Building & Machinery



Australian Owner Builder's Manual - Staines. (86) 111p P $29.95

Australian Roof Building Manual with Tables and Bevels - Hiddle/ Staines. (88) 80p P $19.95

Builder' s Handbook: Guidelines to Contracts and Contract Administration - Lovegrove. (90) 39p P $11.00

Buildings for Small Acreages: Farm, Ranch and RecBarns, Sheds and Outbuildings: Placement, Design and Construction - Halstead, ed.(1881-USA) 240p P $13.95

The Beginner Renovator: A Guide to the Repair and Alteration of Houses - Mundie. Rev. ed. (87) 234p P $26.95

Bricklaying: The Art - For The Beginner to The Tradesman - Cartwright. 2nd ed. (94) 224p P $69.95

Builder's Creation - Boyd. (78-USA) 290p P $18.75

Commercial Arbitration in the Australian Construction Industry - Fitch. (89) 219p P $49.95

Design for Glued Trusses - Friday/ Curtis/ Meador/ Huhnke. (89-USA) 82p P $18.00

Designing and Building a Solar House: Your Place in the Sun - Watson. Rev. ed. (85-USA) 237p P $30.50

Environment and Services - Burberry. 5th ed. (83-UK) 360p P $60.00

Farm and Home Concrete Book - Runestead, ed. (89-USA) 41p P $15.40

Farm Buildings: Planning and Construction - Southhorn. (96) 144p P $42.35

Farm Shop Plans Book - Geiser, ed. (85-USA) 31p P $19.40

Farmstead Planning Handbook - Pedersen, ed. (74-USA) 44p P $13.70

Field Engineering: An Introduction to Development Work and Conservation in Rural Areas - Longland. Rev. Stern. (83-UK) 251p P $20.00

Forgotten Art of Building a Good Fireplace - Vorton. (74-USA) 60p P $22.95

Greenhouse Engineering - Aldrich/ Bartok (89-USA) 195p P $43.25

Handbook of Building Plans - Geiser, ed. 3rd ed. (84-USA) 500p P $77.70

Hedging: A Practical Handbook - Brooks (75-UK) 120p P $21.95

Home Sub-Contracting: The Complete `Do-it-Yourself' Guide - Hoare. (92) 76p P $15.95

How to be a Successful Owner, Builder and Renovator - Staines. (86) 111p P $19.95

Keyguide to Sources in Agricultural Engineering - Morgan. (85-UK) 209p H $81.70

Knowledge Engineering in Agriculture - Barrett/Jones, ed. (89-USA) 214p H $84.50

On-Site Domestic Sewage Disposal Handbook - Geiser, ed. (82-USA) 40p P $19.25

Passive Solar House: Using Solar Design to Heat and Cool Your Home - Kachadorian.. (92-USA) 144p P $49.95

Practical Farm Buildings: A Text and Handbook - Bond. 2nd ed. (79-USA) 278p P $19.50

Practical Design in Buildings - Burberry. (83-UK) 190p H $121.20

Private Water Systems Handbook - Pedersen, ed. 4th ed. (79-USA) 72p P $15.95

The Slate Roof Bible - Jenkins. (94-USA) 144p P $65.00

Small Farms: Livestock Buildings and Equipment - Geiser, ed. (84-USA) 88p P $15.70

Structures and Enviroment Handbook - Geiser, ed. Rev. ed. (87-USA) 658p P $59.70

Subcontractor's Handbook: Guidelines to Contracts and Contract Administration - Lovegrove. (90) 40p P $10.00

Supervision and Inspection of Field and Building and Works on Farms - Watts. (84-UK) 219p H $104.40.00

Supervision of Installation: A Guide to the Installation of Mechanical and Electrical Plant and Services - Watts. (82-UK) 162p P $78.00

Thermal Design in Buildings - Szokaly. (87) 78p P $26.00

Water, Sanitary and Waste Services for Buildings - Wise. 2nd ed. (81-UK) 178p P $53.50

Your Brick Oven: Building It and Baking In It - Jeavons. (2004) 84p P $29.95.


Electric Fencing - Laffan. (96) 74p P $22.00

Fences for Pasture and Garden - Damerow. (92-USA) 154p H $43.60

Fences for Town and Country: with Dry Stone Walling and Vine Trellising - Stacpoole. 2nd rev. enlarged ed. (2005) 264p P $36.95

Fencing - Laffan. (97) 120p P $22.00

Fencing: A Practical Handbook - Agate. (86-UK) 144p P $34.95

High Tensile Wire Fencing - Selders/McAninch. (87-USA) 40p P $10.85


Earth and Mud

Buildings of Earth and Straw: Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-Bale Architecture - King. (92-USA) 160p P $44.95

Earth Roads: Their Construction and Maintenance - Hindson. Rev. Howe/Hathway. (83-UK) 123p P $32.95

Earth Sheltered Housing Design - Underground Space Centre, University of Minnesota. (77-USA) 310p P $59.95

Mud Brick and Earth Building the Chinese Way - Edwards/Lin. (84) 157p P $12.95

The Rammed Earth House -Easton. (93-USA) 160p P $59.95

Stone and Concrete

Building and Repairing Dry Stone Walls - Garner. (88-UK) 16p P $4.25

Building Special Features in Dry Stone Walls - Tufnell. (88-UK) 22p P $4.25

Building Stone Walls - Vivian. 2nd ed. (78-USA) 108p P $19.95

Building with Stone - McRaven. (89-USA) 192p P $34.95

Concrete Masonry Designer's Handbook - Roberts/Tovey/Cranston/Beeby. (83-UK) 272p H $87.50

Design Handbook for Reinforced Concrete Elements - Beletich/Hall. (92) 472p P $39.95

Dry Stone Walling: A Practical Handbook - Brooks. (77-UK) 120p P $33.10

Forgotten Art of Building a Stone Wall - Fields. (71-USA) 61p P $21.25

Stone: An Introduction - Shadmon. (89-UK) 140p P $30.00

Stone, Log and Earth Houses: Building with Elemental Materials - Berglund. (86-USA) 151p P $40.00

The Stonebuilder's Primer: A Step-by-Step Guide for Owner Builders - Long. Reprint. (88-USA) 126p P $34.95.

Stonework: Techniques and Projects - McRaven. (97-USA) 183p P $34.95.

Traditional and Modern Building with Stone - Kincaid. (91) 127p H $35.00

Use of the Australian Concrete Standard for Concrete Structures - Walsh. (88) 141p P $54.95


Building Your Straw Bale Home: From Foundations to the Roof - Hodge. (2006) 260p P $69.95

Practical Strawbale Building - Hollis. (2005) 98p P $29.95

The Straw Bale House - Steen/ Steen/ Bainbridge/ Eisenberg. (94-USA) 270p P $49.95


Build Your Own Low-Cost Log Homes - Hard. (77-USA) 20p P $25.50

Low Cost Pole Building Construction: The Complete "How To" Book - Wolfe. Rev. ed. (80-USA) 182p P $29.95

Monte Murch's Pole Building Projects: Over 25 Low-Cost Plans - Murch. (93-USA) 200p P $32.95

Practical Pole Homes: Featuring Over 70 Popular Plans - Crawley. (87) 144p P $19.95

Timber Frame Construction: All About Post and Beam Building - Soban/Schroeder. (84-USA) 208p P $34.95



Agricultural and Horticultural Engineering - Studman. (90-NZ) 500p P $75.00

Agricultural Feedstock and Waste Treatment and Engineering - Fletcher, ed. (85-Ger) 267p H $66.00

Agricultural Machines: Theory and Operation, Computation of Controlling Parameters of Conditions of Operation - Klenin/Popov/Sakun. (86-Neth.) 633p H $64.75

Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications - Cooper. 4th ed. (2004-USA) 758p H $114.95

Agricultural Pilots' Manual - Dept of Aviation. 6th ed. (85) 250p H $21.20

Agricultural Sensors - Vanden Berg. (88-USA) 128p P $71.50

The Agricultural Tractor 1855-1950 - Gray. (86-USA) 144p P $29.95

Appropriate Engineering Technology for Developing Countries - Francis/Mansell. (88) 256p P $30.00

Appropriate Technology Sourcebook: Vol. 1 - Darrow/Pam. (88-USA) 600p P $31.75

Basic Auto Mechanics - Lynch. (86) 181p P $15.95

The British Tractor Story: Marshall, Leyland, Nuffield - Condie/ Melloy. (87-UK) 128p P $26.95

Chainsaw Operator's Manual: The Safe Use of Chainsaws - State Forests of New South Wales. 6th ed. (2005) 101p P $29.95

Choosing and Using Farm Machines - Witney. (88-UK) 412p P $44.75

Circular Saw Manual - SIDA. (83-Ital) 72p P $7.95

Classic Tractors in Australia - Johnston. (93) 165p H $39.95

Combustion Science: Principles and Practice - Jones. (93) 306p P $39.95

Design in Agricultural Engineering - Christianson/Rohrbach. (86-USA) 306p H $72.75

Diesel Engines and Fuel Systems - Asmus/Wellington. 3rd ed. (91) 372p P $41.99

Economic Investigation of Farm Machinery - Blomfield. (82) 99p P $7.50

Electrical Systems: Fundamentals of Service - Hathaway, ed. (84-USA) 220p P $53.45

Elements of Agricultural Machinery - Wilkinson/Braunbeck. 2 vols. (77-Ital) 536p P $57.35

Engine and Tractor Power - Goering. (92-USA) 537p H $83.40

Engines Compact Equipment: Fundamentals of Service - Lindsley, ed. (82-USA) 200p $43.45

Engineering Principles of Agricultural Machines - Srwastava/Goering/Rohrbach. Rev. ed. (94-USA) H 601p $122.00

Farm Electronics - Cox. (88-UK) 310p P $49.95

Farm Machinery - Bell. 4th ed. (96-UK) 326p H $65.00

Farm Machinery: Maintenance - Whiley. (96) 143p P $42.35

Farm Power and Machinery Management - Hunt. 9th ed. (95-USA) 368p P $88.95

Farm Welding - Pearce. (92-UK) 84p H $57.50

Farm Workshop - Bell. 2nd ed. (92-UK) 161p H $57.50

Fifty Years of Farm Machinery: From Starting Handle to Microchip - Bell. (93-UK) 128p H $65.95

Fifty Years of Garden Machinery - Bell. (95-UK) 227p H $65.00

Ford Tractor Conversions: The Story of County, Doe, Chaseside, Northrop, Muir-Hill, Matro & Bray - Gibbard. (95-UK) 285p H $80.00

Four Wheel Drive Handbook - Gregory. (84) 154p P $9.95

Frame Saw Manual - SIDA. (82-Ital) 103p P $18.95

Fundamentals of Machine Operation:

Hay and Forage Harvesting - Rider/Barr. 4th ed. (93-USA) 266p P $82.40

Machinery Management - Bowers. (81-USA) 188p P $41.7

Motive Power: The Development of Australian Railway Locomotives - Oberg. (95) 139p H $39.95

Preventative Maintenance - Hathaway, ed. (84-USA) 245p P $39.60

Tillage - Buckingham. 2nd ed. (84-USA) 368p P $64.20

Future Agricultural Technology and Resource Development - English/ Maetzold/ Holding/ Heady. (84-USA) 604p H $69.10

Handbook of Livestock Equipment - Juergenson. 2nd ed. (79-USA) 374p H $42.60

Hydraulics: Fundamentals of Service - Hathaway, ed. (87-USA) 128p P 41.10

Introduction to Motor Mechanics - Stackpoole/Morrison/Gregory. (89) 416p P $34.99

Kondinin Group Toolkit: Practical Workshop Guide - Guimelli, ed. (2001) 144p P $44.00

Lanz Bulldog Tractors: 1928-42 - Hafner. (94) 200p H $60.00

Lanz Bulldog Tractors: 1942-55 - Hafner. (94) 196p H $60.00

Machine Design: Theory and Practice - Deutschman/Michels/Wilson. (75-USA) 932p P $61.95

Machinery for Horticulture - Bell/Cousins. (91-UK) 245p H $48.95

Massey Ferguson Tractor - Williams. (87-UK) 128p H $52.95

Mechanics in Agriculture - Phipps/Reynolds. 4th ed. (92-USA) 764p H $68.60

Mechanics of Cutting Plant Material - Persson. (87-USA) 288p H $91.30

Modern Agricultural Mechanics - Burke/Wakeman. 2nd ed. (92-USA) 690p H $68.60

Modern Hydraulics: The Basics at Work - Wolansky/Akers. (88-USA) 262p H $80.60

Mowing and Spraying Equipment: Fundamentals of Service - Hathaway, ed. 4th ed. (84-USA) 35p P $16.50

Panel Beating and Car Restoration in Australia and New Zealand - Wait. 7th ed. (85) 200p H $26.95

Power Spraying Guide - Broyhill. 3rd ed. (87-USA) 76p P $16.60

Power Trains: Fundamentals of Service - Hathaway, ed. 5th ed. (84-USA) 128p P $35.95

Principles of Refrigeration - Dossat. 2nd ed. (81-USA) 612p P $38.95

Progress in Agricultural Physics and Engineering - Matthews, ed. (91-UK) 337p H $122.60

Sawdoctoring Manual - FAO. (85-Ital) 227p P $17.40

Small Engines: Service Repair Manual - Greogory. (82) 232p H $28.95

Small Farm Equipment for Developing Countries - IRRI. (86-Phil) 629p P $65.75

Small Gasoline Engines Stephenson. 4th ed. (84-USA) 279p H $32.95

Small Petrol Engines: Operation and Maintenance - Holt. (95) 120p P $42.35

Talking Tractors II - Boyle, eds. (2001) 328p P $82.50

Tools for Agriculture: A Buyer's Guide to Appropriate Equipment - Mulvany. 3rd ed. (85-UK) 264p P $58.25

Tractor and Small Engine Maintenance - Brown/ Strickland. 5th ed. (83-USA) 383p H $31.30

Tractor Implement Systems - Alcock. (86-USA) 161p P $75.35

Tractors: Operation, Performance and Maintenance - Southorn. (98) 128p P $42.35

Used Farm Equipment: Assessing Quality, Safety, and Economics - Garthe/ Murphy/ Waters. (87-USA) 34p P $15.40

Welding: Techniques and Rural Practice - Cryer/ Heather. (96) 135p P $34.95

The Welding Book: A Practical Guide for the Farm and Workshop Giumelli. (2002) 112p P $44.00

World Harvesters - Huxley. (95-UK) 119p H $48.95