The scope of The Biographical Reghister of Kilmore and District People is very
wide. In the case of district and in fact the whole region’s squatters it lists most in the
hope that any family connections may be found. It lists some of the known burials in
Kilmore, Pyalong, Wallan and Darraweit Guim cemeteries, as well as the subject’s
known burial place elsewhere, if known.

In addition to listing known births in Kilmore, it also lists policemen, teachers,
ministers of religion, bankers and postmasters or postmistresses. Other trades such as
cordial manufacturers, newspaper owners, builders, chemists, printers, brickmakers,
saddlers, blacksmiths, hotelkeepers, railwaymen are also listed. Known architects of
Kilmore and district buildings are also listed as are people who had an outside
influence on Kilmore, such as absentee landowners, politicians or authors.
An ongoing project is one to establish lists of Kilmore people who either lived in
Kilmore and enlisted in a war, or served in a war and later came to the Kilmore district.

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