Communications & Media

Advertising and Display in Australia - McGuire/Lee. (79-USA) 138p P $22.95

Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective - Belch/ Belch. 4th ed. (98-USA) 762p P $64.95


Agricultural Extension: A Reference Manual - Swanson, ed. (84-Italy) 260p P $21.50

Are we on the Same Team Here? Essential Communication Skills to Make Groups Work - Brem. (95) 99p P $19.95

Australian Business Communication - Wrigley/McLean. 2nd ed. (90) 297p P $23.95

Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary - Turner, ed. (88) 1340p H $29.95

Australian Dictionary of Acronyms and Abbreviations - Jones. 3rd ed. (90) 353p H $67.50

Australian Farmer's Guide to the Internet - Groves/ Parker/ DaRin/ Simpson. (97) 340p P $25.00

Australian Writers' and Editors' Guide - Purchase, ed. (91) 383p P $24.95

Basic Training for Trainers: An Australian Handbook for New Trainers - Kroehnert. (90) 222p P $29.95

Becoming Your Own Researcher - Smith. (88) 78p P $15.95

Book of Letters: How to Write a Letter for Every Occasion - Breen. 2nd ed. (93) 218p P $16.95

Commercial Media in Australia: Economics, Ownership, Technology and Regulation - Brown. (86) 255p H $50.00

Common Ground: A Course in Communication - Sadler/Tucker. (81) 243p P $22.95

Communication for Rural Innovation: Rethinking Agricultural Extension - Leeuwis. 3rd ed. (2004-UK) 352p P $90.95

Communication Skills - Beisler/Scheeres/Pinner. (87) 288p P $26.99

Communication Skills - Elder. (94) 382p P $32.95

Communicating in Business and Industry - Comstock. (85-USA) 188p P $25.50

Communicating in Science: Writing and Speaking - Booth. (85-UK) 68p P $19.95

Communicating in Writing - Walsh. (86) 76p P $9.95

Communicating with Customers - Eunson. (95) 162p P $20.95

Communication for Team Building - Eunson. (95) 150p P $20.95

Complete Guide to Advertising - Douglas. (84-UK) 224p P $24.95

Complete Handbook of Video - Owen/Dunton. (82-UK) 224p P $12.95

Complete Plain Words: Know, Say and Convey What You Mean - Gowers. (87-UK) 288p P $12.95

Complete Public Speaker's Manual: How to Get and Keep Control of An Audience - Kirkpatrick. (81-USA) 239p P $9.95

Conference Organisation in Australia - Collins. (87) 102p H $12.95

Confidence Through Public Speaking - Malouf. (87) 73p P $12.95

Creating an Information Service - Webb. (85-UK) 100p P $36.10

The Darkroom Handbook: A Complete Reference Manual - Langford. Rev. ed. (87-UK) 352p H $39.95

Debating and Public Speaking: How to Speak and Argue Effectively - Gunther. Rev. ed. (86) 111p P $7.95

Decision Networks - Hastings/Mello. (78-USA) 196p H $237.00

Desktop Publishing: The Book - Hartnell. (86) 160p P $19.95

Developing Proofreading Skills - Smith/Camp. (85) 132p P $9.95

Diffusion of Innovation - Rogers. 2nd ed. (83-USA) 453p H $59.95

Don't Panic Guide to Annual Report Production - Lewis/Hudson. (92) 95p P $16.75

Elements of Graphing Data - Cleveland. (85-USA) 323p P $33.95

Essay Writing for Students: A Practical Guide - Clanchy/Ballard. (91) 143p P $15.95

The Ethnographic Interview - Spradley. (79-USA) 245p P $59.95

Everyman Good English Guide - Fieldhouse. (82-UK) 270p P $10.50

Extension for Rural Change - Mortiss. 2nd ed. (93) 172p P $27.50

Extension Handbook - Blackburn. (84-Canada) 167p P $36.20

The Forgotten Country - Cribb. (82) 160p P $7.95

Fundraising Ideas Book for Australia and New Zealand - Arnett. (85) 131p P $8.95

Guide to Australian Law for Journalists, Authors, Printers and Publishers - Sawer. 3rd ed. (84) 168p P $16.95

Guide to Learning Independently - Marshall/Rowland. 2nd ed. (93) 254p P $14.99

Guide to Scientific Writing - Lindsay. (84) 83p P $8.50

Handbook of Communication Skills - Tolmie/Tolmie. (80-USA) 153p P $6.95

Handbook of Communication Skills - Hurst. (91-UK) 320p H $69.00

Handbook of Public Speaking for Scientists and Engineers - Kenny. (82-UK) 181p P $24.25

How to Give a Successful Presentation - Richards. (85-UK) 90p P $19.95

How to Research - Blaxter/ Hughes/ Tight. (96-UK) 263p P $30.00

How to Use the Media in Australia - Matthews. (84) 220p P $15.00

How to Write a Better Thesis - Evans/ Gruba. 2nd ed. (2002) 187p P $24.95

How to Write Better Resumes - Corwin/ Grappo/ Lewis. 6th ed. (2004-USA) 128p P $24.95

How to Write Business Letters and Reports - Mansell. (82) 228p P $16.50

How to Write Effective Reports - Sussams. (83-UK) 107p P $15.50

How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper - Day. 4th ed. (95-UK) 223p P $29.95

Information in Action: Soft Systems Methodology - Davies/ Ledington. (91-UK) 169p P $34.95

Information Technology: Teachers' Resource Book - Clancy. (92) 221p P $39.99

Instant Speaking Course - Lillis. (81-USA) 32p P $3.50

Introduction to Professional Newswriting: Reporting for the Modern Media - Fink. (92-UK) 475p P $53.00

Introduction to Rural Extension - Falvey. (86) 55p P $15.00

Keeping a Personal Professional Journal - Holly. (84-USA) 45p P $5.95

Knowledge Based Systems in Agriculture - Plant/Stone. (91-USA) 364p H $155.00

Learning to Teach in Higher Education - Ramsden. (92-UK) 290p P $29.95

Lazy Man's Guide to Public Speaking - Le Clair/Fortune. (86) 137p P $12.00

Management of a Student Research Project - Howard/Sharp. (83-UK) 238p P $28.50

Many Voices, One World: Communication and Society Today and Tomorrow - MacBride. (80-UK) 312p P $20.00

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English - Hornby. 3rd rev. ed. (85-UK) 1040p P $21.95

Oxford Australian Writer's Dictionary - Purchase. Rev. ed. (98) 358p P $29.95

Oxford Dictionary for Scientific Writers and Editors - Isaacs et al. (91-UK) 389p H $44.95

Penguin Macquarie Dictionary of People and Places: A Handy Guide to Who and Where - Bernard, ed. (87) 732p P $14.95

Perfect Your Punctuation - Howard. (86) 45p P $4.25

Primer for Agricultural Libraries - Lendvay. (80-Neth) 91p P $7.00

Professional Writing Guide: Writing Well and Knowing Why - Petelin/Durham. (92) 230p P $29.99

Public Relations and Communications for Natural Resource Managers - Fazio/Gilbert. 2nd ed. (91-USA) 398p H $77.20

Public Speaking - Gray. (91) 195p P $24.95

Quotations for Speeches - Bloomsbury Reference. (89-UK) 198p P $9.95

Read, Note, Write: How to Prepare Assignments - McEvedy/Smith. (90) 95p P $16.95

Research: How to Plan, Speak and Write About It - Hawkins/Sorgi. (85-Ger) 184p P $30.45

Research Methodology: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners - Kumar. (96) 276p P $39.95

The Research Process - Bouma. Rev. ed. (93) 215p P $22.95

Right Words: A Guide to English Usage in Australia - Murray-Smith. 2nd ed. (89) 439p H $29.99

Science Writing for Beginners - Fara. (85-UK) 115p P $27.00

Scientific Style and Format: The CBE Manual for Authors, Editors and Publishers - Council of Biology Editors. 6th ed. (94-UK) 825p H $49.95

Scientists Must Write: Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers and Students - Barrass. (76-UK) 176p P $32.95

Sear's List of Subject Headings - Mooney, ed. (91-USA) 731p H $96.60

The Small Television Studio - Bermingham/Talbot-Smith/Symons/Angold-Stephens. (75-UK) 163p P $30.00

Speak for Yourself: Effective Speaking for Senior Students - Hamilton/Hill. (85) 66p P $9.95

Strategies for Student Writers: A Guide to Writing Essays, Tutorial Papers, Exam Papers and Reports -Peters. (84) 140p P $9.95

Students Must Write: Guide to Better Writing in Course Work and Examination - Barrass. (82-UK) 149p P $13.95

Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers - Rev. Snook & Co. 6th ed. (2002) 550p P $44.95

Succeeding at University and College - McEvedy/Jordan. (86) 144p P $14.95

Successful Submission Writing for Business and Non-Profit Organisations - Roberts. (90) 156p P $19.95

Survey Interviewing: Theory and Techniques - Beed/Stimson, eds. (85) 224p P $14.95

Surveys in Social Research - De Vaus. 4th ed. (95) 411p P $32.95

The Winning Trainer: Exercises, Games, Puzzles, Role Plays, Icebreakers ... and Much More - Eitington. 2nd ed. (89-USA) 400p P $78.50

To Catch a Mouse Make Noise Like a Cheese - Kornfeld. 2nd rev. ed. (90-USA) 321p P $28.35

Touch Typing - Yacht. (81-USA) 92p P $14.95

Typewriting for a Keyboard Career: Basic Course - Fielding et al. (82-USA) 224p H $19.95

Typing for Publication - AGPS. 2nd ed. (88) 63p P $8.95

Understanding and Facilitating Adult Learning - Brookfield. (86-USA) 375p P $31.00

Understanding Data - Sprent. (88-UK) 302p P $12.99

Vocabulary of Agriculture: Terminology - Dermine. (90-Can) 1213p H $98.80

Write in Style: A Guide to Good English - Palmer. (93-UK) 364p P $34.40

Writing and Presenting Reports - Eunson (94) 200p P $24.95

Writing in Plain English - Eagleson. (92) 122p P $16.95

Writing Skills - Eunson. (94) 194p P $20.95

Writing the Laboratory Notebook - Kanare. (85-USA) 135p P $27.00

You Name It: Helpful Hints for Editors and Publishers of Journals, Reports and Other Publications -Conochie. (79) 32p H $1.50

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