.75

Australian Horse Owner's and Breeders Tax Manual - O'Connor. 4th ed. (2001) 400p H $259.00


Polo & Polocrosse

Concise Guide to Polo - Watson. (98-UK) 140p P $38.50

Geebung: The Story of Australian Polo - Ashton (93) 246p H $93.50

An Introduction to Polo - Marco. 6th ed. (72-UK) 188p H $59.95

Polo and Ponies - Hobson. (76-UK) 48p P $16.25

Polo Vision: Learn to Play Polo - Dawnay. 2nd rev. ed. (91-UK) 172p P $59.95

Polo: Let's Go - Still. (97-UK) 160p P $30.25

Practical Polo - Vickers. (75-UK) 77p H $27.45

World of Polo - Watson. (99-UK) 200p H $74.80




ThArt and Science of Racehorse Training: The 'Bill' Marshall Guide - Marshall. (97-UK) 184p P $55.00.

Conditioning to Win - Wagoner, ed. (74-USA) 312p H $127.40

Factors that Destroy Race Performance: V200 Plus Scientific Training Method - Swann. (88) 123p P $31.90

The Fit Racehorse II - Ivers. (94-USA) 638p H $186.95

Flat Race Riding - Hislop. (87-UK) 92p P $27.45

Functional Development of the Thoroughbred - Varola. (80-UK) 346p H $47.30

Horse Racing - Craig. (98-UK) 180p H $54.95

Racehorse Training and Driving - Demmler. (2000) 128p P $33.00

Racehorse Training and Feeding: Modern and Scientific Methods - Swann. (84) 145p P $27.50

Racehorse Training and Sports Medicine - Swann. (88) 123p P $33.00

Racetrack Management: A Manual for Racecourse Managers - Stubbs/ Neylan. (2002) 134p P $21.00

Scientific Training of Thoroughbread Horses - Davie. (2003) 92p P $34.95

Typology of the Racehorse - Varola. (74-UK) 242p H $54.95



Riding Side-Saddle - MacDonald/Francis. (78-UK) 167p H $27.45

Side-Saddle Riding: Notes for Teachers and Pupils - Skelton. (88-UK) 57p H $36.85

Teaching Side-Saddle - MacDonald. (93-UK) 109p P $20.50



Art of Horsemanship - Xenophon. (1894-UK) 187p H $32.95

The Athletic Horse: Principles and Practice of Equine Sports Medicine - Hodgson/ Rose. (94) 497p H $224.95

Balanced Riding: A Way to Find the Correct Seat - Henriques. (87-UK) 160p H $52.80

Basic Skills of Horse-Riding: A Manual of Self Instruction - Roberts. (85-UK) 240p P $25.25

Basic Training of the Young Horse - Klimke. (85-UK) 144p H $58.30

Behaviour of Horses in Relation to Management and Training - Kiley/Worthington. (87-UK) 265p H $47.30

Breaking Your Horse's Bad Habits - Sumner. (76-USA) 220p H $27.50

Equestrian Vaulting: A Handbook for Vaulting and Vaulting Trainers - Wiemers. (94-UK) 404p P $67.65

The Equine Athlete: How to Develop Your Horse's Athletic Potential - Hodges/ Pilliner. (91-UK) 214p P $54.95

Equitation - Wynmalen. 6th ed. (81-UK) 198p H $29.75

Equus Caballus: On Horse and Handling - May. (98-UK) 180p P $63.25

Fit to Ride: Train Your Horse Train Yourself - Bromiley. (2000-UK) 176p P $52.75

German Riding and Driving System - German National Equestrian Federation.

Book 1 - Principles of Riding (90-UK) 160p P $69.95

Book 2 - Advanced Techniques of Riding (92-UK) 160p P $69.95

Book 4 - Horse Management (92-UK) 288p P $43.50

Book 5 - Driving (88-UK) 192p P $69.95

Book 6 - Lungeing (90-UK) 79p P $39.95

Getting Horses Fit - Pillinger. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 252p H $67.10

Getting Your Horse Fit: A Comprehensive Program covering Eight Weeks - Tuke. (77-UK) 48p P $11.80

Give Your Horse a Chance - d'Endrody. (59-UK) 544p H $76.45

Handbook of Riding Essentials - De Ruffieu. (92-USA) 128p H $37.35

Harmony With Horses: An In-depth Study of Horse/Man Relationship - Hunt. (92-USA) 100p H $37.95

Heads Up: Practical Sports Psychology for Riders, Their Families and Their Trainers - Edgette. (96-USA) 220p H $52.25

Horse Control and the Bit - Roberts. 7th ed. (79) 144p H $29.95

Horse Control Reminiscences - Roberts. (84) 156p H $29.95

Horse Control: The Rider - Roberts. 2nd ed. (80) 192p H $29.95

Horse Control: The Young Horse - Roberts. 5th ed. (87) 206p P $27.50

Horses are Made to be Horses: A Personal Philosophy of Horsemanship - Mairinger. (93-USA) 168p P $36.95

The Jeffery Method of Horse Handling - Wright (81) 128p H $29.95

The Jeffery Method of Horse Handling - Wright. Video (90) 50min VHS $65.00

New Equine Sports Therapy - Porter. (99-UK) 200p H $65.95

Practical Horse Sense and Safety: Vol. 1 - Senses and Restraints - Kerrigan/Hunt. (92) 222p P $32.50

The Problem Horse - Summerhays. 2nd ed. (59-UK) 93p P $17.50

Ride with Confidence: Practical and Inspirational Asdvice to Help You Deal with Your Fear and Enjoy Riding - Marks. (2004-UK) 192p P $29.95.

Ride With Your Mind: The Right Brain Approach to Riding - Wanless. (87-UK) 297p H $65.50

Ride With Your Mind Masterclass: An Illustrated Guide to Right Brain Riding - Wanless. (91-UK) 264p H $85.00

The Riding Teacher - Podhajsky. (73-UK) 204p H $47.50

School Exercises for Flatwork and Jumping: A Handbook for Instructors and Riders - Ross. (92-UK) 95p P $30.50

Summerhays' Encyclopaedia for Horsemen - Russell, rev. (88-UK) 316p H $39.95

The Thinking Horseman - Wright. (83) 134p H $24.95

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Thinking Riding: Book 2 - Sivewright. (88-UK) 300p H $60.45

Training from the Ground: A Special Approach - MacSwiney. (87-UK) 224p H $52.75

Training the Young Horse: The First Two Years - Crossley (78-UK) 191p P $42.95

True Horsemanship Through Feel - Dorrance/ Desmond. (2001-USA) 383p P $75.00

Understanding Nervousness in Horse and Rider - Williams. (90-UK) 129p H $63.75

You and Your Horse - Loriston-Clarke. (87-UK) 160p P $34.75

Your Problem Horse - Walrond. (82-UK) 160p P $27.50


Western Riding

Art of Western Riding - Jones. (66-USA) 162p P $22.00

Complete Guide to Western Horsemanship - Forget. (96-UK) 200p H $65.95

Reinsman of the West: Bridles and Bits - Connell. (90-USA) 200p P $27.50

Ride Western - Taylor. (68-USA) 220p P $27.50

Rodeo at Lang Lang - Ridgway/ Lowden. (76) 96p H $38.50

Starting the Western Horse - Forget. (96-UK) 164p H $49.50

Winning with the American Quarter Horse - Burt. (98-USA) 200p H $60.20



Adams' Lameness in Horses - Stashak. 5th ed. (2002-USA) 1174p H $246.40

All About Laminitis - Coumbe. (96-UK) 28p P $16.45

All Horse Systems Go: The Horse Owner's Full Color Veterinary Care and Conditioning Resource for Modern Performance, Sport and Pleasure Horses - Loving. (2006-USA) 616p P $99.95.

Atlas of Radiographic Anatomy of the Horse - Schebitz/ Wilkens. 4th ed. (86-UK) 100p H $320.50

Beating Muscle Injuries for Horses: 25 Common Muscular Problems - Their Cause, Correction and Prevention - Meagher. (85-USA) 118p P $39.95

Clinical Radiology of the Horse - Butler et al. (93-UK) 560p H $440.00

Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of the Horse - Knottenbelt/ Pascoe. (94-UK) 432p P $143.00

Colour Atlas of the Horse's Foot - Pollitt. (96-UK) 208p H $248.05

Complete Equine Veterinary Manual - Pavord. (96-UK) 240p H $54.95

Concise Guide to Medications and Suplements for the Horse - Ramey. (96-USA) 180p P $38.50

Concise Guide to Tendon and Ligament Injuries in the Horse - Ramey. (96-USA) 113p P $33.15

Differential Diagnosis of Diseases of Horses - Pascoe. (94) 400p P $63.00

Easy Health Care for Your Horse: A Veterinarian's Approach to Prevention, Management and Care - Smith. (91-USA) 223p H $54.95

The Equine Distal Limb: An Atlas of Clinical Anatomy and Comparative Imaging - Denoix. (2000-UK) 400p H $334.40

Equine Embryo Transfer - Allen, ed. (85-USA) 114p P $68.50

Equine Emergencies: Treatment and Procedures - Orsini/ Divers. 3rd ed. (2008-USA) 838p P $138.00

Equine Fracture Repair - Nixon. (96-USA) 384p H $214.50

Equine Gastroenterology: A Refresher Course for Veterinarians - Hungerford, ed. (85) 400p P $42.50

Equine Injury, Rehabilitation and Therapy - Bromiley. 2nd ed. (93-UK) 208p P $63.75

Equine Internal Medicine - Rose, ed. (93) 260p P $63.50

Equine Lameness - Wynn-Jones. (88-UK) 200p P $149.60

Equine Laminitis - Pollitt. (2001) 99p P $35.00

Equine Manual - Higgins/Wright. (95-UK) 1134p H $219.20

Equine Massage: A Practical Guide - Hourdebaigt. (97-USA) 211p P $65.00

Equine Medical Disorders - Johnston. 2nd ed. (94-UK) 224p P $78.50

Equine Medicine and Surgery - Cobhan/ Mayhew/ Merritt/ Moore, eds. 2 vols. 4th ed. (91-USA) 1890p P $436.00

Equine Practice - Saunders, ed. (93-USA) 312p P $84.50

Equine Reproduction - Wade/ Allen/ Rossdale/ Rowlands. (97-UK) 500p H $303.30

Equine Reproductive Physiology, Breeding and Stud Management - Davies Morel. (93-UK) 500p H $98.95

Equine Science, Health and Performance - Pilliner/ Davies. (96-UK) 300p P $79.20

Equine Sports Medicine - Jones. (89-USA) 329p H $189.50

Equine Stud Fram Medicine and Surgery - Knottenbelt/ Le Balnc/ Lopate/ Pascoe. (2003-USA) 402p H $267.00

Equine Ultrasound - Reef. (92) 58p P $48.50

Equine Veterinary Manual - Pavord/ Fisher. (87-UK) 172p H $59.95

Healing Your Horse: Alternative Therapies - Snader/ Willoughby/ Khalsa/ Denega/ Basko. (92-USA) 232p P $54.95

Health Care and Common Health Problems of Horses - Kohnke. 7th rev. ed. (91) 64p P $11.00

Health of Horses - Powell/ Jackson, eds. (92-UK) 301p H $176.00

Holistic Management of Horses - Allison. (94-UK) 200p H $73.15

Home Horse Doctor - Ronald. 3rd ed. (94) 128p P $22.95

Horse and Pony Ailments - Straiton. 9th ed. (92-UK) 192p H $69.20

Horse Diseases: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment - Belschner. Rose, rev. (82) 252p P $22.00

Horsefeathers: Facts Versus Myth About Your Horse's Health - Ramey. (95-USA) 211p H $42.95

Horseowner's Guide to Lameness - Stashak. (96-USA) 375p P $81.40

Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook - Fisher/ Pavord. (87-UK) 171p H $54.95

Horse's Health for A-Z: Equine Veterinary Dictionary - Rossdale/ Wreford (89-UK) 432p H $38.50

Horses: Vade Mecum - Pascoe. (94) 420p P $81.45

Horses in Health and Disease - Naviaux. 2nd ed. (85-USA) 300p H $69.45

Illustrated Atlas of Clinical Equine Anatomy and Common Disoarders of the Horse: Vol. 1 - Musculoskeletal System and Lameness Disorders - Riegel/ Hakola. (1997-USA) 260p P $170.00

Illustrated Veterinary Encyclopaedia for Horsemen - Wagoner, ed. (77-USA) 728p H $196.40

Know Your Horse in Health and Disease - Codrington/ Gray. (92-UK) 204p P $45.65

The Lame Horse: Causes and Treatment - Rooney. (74-USA) 237p P $33.00

Lameness - Gray. (94-UK) 230p P $58.50

Manual of Equine Practice - Rose/ Hodgson. (93-UK) 532p P $149.45

Massage Techniques for Horse and Rider - Bomiley. (2005-UK) 160p H $59.95.

Modern Horse Herbal - Self. (94-UK) 200p H $71.45

Natural Horse Care - Coleby. Rev. ed. (2003) 240p P $19.95

Natural Methods for Equine Health - Bromiley. (94-UK) 192p P $48.40

Naturopathy for Horses - Emich. (93-UK) 200p H $79.75

No Foot, No Horse: Foot Balance - The Key to Soundness and Performance - Williams/ Deacon. (99-UK) 144p P $89.95

Outline of Clinical Diagnosis in the Horse - Pinsent. (90-UK) 200p P $87.45

Parasites and Skin Diseases - Gray. (2000-UK) 200p P $62.40

Parasitic Diseases of the Horse - Arundel. (85) 150p P $21.95

Performance Drugs in Sport: Racehorse Performance Drugs and Performance Drugs in Human Sport - Swann. (90) 219p P $27.50

Physical Therapy and Massage for the Horse - Denoux/ Pailloux. (97-UK) 192p H $88.75

Physiotherapy and Veterinary Medicine - Bromiley. 2nd ed. (98-UK) 240p P $79.20

Practical Equine Dermatology - Lloyd/ Littlewood/ Craig/ Thomsett. (2003-UK) 136p P $135.30

The Sick Horse: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Rooney. (77-USA) 170p P $17.95

The Stable Veterinary Handbook - Vogel. (90-UK) 196p H $38.45

The Stallion: AB and Embryo Transfer - Hungerford, ed. (87) 270p P $44.25

Textbook of Equine Surgery - Auer. (92-USA) 1200p H $495.75

Treatment of Equine Fractures - Denny. (89-UK) 200p H $98.60

Treatment of Horses by Acupuncture - Westermayer. (79-UK) 40p H $52.75

Treatment of Horses by Homoeopathy - MacLeod. (82-UK) 320p H $57.75

Understanding Equine Lameness - Sellnow. (99-UK) 160p P $35.75

Understanding Laminitis - Redden. (99-UK) 160p P $35.75

Understanding the Equine Foot - Jurga. (99-UK) 160p P $34.95

Understanding Your Horse's Health: A Practical Guide - Eley. (92-UK) 144p H $49.50

Veterinary Notes for Horse Owners - Hayes. Rev. Knightbridge. 18th rev. enlarged ed. (2002-UK) 880p P $120.00

Veterinary Treatments and Medications for Horsemen - Wagoner, ed. (77-USA) 612p H $174.75

Virus Infections of Equines - Studdert, ed. (96-Neth) 376p H $396.80

Why Does My Horse...? - McGrevvy. (98-USA) 240p H $43.95

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