Aquatic Life in Freshwater Ponds - Ingram/ Hawking/ Shiel. (97) 104p P $19.95

Australian Aquaculture: Industry Profiles of Selected Species - Brown/ Landegheim/ Schuele. (97) 102p P $36.00

Australian Freshwater Life: The Invertebrates of Australian Inland Waters - 2nd ed. Williams. (80) 321p P $49.95

Bibliography of Marinas in Australia - Merrick/ Carey/ Cardew. (91) 28p P $9.00

Biology, Cultivation and Management of Australian Freshwater Crayfishes: A Bibliography - Merrick. (90) 48p P $14.95

Biology of Marine Plants - Clayton/ King, eds. (90) 500p P $68.00

Coastal Conflicts - Manuel/ McElroy/ Smith. (94) 112p P $21.95

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Encyclopedia of Fishes - Paxton/ Eschmeyer, eds. (94) 260p H $55.00

Facts on File Dictionary of Marine Science - Charlton/ Tietjen. (88-USA) 326p H $39.95

Fundamentals of Aquatic Ecology - Barnes/ Mann. 2nd ed. (91-UK) 270p P $64.00

How to Know Freshwater Algae - Prescott. 3rd ed. (78-USA) 293p P $39.95

Introduction to Marine Ecology - Barnes/ Hughes. 2nd ed. (88-UK) 351p P $54.00

Introduction to the General Principles of Aquaculture - Ackerfors/ Huner/ Konikoff. (94-USA) 172p H $79.95

Life in Inland Waters - Williams. (83) 255p P $25.00

Managing the Impacts of Carp - Koehn/ Brumley/ Gerrke. (2000) 248p P $35.00

Marine Biodiversity: Patterns and Processes - Ormond/ Gage/ Angel, eds. (97-UK) 449p H $120.00

Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology - Levinton. (95-USA) 448p H $70.00

Pearls in the Landscape: The Conservation and Management of Ponds - Probert. (90-UK) 220p H $45.00

Plankton: A Microscopic World - Hallegraeff. (88) 112p H $39.95

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Waterplants of New South Wales - Sainty/ Jacobs. 4th ed. (2003) 416p H $55.00

Waterways and Wetlands: A Practical Handbook - Brooks/ Agate. Rev. ed. (81-UK) 188p P $39.95


All About Abalone - Fallu. (94) 56p P $16.95

Australian Marine Shells: 1 - Wilson. (98) 240p H $126.50

Australian Marine Shells: 2 - Wilson. (98) 240p H $126.50

Cephalopods of the World - Nesis. (84-USA) 351p H $99.95

The Coastal Fishes of South-Eastern Australia - Kuiter. (94) 468p H $69.95

Colour Guide to Invertebrates of Australian Inland Waters - Hawking/ Smith. (97) 213p P $34.95

Crown of Thorns Starfish on the Great Barrier Reef: Reproduction, Recruitment and Hydrodynamics - Johnson, ed. (92) 146p H $45.00

Dr Axelrod's Atlas of Freshwater Aquarium Fishes - Axelrod/ Burgess/ Pronek/ Walls. 9th ed. with 7800 colour plates. (97-USA) 1152p H $179.95

Encyclopedia of Fishes - Paxton/ Eschmeyer, eds. (94) 260p H $55.00

Encyclopedia of Marine Invertebrates - Axelrod et al. (85-USA) 736p H $79.50.

Field Guide to the Crustaceans of Australian Waters - Jones/ Morgan. 2nd ed. (2002) 224p P $39.95

The Food Fishes - Love. (88-UK) 300p H $59.50

Giant Clams in Asia and the Pacific - Copland/ Lucas. (88) 274p P $45.00

Grant's Guide to Fishes: With 943 Coloured Plates - Grant. 10th ed. (2004) 880p H $95.00

Guide to Sea Fishes of Australia: A Comprehensive Reference for Divers and Fishermen - Kuiter. Rev. ed. (99) 434p P $43.95

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish: A Comprehensive Directory of Exotic Freshwater and Marinbe Species - Sandford. (98-UK) 256p H $29.95

Larvae of Indo-Pacific Shore Fishes - Leis/ Transki. (89) 380p H $39.95

Larvae of Temperate Australian Fishes: Laboratory Guide for Larval Fish Identification - Neira/ Miskiewicz/ Trnski. (98) 340p P $104.50

Marine and Estuarine Fishes of South-Western Australia: A Field Guide for Anglers and Divers - Allen. 3rd rev. ed. (97) 292p P $29.95

Marine Plants of Australia - Huisman. (2000) 312p H $81.50

Pacific Marine Fishes: Book 7 - Great Barrier Reef - Burgess/ Axelrod. (87-USA) 200p H $54.95

Pacific Marine Fishes: Book 9 - Western Australuia - Burgess/ Axelrod. (89-USA) 200p

H $54.95

Sea Fishes of Southern Australia - Hutchins/ Swainston. 2nd ed. (99) 180p P $27.45

Sharks: Biology and Fisheries - Pepperell, ed. (92) 349p H $60.00

Whale Sharks: The Giants of Ningaloo Reef - Taylor. (94) 167p H $39.95



Aquaculture Science - Parker. 2nd ed. (2002-USA) 622p H $99.95

Aquaculture: Farming Aquatic Animals and Plants - Lucas/ Southgate, eds. (2003-UK) 502p P $99.00

Australian Fish Farmer: A Practical Guide to Aquaculture - Fallu/ Mosig. 2nd ed. (2004) 444p P $89.95

Australian Yabby Farmer -Mosig. 2nd ed. (98) 201p P $45.00

Breeding Aquarium Fishes: A Complete Introduction - Axelrod. (95-USA) 128p P $11.95

Inland Saline Aquaculture Smith/ Barlow, eds. (99) 61p P $20.00

Victorian Yabby Producer's Manual: A Code of Practice for the Victorian Yabby Aquaculture Industry - Freshwater Crayfish Growers' Association of Victoria. (2001) 140p H $49.50



Handbook of Trout and Salmon Diseases - Roberts/ Shepherd. 3rd ed. (97-UK) 224p H $22.00


Management and Marketing

Fisheries Management in Australia - McPhee. (2008) 257p P $75.00


Product and Processing

Fish Processing Technology - Hall, ed. 2nd ed. (97-UK) 290p H $276.00


Seafood Cookery

Australian Seafood Cookbook: Domestic Species - Yearsley/ Last/ Ward. (99) 461p H $39.95


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