Finding your Forebears in Kilmore


'Just a Day's Horseride from Melbourne... '

Centred on Victoria's oldest inland settled town, the Kilmore district is steeped in the
history of farming, commerce, education, timbergetting, goldmining and horseracing.
Once a day's horseride from Melbourne on the busy Melbourne-Sydnet Road, Kilmore
is now just over an hour's relaxing drive into the country from central Melbourne.
The early settlers were English, Scottish and Irish and they set up a diverse community
which was pre-eminent in the 1840s and 1850s and was represented in Victoria's
Parliament by the Premier, Sir John O'Shanassy.

Regional Studies Collection

The establishment of the Mitchell Shire Council's Kilmore Library presents a
great opportunity for you to investigate your 'roots' in Kilmore, for it is here that The
Regional Studies Collection
has been established by the Kilmore Mechanics’ Institute
and Free Library. There's also CD-ROMs of Births, Deaths and Marriage Records here.

Kilmore's Regional Studies Collection represents the best collection of books,
pamphlets, newspapers, documents and maps on the Kilmore area outside Melbourne's
LaTrobe Library ... open 9am-5pm seven days a week, with no parking problems.

It's best to prepare for your visit by detailing your interest to: The Mitchell Shire -
Kilmore Library, 12 Sydney Street, Kilmore, V 3764 (Tel: [Kilmore's Area Code 03]
5782 1322) a few weeks prior to your visit.

(The Kilmore Mechanics’ Institute's website: lists the
contents of The Regional Studies Collection held at the Kilmore Library.)

Cemetery Records

The two Kilmore cemeteries, a General (with interments from 1849) and a Catholic
(established in 1872), represent major resources and there's a gravestone index
presently available for the Catholic Cemetery located in the Regional Studies

Church Records

Two of the churches, St Patrick's Catholic Church, established in 1849 (Contact: The
Secretary, St Patrick's Parish, Sutherland Street. Tel: 5782 1084) and Christ Church
Anglican Church, established in 1850 (Contact: The Rector, Christ Church, Union
Street. Tel: 5782 1155), have good records. Both Churches charge a fee for searching
and extracts.

Hospital Records

The Kilmore and Distrist Hospital also has comprehensive records dating back to 1860
and a charge is made for the supply of information. Their contact is: The Chief
Executive Officer, Kilmore and District Hospital, Rutledge Street. Tel: 5782 1311.

Shire or Local Government Records

Mitchell Shire Council holds the records and memorabilia from the former Shires of
Kilmore, Broadford, Pyalong and Seymour. Kilmore was Victoria's oldest country seat of local
government, and you can either visit or write to: MitchelI Shire Council, 113 High Street, Broadford, V 3658. Tel: 5734 6200.


It's up to you to book your accommodation in Kilmore and there's a fair range.
HOTELS: Mac's Hotel (5782 1317); Red Lion Hotel (5782 l411); Royal Oak Hotel
(5782 1291); MOTELS: Kestrel Motor Inn (5782 1457); Kilmore Country Motel
(5782 1346); BED & BREAKFAST: BelleVue (5782 2425); Bindley House
(5781 1142); Laurel Hill Cottage (5782 1630); Tea Rose Cottage (5782 1745);
CARAVAN PARK: Kilmore Caravan Park (5782 1508)


There's also a good bus/train service to Kilmore, phone V-Line (13 2232). If you
arrive at Kilmore East Railway Station, you can arrange a taxi by phoning Kilmore
District Taxis (1300 12 13 14 or (03) 9310 5422). Ask for a local driver to show you the sights of Kilmore.

Finding Food

There's good meals to be had at all the hotels, and then there's the Kilmore Palace
Chinese Restaurant and Big Shell, The Lockup Restaurant, Shell Kilmore Roadhouses, and for takeaways you've got Harri's Pizza and Fish and Chips, Kilmore I'Screamery, Kilmore Pizza and Pasta, Kilmore Roast-Time Chicken and, Pinky's Pizza and Ribs on the Run. Light meals can also be had at Bon-A-Petite Cafe, Kemp's Hot Bread, Kilmore Bakery and Rose Cafe.

Other Entertainment

If you're looking for something to entertain your family while you're chasing 'trees,
there's Whitburgh Cottage, the former Smeaton family home, the old Kilmore Gaol,
the Kilmore Court House, the Bylands Tramways' Museum, antique shops, horse racing,
horseriding, golfing, weight pumping, a year-round heated swimming pool, wineries
and plenty of open air to take a walk or drive in Historic Kilmore Country.

Kilmore Tourism Information

For information on all these and more write, fax or phone the Kilmore Tourism
Information Centre in the Kilmore Civic Centre, 12 Sydney Street, Kilmore, V 3764.
Tel/Fax: 5782 1319. It's certainly worth stopping off at the Kilmore Tourism office to
find out what's available around the Kilmore district.

Going to Church

Three of Kilmore's original six churches are still in use and you may wish to worship
where your forebears have prayed down through the years. Church Service Times can
be had by phoning: Christ Church Anglican Church (5782 1155); Kilmore Uniting
Church (5783 1210); St Patrick's Catholic Church (5782 1084). The Salvation Army has a Citadel at Broadford (5784 2061).

This Information

The Kilmore Historical Society, was established in 1965, and this information was
published in a leaflet sponsored by them. You can write to: The Kilmore Historical
Society, Box 206, Kilmore, V 3764. The Society meets on the first Tuesday of each
month, except January, in the Old Court House, 2 Powlett Street, at 8pm and
membership is $5.00 single, $10 family.

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