Avian Medicine and Surgery - Altman/ Clubb/ Dorrestein/ Quesenberry. (97-USA) 1070p H $199.00

Avian Medicine and Surgery - Altman/ Clubb/ Dorrestein/ Quesenbery. (97-USA) 170p H $199.00

Avian Medicine and Surgery - Coles. 2nd ed. (97) 420p P $105.00

Avian Viruses: Function and Control - Ritchie. (95-UK) 528p H $238.00

Bird Diseases - Arnall/ Keymer. (76-USA) 528p H $57.65

Birds of Prey: Medicine and Management - Heidenreich. (96_UK) 286p H $268.00

Building an Aviary - Naether/Vriends. Rev. ed. (81-USA) 160p H $19.95

Companion Bird Medicine - Burr. (87-USA) 247p H $72.30

Diseases of Birds - Stroud. (47-USA) 483p H $34.95

Laboratory Manual for the Isolation and Identification of Avian Pathogens - Purchase et al. 3rd ed. (89-USA) 227p P $53.10



The Budgerigar Book - Howson. (84-UK) 206p H $40.85

Handbook of the Budgerigar - Hart. (78-USA) 256p H $24.20



The Border Canary - Bracegirdle. (81-UK) 120p H $18.95

Encyclopedia of Canaries - Dodwell. (76-USA) 288p H $36.95

Handbook of Canaries - Vriends. (79-USA) 320p H 36.95





Birds of Prey: Management and Training - Paterson. Video. (97-UK) 57min. VHS $59.95

Falconry: Care, Captive Breeding and Conservation - Parry-Jones. (83-UK) 200p H $59.95

Falconry Reflections - Dalton. (97-UK) 144p H $59.95

Introducing Falconry - Michell/ Speedy. (88-UK) 76p P $23.90

Manual of Falconry - Woodford. 4th ed. (88-UK) 209p H $59.95





Parrots: Their Care and Feeding - Low. (80-UK) 670p H $125.00

Parrots: A Natural History - Sparks/Soper. (90-UK) 240p H $29.95

This is the Parrot - Plath/Davis. (71-USA) 192p H $17.95





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