The Definitive Donkey: A Textbook of the Modern Ass - Hutchins. (81-USA) 221p P $12.50

Donkey Business II: Guide for Raising, Training and Showing Donkeys - Berry/Robinson/Kokas. (89) 162p P $11.50

The Donkey Owner's Guide - Summerhays. (76-UK) 128p H $16.95

Donkey Wrinkles and Tales - Dunkels. (77-UK) 80p P $6.95

Donkeys Galore - Swinfen. (76-UK) 136p H $17.95

Donkeys, Ponies and Mules: Their Care and Training - Walker. (83) 78p P $4.95

The Irish Donkey - Swinfen. (69-UK) 113p P $9.95

Passion for Donkeys - Svendsen. (88-UK) 208p H $54.95

Professional Handbook of the Donkey - Svendsen. (89-UK) 284p P $19.95

Your Donkey: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying, Breeding, Training, Showing and Caring for Donkeys - Harris. (94) 96p P $14.95

Updated June 1997

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