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Tropical Forages - Humphreys. (95-UK) 300p H $218.90

Tropical Pasture Seed Production: Training Manual - DPI. (96) 110p P $22.00

Use of Fodder Trees and Shrubs - Everist. (85) 70p P $9.50

Western Grasses: A Grazier's Guide to the Grasses of South-West Queensland - Roberts/ Silcock. (93) 141p P $16.50

White Clover - Baker/ Williams, eds. (87-UK) 534p H $237.20

White Clover: A Key to Increasing Milk Yields - Mason. (93) 119p P $32.95

The World's Savannas: Economic Driving Forces, Ecological Constraints and Policy Options for Sustainable Land Use - Young/ Solbrig, eds. (93-UK) 350p H $95.00



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