Prices include 10% Australian Government Goods and Services Tax



Cornucopia: A Source Book of Edible Food Plants - Facciola. (90-USA) 677p P $77.60

Cultivated Plants of the Tropics and Sub-Tropics - Rehm/ Espig. (91-Ger.) 552p H $48.50

Deciduous Fruit and Ornamental Trees - Fleming, ed. (93) 160p P $49.50

Drip and Microirrigation for Trees, Vines and Row Crops: Design and Management – Burt/ Styles. (99-USA) 292p P $135.00

Ecology of Tropical Food Crops - Norman/ Pearson/ Searle. 2nd ed. (95-UK) 430p P $64.95

Forced Air Cooling (Fruit and Vegetables) - Watkins/ Ledger. 2nd ed. (90) 60p P $18.75

Fresh Produce Manual: Handling and Storage Practices for Fresh Produce - Story/ Simons, eds. 2nd ed. (89) 141p P $44.00

Fruit and Vegetable Production in Warm Climates - Rice/ Rice/ Tindall. (87-UK) 486p P $38.95

Growing Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables in Australia – Smith. (98) 164p P $21.95

Handling, Transportation and Storage of Fruit and Vegetables: Vol. 1 - Vegetables and Melons - Ryall/ Lipton. 2nd ed. (79-USA) 588p H $169.50

Insect Pests and Fresh Horticultural Products: Treatments and Responses - Paull/ Armstrong, eds. (94-UK) 360p H $146.70

Insect Pests of Fruit and Vegetables in Colour - Swaine/ Ironside/ Corcoran. 2nd ed. (91) 126p H $33.00

Managing Diseases in Greenhouse Crops - Jarvis. (92-USA) 288p H $177.50

Managing Insects and Mites in Horticultural Crops - Hassan. (94) 254p P $49.50

Marine Container Transport of Chilled Perishable Produce - University of California. (2000-USA) 32p P $44.95

Marketing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables - How. (91-USA) 357p H $137.60

The New Oxford Book of Food Plants - Vaughan/ Geissler. (97-UK) 239p H $71.50

Organic Growing: Grower Digest - Day, ed. (90-UK) 47p P $29.95

Postharvest: An Introduction to the Physiology and Handling of Fruit, Vegetables and Ornamentals -  Wills/ McGlasson/ Graham/ Joyce/ Lee. 4th ed. (98) 272p P $38.50

Post-Harvest Technology of Fruit and Vegetables - Thompson. (96-UK) 410p H $264.50

Postharvest Technology of Horticultural Crops - Kader/ Kasmire/ Mitchell/ Reid/ Sommer/ Thompson. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 296p P $135.40

Root of the Earth: Crops in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea - Silltoe. (89) 285p H $45.00

Saving Seeds: The Gardener’s Guide to Growing and Storing Vegetable and Flower Seeds - Rogers. (90-USA) 185p P $32.95

Sexual Reproduction of Tree Crops - Sedgley/ Griffin. (89-USA) 375p H $193.20

Tissue Culture Techniques for Horticultural Crops - Torres. (88-USA) 285p H $164.30




Australian Dry-Zone Acacias for Human Food - House/ Harwood, eds. (92) 145p P $33.00

Carlton Reference Guide to Orchardists - Ballard. Rev. ed. (88-USA) 200p H $87.00

Chemicals for the Protection of Fruit and Nut Crops - Beavis/ Simpson/ Syme/Ryan. 2nd ed. (91) 253p P $35.75

Colour Atlas of Fruit Pests: Their Recognition, Biology and Control - Alford. (84-UK) 320p H $169.40

Colour Atlas of Post-Harvest Diseases and Disorders of Fruit and Vegetables: Vol. 1 -

General Introduction and Fruits - Snowdon. (90-UK) 302p H $264.00

Complete Book of Fruit Growing in Australia - Glowinski. (91) 382p P $39.95

Cultivated Fruits of Britain: Their Origin and History - Roach. (85-UK) 349p H $92.40

Deciduous Fruit Tree Cultivars - Fleming's Monbulk Nurseries. (91) 108p P $45.00

Diseases of Fruit Crops - Persley, ed. (93) 160p P $43.95

Diseases of Temperate Zone Fruit and Nut Crops - Ogawa/ English. (91-USA) 461p H $137.50

Drying and Processing Tree Fruits - MacBean. (76) 20p P $15.00

Floral Development of Tropical and Sub-Tropical Fruit and Nut Species - Moncur. (88) 181p P $33.00

Fruit Analysis - Linskens/ Jackson, eds. (95-Ger) 160p H $185.30

Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory - Whealy/ Demuth, eds. (93-USA) 518p P $75.20

Fruit for Australian Gardens: A Practical Guide to Growing Fruit at Home - Baxter. (91) 269p P $24.95

Fruits and Berries for the Home Garden - Hill. Rev. ed. (92-USA) 266p P $31.25

Going Tropical: Living and Fruit Growing in Northern Australia - Edwards. (86) 136p P $17.95

Grafting and Budding Fruit and Nut Trees: A Practical Guide - Alexander/ Lewis. (98) 41p P $21.95

Grafting Fruit Trees - Southwick. (79-USA) 32p P $9.95

Growing Fruit in Australia: For Pleasure and Profit - Baxter. 5th ed. (98) 322p H $77.00

Handbook of Fruit Science and Technology: Production, Composition, Storage and Processing - Salunkhe/ Kadam, eds. (95-USA) 611p H $362.40

History of Fruit Varieties: American Pomological Society 150 Years 1848-1998 - Ferree, ed. (98-USA) 196p P $69.95

Micro-Irrigation of Vines and Fruit Trees - Mitchell/ Goodwin. (96) 184p P $38.45

Modern Fruit Science - Childers/ Morris/ Sibbett. 10th ed. (95-USA) 632p P $169.40

New Directions in Tree Fruit Pest Management - Williams, ed. (91-USA) 214p P $47.50

Organic Tree Fruit Management - Edwards. (98-Can) 240p P $92.40

Plant Nutrient Disorders: 2 - Tropical Fruit and Nut Crops - Weir/ Cresswell. (95) 112p P $60.50

Pollination and Fruit Set: Proceeding of a Short Course - Johansen et al. (85-USA) 90p P $36.90

Postharvest Diseases of Horticultural Produce: Vol. 1 - Temperate Fruit -  Beattie/ McGlasson/ Wade. (89) 84p P $38.50

Postharvest Diseases of Horticultural Produce: Vol. 2 - Tropical Fruit - Coates/ Cooke/ Persley. (95) 104p P $40.00

Practical Hints for Budding and Grafting Fruit and Nut Trees - Alexander. (86) 31p P $13.20

Propagation of Temperate Zone Fruit Plants - Hartmann/ Beutel. (81-USA) 62p P $19.75

Pruning and Training Fruit Trees - Somerville. (96) 128p P $38.25

Rapid Methods for Identifying Viruses in Fruit Tree Crops - Dale. (87) 64p P $12.00

Refrigeration and Controlled Atmosphere Storage for Horticultural Crops -  Bartsch/ Blanpied. (84-USA) 42p P $19.60

Temperate and Sub-Tropical Fruit Production - Jackson/ Looney. 2nd ed. (99-UK) 332p P $88.30

Temperate Zone Pomology: Physiology and Culture - Westwood. 3rd ed. (93-USA) 523p H $185.40

Tree Fruit Irrigation: The Comprehensive Manual of Deciduous Tree Fruit Irrigation Needs  - Williams/ Ley, eds. (94-USA) 226p P $69.95

Tree Fruit Nutrition - Peterson/ Stevens, eds. (94-USA) 211p P $64.95

Tree Fruit Physiology: Growth and Development - Maib et al, eds. (96-USA) 165p P $79.95

Tropical Fruits - Nakasone/ Paull. (98-UK) 445p H $112.40

Tropical Fruits - Samson. (80-UK) 250p H $137.90

Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Pome Fruits and Simulating Non-infectious Disorders -    Fridland, ed. (89-USA) 330p P $97.50







Apple Maturity Program Handbook - Bartram, ed. (93-USA) 58p P $75.20

Apples for the 21st Century - Manhart. (95-USA) 274p H $102.30

Book of Apples - Morgan/ Richards. (93-UK) 304p H $44.95 

Compendium of Apple and Pear Diseases - Jones/ Aldwinckle. (90-USA) 82p P $143.00

Custard Apple Information Kit - Agrilink. (99) 200p H $104.50

Custard Apples: Cultivation and Crop Protection - Sanewski, ed. (91) 119p P $38.50

Harvest of Apples: An Enticing Compilation of History, Folklore and Delicious Recipes - Ward. (88-UK) 264p P $34.95

Integrated Pest Management for Apples and Pears - Flint, ed. 2nd ed. (99-USA) 232p P $88.00

Organic Apple Production Manual – University of California. (2000-USA) 88p P $47.50

Pink Lady and Sundowner Apples - Mackay et al. (94) 32p P $114.75

Storage Technology for Apples and Pears – Little/ Holmes. (2001) 528p P $82.50

World Apple Market - O'Rourke. (94-USA) 237p H $129.95



Banana and Plantain Breeding Strategies - Persley/De Langhe, eds. (87) 187p P $30.50

Bananas: Insect and Mite Management - DPI. (94) 67p P $49.50

Tropical Banana Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50




Bramble Production: The Management and Marketing of Raspberries and Blackberries - Crandall. (95-USA) 213p P $53.95

The Blueberry Connection: Blueberry Cookery with Flavour, Fact and Folklore - Buszek. (79-Can) 209p P $29.95

Blueberry Culture - Eck/ Childers, eds. (66-USA) 378p H $122.50

Blueberry Science - Eck. (88-USA) 284p H $149.60

Commercial Red Raspberry Production - Scheer et al. (90-USA) 31p P $9.95

Complete Book of British Berries - Lang (87-UK) 223p H $84.25

Compendium of Blueberry and Cranberry Diseases - Caruso/Ramsdell, eds. (95-USA) 87p P $143.00

Compendium of Raspberry and Blackberry Diseases and Insects - Ellis/ Converse/ Williams, eds. (91-USA) 100p P $143.00

Cranberry Production in the Pacific North-West - Shawa/ Shanks/ Bristow/ Shearer/ Poole. (84-USA) 50p P $29.25

Highbush Blueberries - Cormack. (79-UK) 18p P $11.25

Highbush Blueberry Production Guide - Pritts/ Hancock. (92-USA) 200p H $134.95

The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management - Gough, ed. (94-USA) 272p P $64.95

Mulberry Cultivation - Ting-Zing/Yn-Fang/Guang-Xian/Huaizhong. (88-Ital) 127p P $42.20

Raspberries and Blackberries: Their Breeding, Diseases and Growth - Jennings. (88-UK)

230p H $132.40




Compendium of Strawberry Diseases - Mass, ed. 2nd ed. (98-USA) 98p P $143.00

Growing Strawberries in Queensland - Vock. (91) 45p P $11.00

Integrated Pest Management of Stawberries - IPM Group. (94-USA) 142p P $88.00

Ohio Strawberry Manual - Funt et al. (85-USA) 43p P $19.75

Protect Your Strawberries - Broadley. 2nd ed. (92) 82p P $16.50

Strawberries: Grower's Digest 3 - Day, ed. (88-UK) 48p P $19.25

Strawberries - Allardice. (92) 96p H $24.75

Stawberries - Hancock. (99-UK) 240p P $93.40

The Strawberry Connection: Strawberry Cookery with Flavour, Fact and Folklore - Buszek. (84-Can.) 212p P $29.95

The Strawberry: Cultivars to Marketing - Childers, ed. (81-USA) 514p P $127.50

Strawberry Deficiency Symptoms: A Visual and Plant Analysis Guide for Fertilization -

Ulrich/ Mostafa/Allen. (80-USA) 54p P $49.50

Strawberry Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50

The Stawberry into the 21st Century - Dale/Luby, eds. (91-USA) 288p H $132.40




Cherries: Crop Physiology, Production and Uses - Webster/ Looney, eds. (96-UK) 513p H $234.60

Field Guide to Sweet Cherry Diseases of Washington - Johnson/ Mink/ Byther/ Covey/ Parker. (85-USA) 55p P $13.95




Biology of Citrus - Spiegel-Roy/ Goldschmidt. (96-UK) 230p H $90.00

Citrus - Davies/Albrigo. (94-UK) 272p P $45.40

Citrus Breeding Workshop - Walker, ed. (88) 153p P $25.00

Citrus for Everyone - Morphett/ Tolley. (99) 74p P $12.95

Citrus Health Management - Timmer/ Duncan. (99-USA) 197p P $137.50

Citrus: How to Select, Grow and Enjoy - Ray/ Walhelm. (80-USA) 176p P $17.25

The Citrus Industry: Vol 4 - Diseases and Injuries - Reuther/ Calavan/ Carman. (78-USA) 362p H $57.10

Citrus Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50

Citrus Pests and Their Natural Enemies: Integrated Pest Management in Australia - Smith/ Beattie/ Broadley. (98) 288p P $82.50

Citrus Varieties of the World: An Illustrated Guide - Saunt. Rev. ed. (2000-USA) 160p H $80.50

Compendium of Citrus Diseases - Whiteside/ Garnsey/ Timmer, eds. 2nd ed. (2000-USA) 100p P $143.00

Florida Citrus Diagnostic Guide - DPI. (95-USA) 244p H $108.00

Fresh Citrus Fruits - Wardowski/ Nagy/ Grierson. (86-USA) 571p H $165.00

Growing Citrus in Queensland - (95) 44p P $11.00

Integrated Pest Management for Citrus - IPM Manual Group. (84) 144p P $55.00

Persian Limes in North America - QDPI. (96) 122p P $27.50

Propagating Citrus in Containers - Owen-Turner/Shaw. (91) 40p P $17.60

Protect Your Citrus - Broadley et al. (87) 141p P $1 9.50


Cocoa and Coffee


Cocoa - Wood/ Lass. 4th ed. 2001 reprint. (85-UK) 620p H $315.70

Coffee - Wrigley. (88-UK) 639p H $189.00

Coffee - Clarke/ Bitzhun. (2001-UK) 400p H $302.00

 Coffee: Botany, Biochemistry and Production of Beans and Beverages - Clifford/ Wilson. (85-UK) 470p H $159.95

Coffee, Cocoa and Tea - Willson. (99-UK) 304p P $81.60

Coffee Growing In Australia: A Machine Harvesting Perspective - Australian Coffee Research and Development Team. (95) 136p P $35.00 

Coffee Production - Rothfos. 2nd ed. (85-Ger.) 663p H $79.55

Coffee: Vol. 6 - Commercial and Techno-Legal Aspects - Clarke/Macrae. (88-UK) 233p H $86.10




A Fresh Look at Figs: Traditions, Myths and Mouth-Watering Recipes - Allardice. (99) 80p H $28.45

Commercial Dried Fig Production in California - Obenauf et al. (78-USA) 30p P $8.50


Grapes & Vines - See VITICULTURE list.




Kiwifruit Growing - Sale. (90-NZ) 84p P $29.95

Kiwifruit Growing and Handling - Thompson. (94-USA) 140p P $47.50

Kiwifruit Science and Management - Warrington/ Weston. (89-NZ) 560p H $106.25

The Kiwifruit Story - Yerex/ Haines. (83-NZ) 96p P $18.95




Growing Lychee in South Queensland - Greer/Campbell. (90) 48p P $11.00

Lychee Marketing in Australia - Greer/Smith. (90) 54p P $16.50

Potential of Lychee in Australia - Menzel/Greer, eds. (86) 143p P $31.50




First Australian Mango Research Workshop Proceedings - SCA (86) 378p P $25.00

The Mango in Australia - Alexander. (87) 28p P $12.00

The Mango: Botany, Production and Uses - Litz, ed. (94-UK) 592p H $219.30

Mango Information Kit - Agrilink. (99) 200p H $104.50

Mango Pests and Disorders - Bagshaw. (89) 44p P $25.00

Mango Picking Guide: Kensington Pride - Holmes/Campbell/Ledger. (90) 6p P $6.00

Mango 2000: Marketing Seminar and Production Workshop - DPI. (95) 280p P $33.00




Growing Pumpkins, Grammas and Watermelons in Queensland - Lovatt. 2nd ed. (94)

44p P $10.00

Rockmelon and Honeydew Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $95.00




Almond Orchard Management - Micke/Kester. (78-USA) 150p P $15.40

Almond Production Manual - Micke, ed. (96-USA) 289p P $65.00

Australian Peanut Conference Proceedings - Crosthwaite/Cruickshank/Marshall, eds. (94) 138p P $15.00

Cashew - Ohler. (79-Neth) 260p P $79.50

Cashew Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50

Cashew Production in North Queensland - Hinton. (98) 21p P $15.00

Cashew Tree Culture in the North-East of Brazil - Lima, ed. (93) 306p P $55.00

Compendium of Peanut Diseases - Porter/ Smith/ Rodriguez/ Kabana. (84-USA) 73p P $143.00

Diseases and Disorders of Macadamias - Fitzell. (94) 31p P $27.50


Evaluating Cashew Hybrids in Northern Australia - Chacko. (97) 41p P $12.00

Growing Macadamias in Australia - DPI. (96) 56p P $13.20

Guide to Establishing a Walnut Orchard in Australia – Kenez. 3rd ed. (98) 56p P $47.50

Integrated Pest Management of Almonds - IPM Group. (85-USA) 156p P $88.00

Integrated Pest Management of Walnuts - IPM Group. 2nd ed. (87-USA) 96p P $88.00

Introduction to Pistachio Growing in Australia - Maggs. (82) 36p P $10.00

Nut Growing in Australia - Crosthwaite. (94) 120p P $20.00

Peanut Health Management - Melouk/ Shokes, eds. (95-USA) 137p P $125.00

Peanuts: Production, Processing and Products - Woodroof. 3rd ed. (83-USA) 414p H $140.95

Pecan Cultivars: Past and Present - Thompson/Young. (85-USA) 265p H $42.50

Pistachio Production - Crane/ Maranto. (88-USA) 15p P $14.95

Walnut Production Manual - Ramos, ed.. (98-USA) 318p P $79.00


Olives - See Viticulture, Winemaking and Olives list.




Passionfruit Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50




Growing Pawpaws in South Queensland - O’Hare. (92) 40p P $10.00


Peaches, Plums and Nectarines


Compendium of Stone Fruit Diseases - Ogawa/Zehr/Bird/Ritchie/Uriu/Uyemoto, eds. (95-USA) 98p P $143.00

Integrated Pest Management for Stone Fruit - Strand et al. (99-USA) 246p P $75.00

Low Chill Stonefruit Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50

The Peach: World Cultivars to Marketing - Childers/ Sherman. (88-USA) 986p H $133.20

Peaches, Plums and Nectarines: Growing and Handling for the Fresh Marketing -   LaRue/ Johnson, eds. (89-USA) 240p P $95.00

Protect Your Stone Fruit - Campbell, ed. (94) P $22.00




Avocado Pests and Disorders - Broadley. (91) 74p P $36.00

Growing Avocados in Queensland - Banks. (92) 36p P $10.00

Growing Avocados in Melbourne and Similar Temperate Areas - Branton (95) 39p P $10.95

Integrated Pest Management of Apples and Pears - Flint, ed. (91-USA) 216p P $88.00

Nashi: Asian Pear in New Zealand - White. (90-NZ) 84p P $29.99

The Pear: Cultivars and Marketing - Van Der Zwet/Childers, eds. (82-USA) 502p P $99.95




Pineapples Pests and Disorders -DPI. (93) 63p P $38.50




Tea Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide - Rasmussen/ Rhinehart. (99-USA) 181p P $34.95

Tea: Cultivation to Consumption - Willson/Clifford, eds. (92-UK) 769p H $233.95




Australian Vegetable Growing Handbook - Salvestrin, ed. 2nd ed.  (98) 344p P $75.00

Chemicals for the Protection of Vegetable Crops - Beavis/Simpson/Syme/Ryan. 2nd ed. (91) 243p P $32.50

Colour Atlas of Post-Harvest Diseases and Disorders of Fruit and Vegetables: Vol. 2 - Vegetables - Snowdon. 2nd ed. (2002-UK) 360p H $334.40

Commercial Vegetable Processing - Luh/ Woodroof. 2nd ed. (88-USA) 784p H $199.95

Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada - Howard/ Garland/ Seaman. (94-Can) 554p P $164.95

Diseases of Vegetable Crops - Persley, ed. (94) 160p P $43.95

Growing Vegetables - Mason/ Lawrence. (91) 108p P $12.95

How to Grow Vegetables Organically - Cox. (87-USA) 340p P $24.95*

Identifying Diseases of Vegetables - Macnab/ Sherfer/ Springer. (94-USA) 62p P $34.95

Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers - Hochmuth/ Maynard. 4th ed. (97-USA) 582p P $160.00

Nutritional Disorders in Glasshouse Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Lettuces - Roorda Van Eysinga/ Smilde. (81-Neth) 130p H $72.50

Oriental Vegetables: The Complete Guide for Garden and Kitchen - Larkcom (91-UK) 256p P $56.00

Oriental Vegetables: How to Identify, Grow and Use - Waters/ Morgan/ McGeary. (92) 128p P $16.95

Physiology of Vegetable Crops - Wien, ed. (97-UK) 662p H $303.20

Postharvest Physiology of Vegetables - Weichmann, ed. (87-USA) 596p H $481.75

Producing Vegetable Crops - Ware/ McCollom. 3rd ed. (80-USA) 607p H $60.75

Pulses and Tropical Vegetables - Williams. (93-UK) 247p H $95.00

Soilpack for Vegetable Growers – McMullen. (2000) 160p H $35.00

Specialty and Minor Crops Handbook - University of California. (91-USA) 130p H $64.95

Success in Vegetable Production - Sydenham. (85-UK) 62p P $13.95

Vegetable Diseases and Their Control - Sherf/Macnab. 2nd ed. (86-USA) 728p H $190.00

Vegetable Growing: A Guide for Home Gardeners in Western Australia - Lawson, ed. (85) 127p P $6.50

Vegetable Seed Production - George. 2nd ed. (99-UK) 328p H $179.30

Vegetables - Phillips/ Rix. (94-UK) 300p P $38.50

Vegetables: Characteristics, Production and Marketing - Peirce. (87-USA) 433p H $139.95

Vegetables in Home Gardens - Kinsella/ Martindale. (75) 120p P $21.95

Vegetables in the Tropics - Tindall. (83-UK) 533p H $69.70 

World Vegetables: Principles, Production and NutritiveValues - Rubatzky/ Yamaguchi.  2nd ed. (97-USA) 843p P $173.00






Compendium of Bean Diseases - Hall, ed. (91-USA) 73p P $143.00

Growing Beans in Queensland - Ainsworth. (91) 32p P $10.00




Carrots and Related Umbelliferae - Rubatsky/ Quiros/ Simon. (99-UK) 240p P $108.40

Compendium of Umbelliferous Crop Diseases – Davis/ Raid. (2002-USA) 75p P $143.00


Cole Crops


Cauliflower - Whitwell/ Jones. (81-UK) 87p P $22.00

Colour Atlas of Diseases of Lettuce and Related Salad Crops: Observation, Biology and Control – Blancard/ Lot/ Masionneuve. (2004-USA) 376p H $336.00

Compendium of Beet Diseases and Insects - Whitney/ Duffus. (86-USA) 76p P $143.00

Compendium of Lettuce Diseases - (98-USA) 80p P $143.00

Growing Broccoli in Queensland - Heisswolf/ Deuter. (92) 48p P $11.35

Hydroponic Lettuce Production - Morgan. (99) 111p P $29.95

Integrated Pest Management in Lettuce: Information Kit – McDougall. (2002) 154p P $50.00

Integrated Pest Management of Cole Crops and Lettuce - IPM Group. (87-USA) 112p P $88.00

Lettuce, Endive and Chicory - Ryder. (99-UK) 208p P $88.50     

Lettuce Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50




Ginseng Growing in Australia - Hosemans. Rev. ed. (93) 96p P $35.00




Biology and Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms - Chang/ Hayes. (78-UK) 819p H $298.35

The Black Truffle: Its History, Cultivation and Use - Hall/ Brown. 2nd ed. (94-NZ) 112p P $49.50

Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms - Stamets. (93-USA) 552p P $65.00

Handbook for Commercial Mushroom Growers - Wuest/ Bengtson. (90-USA) 300p H $145.40

Mushrooms: Pest and Disease Control - Fletcher/ White/ Gaze. 2nd ed. (89-UK) 172p H $60.10

Shiitake Growers' Handbook: The Art and Science of Mushroom Cultivation - Przybylowicz/ Donoghue. (86-USA) 128p P $49.95


Onions and Alliums


Bulb Onions - Tatham. (82-UK) 86p P $16.95

Compendium of Onion and Garlic Diseases - Schwartz/ Mohan. (94-USA) 54p P $143.00

Growing Great Garlic: The Definitive Guide for Organic Gardeners and Small Farmers - Engeland.  (91-USA) 213p P $35.75

Onion Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50  

Onions: Growing for Home and World Markets - Straw et al. (93) 111p P $19.95

Onions and Other Vegetable Alliums - Brewster. (94-UK) 288p P $95.95




Compendium of Pea Diseases and Pests – Kraft/ Pfledger, eds. 2nd ed. (2001-USA) 67p P $143.00

Growing Field Peas - Pritchard. (94) 102p P $19.50

Pea Growing Handbook - Biddle/ Knott/ Gent. 6th ed. (88-UK) 264p H $153.70




Growing Eggplant in Queensland - DPI. (2000) 28p P $13.20

Peppers: The Domesticated Capsicums - Andrews. (84-USA) 170p P $96.90

Peppers and Chilli Information Kit - Agrilink. (99) 200p H $104.50

Peppers, Vegetables and Spice Capsicums - Bosland/ Votava. (2000-UK) 224p P $102.10




Advances in Potato Pest Biology and Management - Zehnder/ Powelson/ Jansson/ Raman. (94-USA) 655p H $187.95

Compendium of Potato Diseases – Smiley. (2002-USA) 110p P $143.00

Compendium of Sweet Potato Diseases - Clark/ Moyer. (88-USA) 74p P $143.00

Crop Protection Handbook: Potatoes - Gunn, ed. (90-UK) 192p H $82.95

Field Guide to Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops – Horne/ De Boer/ Crawford. (2002) 80p P $39.95

Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops – Horne/ De Boer/ Crawford. (2002) 80p P $39.95

Integrated Pest Management for Potatoes - IPM Group. (92-USA) 146p P $65.00

Managing the Potato Production System - Bean. (94-USA) 183p H $79.95

The Potato - Burton. 3rd ed. (89-UK)  365p H $278.00. 4th ed. in preparation due 2002

The Potato: Evolution, Biodiversity and Genetic Resources - Hawkes. (90-UK) 256p H $96.50

Potato Crop: Scientific Basis for Improvement - Harris, ed. (92-UK) 910p H $587.25

Potato Diseases in South Australia - Williams/ Wicks/ Askiew. (85-USA) 95p H $16.50

Potato Genetics - Bradshaw/ Mackey. (94-UK) 350p H $272.25

Potato Health Management - Randall/ Rowe. (96-USA) 160p P $165.00

Potato Information Kit - Agrilink. (98) 200p H $104.50

Potato Pests - Gratwick, ed. (89-UK) 104p P $29.95

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Pumpkins, etc.


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Sprouting Book: How to Grow and Use Sprouts to Maximise Your Health and Vitality - Wigmore. (86-USA) 116p P $16.95




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Water Chestnuts


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