Australian Deer Hunters' Handbook - Harrison, ed. (86) 92p H $8.00

Deer: The New Zealand Story - Yerex. (2002-NZ) 200p P $39.95

Deer Farming: A Practical Guide to German Techniques - Reinken. (90-UK) 288p H $55.95

Deer Farming: Proceeding of the ANZAS Deer Farming Seminar - Couchman, ed. (85) 74p P $6.00

Deer Marketing and Production Study - Australian Agricultural Consulting and Marketing. (91) 160p P $37.50

Diagnosis of Diseases of Deer - English. (92) 114p P $48.00

Diseases of Deer: Vade Mecum - English. (88) 112p P $48.00

Fallow Deer Farming in Tasmania - Griffiths. (88) 40p P $14.25

Farming the Red Deer - Blaxter/Kay/Sharman/Cunningham/Eadie/Hamilton. (88-UK) 169p P $47.25

Field Guide to British Deer - Page, ed. (71-UK) 80p H $9.95

The Hog Deer - Mayze/Moore. (90) 408p H $55.00

Management of Deer and Their Habitat: Principles and Methods - Nahlik. (92-UK) 268p P $43.75

Modern Deer Farm Management - Yerex/Spiers. 2nd ed. (90-NZ) 220p P $34.99

Natural History of Deer - Putnam. (88-USA) 191p H $37.95

Proceedings of a Deer Seminar for Veterinarians - Deer Advisory Panel NZ Veterinary Assoc. (81-NZ) 223p P $19.00

Profitability of Deer Farming in Victoria - Gross. (87) 52p P $9.00

Red Deer Management - Omand, ed. (81-UK) 100p P $16.50

The Roe Deer: Conservation of a Native Species - Prior. (95-UK) 230p H $135.00

Venison and Other Game Recipes - Cliff. (88) 170p H $17.50

Wapiti Behind the Wire: The Role of the Wapiti in Deer Farming in New Zealand - Yerex. (91-NZ) 62p P $24.95

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