Australian Cattle Dogs - Robertson. (90-USA) 191p H $19.95

Australian Sheep Dogs: Training and Handling - Cavanagh. (90) 111p H $25.00

Border Collies - Bray. (93) 104p P $19.95

The Complete Dog Book - American Kennel Club. 17th ed. (88-USA) 768p H $39.95

Control and Therapy of Diseases in Dogs - Prescott. (92) 394p P $58.50

Dog Ailments: Recognition and Treatment - Straiton. 4th ed. (89-UK) 216p H $64.95

The German Shepherd Today: A Complete Reference for the German Shepherd Owner -Strickland/ Moses. (88-UK) 462p P $49.95

Good Dog: Basic Training of All Breeds - Howell. (87-UK) 120p H $38.95

Greyhounds: A Refresher Course for Veterinarians - Hungerford, ed. (83) 755p P $37.50

The Labrador Retriever - Tottenham. (85-UK) 120p P $25.95

Nutrient Requirements of Dogs - NRC. (85-USA) 79p P $49.95

The Sheep-Dog: Its Work and Training - Longton/Hart. (76-UK) 123p H $16.95

Sheepdog Training: An All-Breed Approach - Taggart. 2nd ed. (91-USA) 189p H $45.00

Sheepdog Trials - Halsall. (82-UK) 224p H $24.95

Training and Working Dogs for Quiet Confident Control of Livestock - Lithgow. (87) 227p P $24.00

Vade Mecum: Diseases of Dogs - Prescott. (86) 256p P $45.00

Veterinary Notes for Dog Owners - Turner, ed. (90-UK) 605p P $99.95

A Way of Life: Sheepdog Training, Handling and Trialling - Jones. (87-UK) 187p H $52.95

Working Dogs: Breeding, Feeding, Training and Care - Rennie. (84-NZ) 96p P $22.95

Working Dogs: Training for Sheep and Cattle - Seis. (95) 136p P $48.95

Working Sheep Dogs: Management and Training - Templeton/Mundell. (88-UK) 126p H $39.95

Your Kelpie - Withers. (94) 49p P $11.95

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