The Biographical Register of Kilmore & District People was commenced in 1990 in response to a perceived need to record biographical information on past and present Kilmore and District people for posterity. Many people had memories or notes and there was a need for a repository.

The Biographical Register is computer based, but its massive size makes it impossible to list it on this site. Further whilst all the information contained is in the public domain, some of the information it contains may be sensitive.

The Register has been created as a community resource, and all the information it comprises has been compiled in good faith. In some cases estimates and hearsay may form part of an entry, the aim being to stimulate memories and input from everyone. If you can correct and/or update an entry I would be most appreciative of your input. This is very much an ongoing project, to be constantly updated.

A Register entry generally starts with a name only, from a petition, parish landholder plan, electoral roll or committee listing. An area and occupation is assigned if known, along with the approximate date of birth, and any other known information. This is later supplemented by material from the Victorian Pioneers’ Register of Births Deaths and Marriages 1839-88 and other registers. References will generally be given.

The Biographical Register of Kilmore & District People exists in computer format and in one stand alone hard copy set which is updated annually.

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