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Dairy & Dairying





ABC of Calf RearingMunnerley. (2002) 194p P $40.00

Artificial Breeding of Cattle - Boothby/ Fahey. (95) 127p P $29.95

Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer in Dairy and Beef Cattle: A Handbook and Laboratory Manual for Students -  Herman/ Mitchell/ Doak. 9th ed. (2003-USA) 387p P $120.95

Behaviour of Cattle - Albright/ Arave. (97-UK) 306p H $160.30

Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture - Rifkin. (92-USA) 353p H $38.50

Bloat and its Management - Dairy Branch. (89) 24p P $8.95

Bloat in Dairy Cows - Holmes/ Donohue. (92) 28p P $9.95

Bovine Surgery and Lameness - Weaver (86-UK) 200p P $74.95

Bovine Showbiz: The Preparation of Cattle for the Show and Sale Ring - Vaughan. (92) 88p P $31.85

Bull Evaluation Workshop - White, ed. (91) 119p P $33.00

Bull Selection: An Aid for Beef Producers on Buying Better Bulls - Bertram et al. Rev. ed. (95) 46p P $16.50

Bullock Drivers’ Handbook - Cannon. (85) 136p P $20.85

Calf Management: Development, Nutrition and Management of the Young Calf - Davis/ Drackley. (98-USA) 300p H $162.80

Calf to Cow: Care and Profit - Lean. (94) 18p P $15.10

Calf Rearing: A Practical Guide - Moran. 2nd ed. (2002) 211p P $39.95

Calving the Cow and Care of the Calf - Straiton. 5th  ed. (2002-UK) 132p H $75.00

Cattle: Australian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals - SCA. (92) 27p P $20.00

Cattle: Economics and Development - Crotty. (80-UK) 253p P $69.30

Cattle Ailments: Recognition and Treatment - Straiton. 7th ed. (2001-UK) 192p H $75.00

Cattle Behaviour and Welfare - Phillips. Rev. ed. (2002-UK) 256p H $104.50

Cattle Breeding Technologies - Lewis/ Owens/ McClintock/ Trevean. (96) 95p P $27.45

Cattle Feeding - Owen. 2nd ed. (91-UK) 182p H $60.80

Cattle Feeding: A Guide to Management - Albin/ Thompson. (90-USA) 228p P $60.45

Cattle Footcare and Claw Trimming - Raven. Rev ed. (89-UK) 126p H $63.25

Cattle Trapping and Self-Mustering - Cheffins. (88) 72p P $13.20

Cattle Yards: Design, Materials and Construction - Powell. 2nd ed. (98) 108p P $29.95

Clinical Examination of Cattle, Sheep and Pigs – Jackson/ Cockcroft. (2002-UK) 352p H $145.00

Colour Atlas of Diseases and Disorders of Cattle - Blowey/ Weaver. 2nd ed. (2003-UK) 223p H $249.15

Colour Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy: Vol. 1 - Ruminants - Ashdown. (96-USA) 200p H $164.95

Control and Therapy of Diseases of Cattle - Malmo. (93) 160p P $64.35

Control and Therapy of Diseases of Cattle - Alexander (95) 302p P $72.05

Controlled Reproduction in Cattle and Buffaloes -  Smith. (97-UK) 512p H $166.75

Cow/Calf Separator - DPI. (96) Folder/ Video/ Plans. Kit $49.50

Designing Better Feedlots - Watts/ Tucker (94) 300p P $82.50

Development, Nutrition and Management of the Young Calf - Davis/ Drackley. (98-UK) 354p H $159.50

DIY Artificial Insemination Manual - VAB. 2nd ed. (95) 50p H $66.00

Drought and Dry Season Feeding Strategies for Cattle, Sheep and GoatsLeng. (2003) 280p P $60.50

Embryo Transfer - Cattle - Bryden, ed. (90) 84p P $27.50

Epidemiology and Control of Gastrointestinal Parasites of Cattle in Australia -  Anderson/ Waller, eds. (83) 90p P $11.00

Farmed Buffalo: Australian Model Code of Practice - SCA. (95) 27p $20.00

Feedlot Manual - Feedlot Advisory Unit. (90) 250p H $99.00

Feedlotting: A Guide for Producers - Howard/ Plasto. (91) 80p P $22.50

Fertility and Obstetrics in Cattle - Noakes, ed. 2nd ed. (97-UK) 192p P $110.20

Footcare in Cattle: Hoof Structure and Trimming - Blowey. (92) 55mins VHS $54.45

Fresh Cow Problems and How to Control Them - Schultz. 2nd ed. (93-USA) 32p P $14.95

Genetic Improvements of Sheep and Cattle - Simm. (98-UK) 433p P $105.05

Getting Started with Beef and Dairy Cattle – Thomas. (2005-USA) 281p P $37.95

Getting the Best Out of Your Bulls - Blockey. (91) 38p P $11.00

Handling of Cattle - Urquhart. (98) 180min VHS $160.00

Handling the Herd: The Complete Guide to Cattle Yard Design and Construction - Evans, ed. (98) 300p P $65.00

Healthy Cattle Naturally - Coleby. 2nd ed. (2002) 218p P $39.95

History of Paratuberculosis (Johne's Disease): A Review of Literature 1895-1992 - Chiodini. (93-USA) 658p P $314.00

W. D. Hoard: A Man for his Time - Osman. (86-USA) 451p H $43.95

Indicators of Milk and Beef Quality Hocquette/ Gigli, eds. (2005-Neth) 464p H $143.00

Lameness in Cattle - Greenough/ MacCallum/ Weaver. 3rd ed. (97-UK) 471p H $194.15

Land Transport of Cattle - SCARM. (99) 23p P $20.00

Management and Handling of Breeding Cows Seears. (2002) 37p P $20.00

New Techniques in Cattle Production - Phillips, ed. (89-UK) 260p H $226.50

Outline of Clinical Diagnosis of Cattle - Andrews (90-UK) 200p P $76.95

Practical Guide to Artificial Breeding of Cattle - Boothey/ Fahey (95) 126p P $32.95

Principles of Cattle Production – Phillips. (2001-UK) 278p P $79.95

Reproduction in Cattle - Peters/ Ball. 3rd ed. (2005-UK) 242p P $107.00

The Rumen Protozoa - Williams/ Coleman. (92-USA) 442p H $230.10

Skin Diseases of Cattle - Bryden. (89) 155p P $49.00

Sperm Preservation and Encapsulation [of Cattle] - D'Occhio, ed. (94) 128p H $44.00

Treatment of Cattle by Homoeopathy - MacLeod. (81-UK) 148p P $32.95

Vade Mecum No. 4: Diseases of Cattle - Bryden. (84) 140p P $22.50

Viral Diseases of Cattle - Kahrs. 2nd ed. (2001-USA) 330p H $139.70

Welfare and Husbandry of Calves - Signoret, ed. (82-Neth.) 248p H $71.50

Why Buy Fertility Tested Bulls? - Blockey. 2nd ed. (92) 24p P $11.00

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Beef Breeds in Britain - Henson/ Porter. (96-UK) 60mins VHS $55.95

Cattle Breeds: An Encyclopedia - Felius. (95-Neth) 799P h $410.00

Cattle Breeds in Australia: A Complete Guide – Parsons, ed. (2003) 224p H $135.00

Cattle Breeds of New Zealand - Meadows. (96-NZ) 240p H $93.50

Tropical Cattle: Origins, Breeds and Breeding Policies - Payne/ Hodges. (97-UK) 336p H $237.00

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Australian Beef Industry 2001 - Riley/ Gleeson/ Martin/ Delforce. (2001) 97p P $50.00

Australian Feedlot Directory - Bundon/ Noble. (94) 100p H $32.95

Beef Business: Breeding and Management for Success - CB Alexander Ag College. (98) 102p P $26.40

Beef Business: Strategies for Greater Productivity - CB Alexander Ag College. (98) 106p P $26.40

Beef Business: Decision Making for Success - CB Alexander Ag College. (98) 80p P $22.00

Beef Carcass Composition and Meat Quality - Wythes/ Ramsay. Rev. ed. (81) 84p P $8.25

Beef Cattle - Neumann. 8th ed. (86-USA) 353p H $215.95

Beef Cattle: Breeding, Feeding and Showing - Newham. (94) 148p P $50.60

Beef Cattle Feeding and Nutrition - Perry. 2nd ed. (95-USA) 388p H $249.15

Beef Cattle Judging - Agricultural Societies' Council. (95) 39p P $16.45

Beef Cattle Production - Barrell, ed. (84-NZ) 116p P $19.75

Beef Cattle Production on the Darling Downs - Clarke. (97) 133p P $16.50

Beef Cattle Science - Ensminger/ Perry. 7th ed. (98-USA) 1098p H $229.80

Beef Housing and Equipment - Geiser, ed. 4th ed. (87-USA) 116p P $27.45

Beef Production - Diggins/ Bundy/ Christensen. 4th ed. (84-USA) 256p H $90.75

Beef Production from Different Dairy Breeds and Dairy Beef Crosses - O'Ferrall. (82-Neth) 395p H $56.45

Beef Production from Ponded Pastures - Pittaway/ Wildin/ McDonald. (96) 132p P $22.00

Beef Production from Silage and Other Conserved Forages - Wilkinson. (85-UK) 140p P $33.55

Beef Cattle Recording and Selection - Bertram et al. (2001) 51p P $16.50.

Behaviour of Beef Suckler Cattle - Kiley/ Worthington/ De La Plain. (83-Switz) 196p P $47.25

BGEN: A Beef Cattle Breeding Simulation Program - A Manual for Users - Tier. (84) 60p P $22.50

Butterfield Beefs - Butterfield. (82) 50p P $6.25

Commercial Beef Cattle Production - O'Mary/ Dyer, eds. 2nd ed. (78-USA) 414p H $46.15

Crops, Carcass, Cash - DPI. (97) 64p P $16.50

Female Selection in Beef Cattle - Fahey/ Boothby/ Fordyce/ Sullivan. (2000) 44p P $16.50

Hong Kong Beef Market Opportunities for Australia - Finch/ Longworth. (2001) 54p P $44.00

Intensive Beef Production - Preston/ Willis. 2nd ed. (90-UK) 575p P $61.55

Introduction of New Beef Cattle Genotypes - Standing Committee on Agriculture. (79) 55p P $11.00

Japan's Beef Industry: Economics and Technology for the Year 2000 - Simpson/ Kojima/ Kada/ Miyasaki/ Yoshida.  (96-UK) 207p H $174.85

Lotfeeding and Beef Production - Taylor, ed. (90) 416p P $64.35

National Guidelines for Beef Cattle Feedlots in Australia - SCA. (91) 44p P $30.00

Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle - NRC. 7th rev. ed. (2000-USA) 232p P $82.45

Opportunity Lot Feeding of Beef Cattle - McKiernan/ Johnston/ Smith. (92) 32p P $12.25

Phosphorus Nutrition of Beef Cattle in Northern Queensland - McCosker/ Winks. (94) 86p P $38.50

Planned Beef Production and Marketing - Allen. (90-UK) 232p P $57.20

Raising a Calf for Beef - Hobson. (76-USA) 128p P $25.25

Reference Manual for the Establishment and Operation of Beef Cattle Feedlots in Queensland - Skerman. (2000) 240p H $90.00

Running a Small Beef Herd – Wallis/ Williams. 2nd ed. (2002) 149p P $29.95

Salad Bar Beef - Salatin. (95-USA) 368p P $68.75

Selecting Beef Cattle for Maximum Productivity - Hammond/ Scarth, eds. (87) 183p P $38.50

Storey’s Guide to Raising Beef Cattle: Health, Handling, Breeding - Thomas. (98-USA) 343p P $35.95

Story of Beef (Workboot) - Field. (2002) 68p H $20.85

Stud Beef Cattle Breeding and Common Sense - Pisaturo. (78) 162p H $13.75

Supplementary Feeding for Sheep and Beef Cattle - Hinton. (94) 79p P $19.95

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Any Fool Can be a Dairy Farmer - Robertson. (80-UK) 120p P $21.95

Automatic Milking: A Better Understanding Meijering/ Hogeveen/ De Koning, eds. (2004-Neth) 525p H $150.00

Business of Dairying - Huber. (92-USA) 42p P $17.85

Calf Care and Raising Young Stock - Hoards. (82-USA) 50p P $11.25

Dairy: The Story of Dairy Farming in Australia - Workboot. (96) 68p H $20.85

Dairy Calf in Queensland - Wishart. (83) 58p P $4.20

Dairy Cattle: Principles, Practices, Problems and Profits - Bath et al. 3rd ed. (85-USA) 400p H $104.50

Dairy Cattle Reproduction - Barrell, ed. (84-NZ) 104p P $18.95

Dairy Cattle Science - Ensminger. 3rd ed. (93-USA) 550p H $148.70

Dairy Collectibles - Hoards. (80-USA) 48p P $9.95

Dairy Cow Fertility and Sterility - Hoards. (96-UK) 80p P $10.25

Dairy Cow Today: US Trends, Breeding and Progress Since 1980 - Spahr/ Opperman. (95-USA) 179p P $54.45

Dairy Forage Guide - Hoards. (88-USA) 48p P $14.95

Dairy Handbook - Teknisk Dokumentation. (88-Swed) 333p H $214.50

Dairy Housing and Equipment Handbook - Midwest Plan Service. 4th ed. (85-USA) 120p P $24.95

The Dairy Industry: An International Comparison - Grant. (93-UK) 196p H $102.50

Dairy Medicine - Dryden, ed. (97) 314p P $94.05

Dairy Modernization – Palmer. (2005-USA) 324p H $74.95

Dairy Shed Design - MacDonald. (93) 200p P $32.95

Dairy Vale: A History of Cooperation - Linn. (88) 190p H $35.75

Detergents and Cleaning - MacDonald. (93) 50p P $14.25

Directory of Feeds and Feed Ingredients - MacGregor. 3rd ed. (2000-USA) 90p P $30.00

Effluent Management for Dairy Sheds in Australia - Armcanz. (99) 48p P $19.95

Embryo Transfer in Dairy Cattle - Seidel/ Elsden. (89-USA) 103p P $27.45

The Expectant Dairy Cow - Hill/ Andrews. (2001-UK) 96p P $72.95

The Family Cow - van Loon. (76-USA) 272p P $27.45

Feedbase 2000: Workshop to Determine Priorities for Research into Soils, Pastures and Fodder Crops and Their Utilisation in Australian Dairy Production Systems - Bartsch/ Mason, eds. (91) 93p P $33.00

Feeding Concentrates: Supplements for Dairy Cows Kellaway/ Harrington. (2004) 170p P $49.95 

Feeding Dairy Cattle in Northern Australia - Chamberlain, ed. (93) 60p P $21.95

Feeding Dairy Cows: A Manual for Use in the Target 10 Nutrition Program - Jacobs/ Hargreaves. 2nd ed. (97) 210p H $71.40

Feeding Guide - Hutjens. (98-USA) 80p P $20.85

Feeding the Dairy Cow - Chamberlain/ Wilkinson. (96-UK) 241p P $82.50

Fertility in the High-Producing Dairy Cow - Diskin, ed. (2001-UK) 282p P $196.50

Fertility Management in Dairy Cattle - Esselmont/ Bailie/ Cooper. (85-UK) 143p P $43.95

Fresh Cow Problems: How to Control Them - Hoards. 2nd ed. (93-USA) 24p P $8.75

Grass for Dairy Cattle - Cherney/ Cherney, eds. (98-UK) 406p H $212.25

Health of Dairy Cattle - Andrews, ed. 2nd ed. (2000-UK) 368p H $210.10

The Healthy House Cow: An Organic Approach to Cow Care and Making Dairy Products - Fitzgerald. (89) 141p P $19.80

Heifer Rearing: A Guide to Rearing Dairy Replacement Heifers in Australia - Moran/ McLean. (2001) 152p P $38.50

Herd Health - Hoards. 2nd ed. (95-USA) 103p P $20.85

Herd Health - Radostits. 3rd ed. (2001-USA) 460p H $320.10

The Herdsman’s Book - Stansfield. 2nd ed. (91-UK) 212p H $54.95

Hoof Care for Dairy Cattle - Nocek. 2nd ed. (96-USA) 40p P $13.15

Impacts of Liberalising World Trade in Dairy Products - Shaw/ Love. (2001) 114p P $40.00

Judging Guide - Hoards Dairyman. (87-USA) 38p P $10.95

Keeping a Cow - Wilson. 5th ed. (2001) 106p P $28.00

Lactation and the Mammary Gland - Akers. (2002-UK) 288p H $210.00

Large Dairy Herd Management - Wilcox/ Horn. 2nd ed. (94-USA) 460p H $145.50

Large Herds Australia - Rawlings/ Phillips. (97) 140p P $66.00

Managing Hot Cows in Australia - Davidson et al. (96) 60p P $22.00

Mastitis - Miller/ Stanley. (96) 30p P $11.00

Mastitis Control in Dairy Herds: An Illustrated and Practical Guide - Blowey/ Edmondson. (95-UK) 196p H $82.50

Mastitis Handbook for the Dairy Farmer - Faull/ Hughes/ Ward. 6th rev. ed. (97-UK) 78p P $63.25  

Milk Production from Pasture - Holmes/ Brfookes/ Garrick/ MacKenzie/ Parkinson/ Wilson. 2nd rev. Expanded ed. (2002-NZ) 602p P $112.80

Milk Production in the Tropics - Chamberlain. (92-UK) 256p P $30.95

Modern Way to Efficient Milking - Milking Machine Manufacturer's Association. (87-USA) 38p P $4.50

National Share Dairy Farming Guidebook - ADFF. (97) 120p P $101.75

Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle - NRC. 7th ed. (2001-USA) 381p P $136.00

Nutrition and Lactation of the Dairy Cow - Garnsworthy. (88-UK) 429p H $335.00  

Preparing Dairy Cattle for Show - Hoards Dairyman. (95-USA) 48p P $11.85

Principles of Dairy Farming - Slater. 11th ed. (91-UK) 370p H $58.25

Principles of Dairy Science - Schmidt/ van Vleck/ Hutjens. 2nd ed. (88-USA) 466p H $123.20

Principles and Practice of Feeding Dairy Cows - Broster/ Phipps/ Johnson. (86-UK) 322p P $50.20

Producing Quality Milk - Ryan/ Kirk/ Jefford. (93) 74p P $18.65

Profitable Milking: Step by Step Milk Quality - Levesque. (2001-Can) 58p P $42.95

Progress in Dairy Science - Phillips, ed. (96-UK) 417p H $200.80

Queensland Dairy Farming: Environmental Code of Practice – Dairy Industry Task Force. (2001) 122p P $45.45

Rearing Dairy Replacements: A Manual for Dairy Farmers - Hannaford. (91) 26p P $10.45

Response in the Yield of Milk Constituents to the Intake of Nutrients by Dairy Cows - BBSCR. (98-UK) 96p P $62.95

Roughage for Dairy Cattle - McCulloch. (89-USA) 40p P $14.25

Sharemilking: How Sharemilking Agreements can Benefit Both Parties - DuFaur/ Webster.  (93-NZ) 176p P $43.95

Showing Dairy Cattle - Telfer. (94-UK) 72p H $54.45

Silage for Milk Production - Rook/ Thomas, eds. 2nd ed. (90-UK) 209p P $53.60

Survey of Effluent Management on Irrigated Dairy Farms in the Goulburn, Broken and Campaspe Catchments - Wheeler. (96) 71p P 16.50

Total Mixed Rations and Supercows - McCullough. (91-USA) 64p P $14.00

Understanding the Dairy Cow - Webster. 2nd ed. (93-UK) 374p P $70.40

Veterinary Book for Dairy Farmers - Blowey. 3rd ed. (99-UK) 468p H $138.15

Victoria: Cream of the Country - A History of Victorian Dairying - Godbold. (90) 231p H $49.50

Winning the Fight Against Mastitis - Philpot/ Nickerson. (2000-USA) 180p P $95.40

Working Smarter Not Harder: Benchmarking Your Labour Use in the Milk Harvesting Process - Johnston/ Klindworth. (2000) 164p H $49.50


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