Regional Studies Collection


The Kilmore Mechanics' Institute's major 1996 project, the John Taylor Memorial Lecture Process, settled on strategic planning as its principal focus. Mr Graham Holdaway and a team, through public consultation and input, prepared A Vision for Kilmore with its results becoming available in July 1996. One of the major opportunities identified in the Vision was cultural tourism, based on Kilmore's rich heritage. However there was no locally-based reference collection for people to use to research information either for district residents or visitors.

The Regional Studies Collection concept was launched by the Institute and it appealed to groups and people for material, either by donation or purchase and to make rare material available to copy. The response so far has been excellent and it is an ongoing project. Recently two typescripts and one manuscript of district histories, by now deceased residents, and not previously known to exist have been added to the collection. In the case of the Mt William manuscript, it has been typed, and an index has also been added.

The Collection is based in the Mitchell Regional Library Headquarters in Kilmore, Victoria, Australia. The Library is open daily, including weekends. The Collection comprises books, booklets, photocopies of rare pamphlets, composite files on buildings, churches and places, maps and plans, CD-ROM material and microfilm. The aim is to provide a comprehensive central collection which is accessible to all and a repository where additional material can be added.

In October 1996, noted genealogist Mr Nick Vine-Hall launched a leaflet Finding Your Forebears in Kilmore for the Kilmore Historical Society and the response to this leaflet has been outstanding. The text of this leaflet can be found elsewhere by clicking on the The Rural Store site's main menu under The People of Kilmore. The Kilmore Historical Society have also loaned their microfiche and microfilm readers to the Kilmore Library, along with their microfilm copy of the Kilmore Free Press 1865-1905. At the Library's opening on 6 September 1996 the Society presented an indexed three volume set of the gravestone inscriptions of the Kilmore Catholic Cemetery.

People consequently started to come to Kilmore to research their ancestors, and those who accompanied them needed something to do so the Kilmore Mechanics' prepared a leaflet Ferretting, Feasting and Finding Your Way Around Historic Kilmore Country and this was launched by Australiana collectable specialists,William and Dorothy Hall, in November 1996. The contents of this leaflet can be found elsewhere on the Institute site.

The Institute's next step was to promote The Regional Studies Collection as widely as possible so its contents listing has been added to this website. We hope you find it useful and we would welcome comments. Please write, fax, or email the Institute if you have suggestions or can add further items to The Collection.


General Material


Victorian Government Gazette 1857



Australia Through Time - Gordon Cheers et al. Random House, Melbourne. 1995.

Victorian Pioneers' Index of Births, Deaths and Marriages 1837-1888. Informit. 1993.



Need, Greed and Indifference: The Failure of the Built Environment in the C20th - Professor Dimity Reed. 20p. Kilmore Mechanics' Institute. 1996. This was the text of the Institute's 1996 John Taylor Memorial Lecture.





The History of Beveridge - J W Payne. 40p. Illustrated. Map. Index. Bibliography. Lowden Publishing Co. Kilmore. 1974. 0909706395.

The Plenty: A Centenary History of the Whittlesea Shire - J W Payne. 234p Illustrated. Maps. Bibliography. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. Kilmore. 1975. 0909706433.




Back to Sugarloaf: My Story - Merv Lee. 68p. Illustrated. Candylee Pty Ltd. Broadford. 1997. 0646347594. The Lee family operated a general store in Broadford and still operate a furnishing and floorcovering business in Kilmore. The author was a district federal MP for a term. Includes some family histories and an interesting staff list.

Broadford: A Regional History - Edited by June Fletcher. 213p. Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1975. 0909706417. Includes substantial section on family histories.

Country Life: A History of Broadford and District 1881-1981 - E H McDonald. 79p. Illustrations. Index. Author. Broadford. 1981. The MacDonald family ran the Broadford Courier for many years.

Cullin Hills Calling: McPherson Family History - Margaret Stickland. 184p. Illustrated. Bibliography. Author, Belmont.1997. 0731601408.

History of the Broadford-Kilmore Division (St John's Ambulance) 1962-1990 - Beverley Bullen. 85p. Illustrated. Broadford-Kilmore St John's Ambulance Division. Broadford. 1990. This history also documents the annual Hell's Angels' Concert at Broadford.

Through the Mill: The Australian Paper Manufacturers', Broadford Mill Centenary 1890-1990 - Andrew Rule. 144p. Illustrated. Floradale Productions Pty Ltd for Australian Paper Manufacturers. Willowmavin. 1990. 0950099872. A commissioned centennial history.


Broadford Cemetery: Gravestone Inscriptions and Known Interments 1863-1996 - James and Valerie Charnock, compilers. 1997. This large project is indexed and cross referenced. The authors advertised for known interments which did not have gravestones with some success and these have been included in the index.



Pretty Sally's Hill: A History of Wallan, Wandong and Bylands - J W Payne. 160p Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1981. 0909706700.


Centenary of the Bylands Primary School No. 1105, 1872-1972 - John and Margaret Butler. 12p. Illustration of school. This history of the school also includes some notes on the district.


Darraweit Guim


When Memory Turns the Key: The History of the Shire of Romsey - Edited by John Reid. 242p Illustrated. Bibliography. Index. Shire of Romsey History Book Committee. Romsey. 1992. 0958811253


Darraweit Guim Presbyterian Church Centenary 1871-1971 - J T McDonell. 32p. Illustrated. Darraweit Guim Presbyterian Church. 1971.

History of Darraweit Guim 1868-1968 - J T McDonell. 48p Illustrated. Back to Darraweit Guim Committee. 1968. Devotes substantial section to family histories.

Gravestone Inscriptions of the Darraweit Guim Cemetery - Compiled by Ann Holloway. 1990? Gives alphabetical listing of inscriptions.


Darraweit Primary School 1867-1992: 125th Anniversary - A Brief History of the School and District - Edited by G Taylor. 34p Illustrated. Darraweit Guim State School 125th Anniversary Committee.1992.




McIvor: A History of the Shire and the Township of Heathcote - John O Randell.347p. Illustrated. Bibliography. Indices. McIvor Shire Council, Heathcote. 1985. This comprehensive history starts with regional pastoral settlement, follows through the goldrush and up to the present day.

Memoirs of Mrs Poole and Mrs Chauncy - Philip Lamothe Snell Chauncy. 73p Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1976. 0909706492. A reprint of a very rare 1873 pamphlet. Chauncy surveyed the township of Heathcote.



See also Bylands, Willowmavin



A District Remembers: A Collection of World War II Memories ... 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition - Compiled by Bronwyn Wheatley. 52p. Illustrated Central . Highlands Newspapers Pty Ltd, Kilmore. 1997. 06463370784. The sub-title states A Free Press tribute to the men and women of the the Kilmore, Wallan, Broadford, Pyalong and Wandong-Heathcote Junction Districts who played a role in World War II.

The Fields Are Green: Assumption College, Kilmore - Chronicles of a Country Boarding School - Ray Carroll. 192p. Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1976. 0909706549. This was the first of a number of books by longtime sportsmaster and Free Press correspondent known as 'Rover'.

Georgiana: A Biography of Georgiana McCrae, painter, diarist, pioneer - Brenda Niall. 344p. Illustrations. Melbourne University Press, Carlton. 1994. 0522847439. Georgiana's husband, Andrew, was the Police Magistrate in Kilmore from 1857-67.

Historic Kilmore Country: Tourist and Business Guide - Compiled by Jim Lowden and Arthur Lowery. 80p. Illustrated. Map. Advertisements. Historic Kilmore Country Promotions Committee. 1983. This booklet covers the former Shire of Kilmore and contains a lot of general history and contemporary material.

Kilmore and District Biographical Register 1750-1900 - Compiled by Jim Lowden. 120p. Author. 1996- . An ongoing project collating information on the Kilmore area's pioneers. .

Kilmore: The Cup That Grew - Bob Cain. 200p. Illustrated. Bob Cain. 1988. 0731641477. This book was published for the 25th anniversary of the Kilmore Pacing Cup and contains a year by year account of that race, including the horses owners and drivers, along with a history of trotting in Kilmore.

Kilmore 1837-1937: The Tale of a Century - A History of Victoria's Oldest Inland Town - J A Maher. 153p. Note on author. Index. Lowden Publishing Co.1972. 0909706182. This is a reprint of James Maher's rare history with a valuable index.

Kilmore Heritage Study - Prepared for the Shire of Kilmore by Planning Collaborative (Jim Holdsworth, Dianne Morrison, Graeme Butler, Jan Schapper). 120p. Illustrated. Shire of Kilmore. 1982. Lists 123 Kilmore buildings, precincts and notable features.

Kilmore: Geological Report - A H M VandenBerg. 100p. Illustrations. Maps. Geological Survey of Victoria. Department of Manufacturing and Industry Development.1991. 0724199673. Details the geology of the Kilmore area based on latest field work.

Kilmore on the Sydney Road - Maya Tucker. 290p. Illustrated. Bibliography. Indices. Shire of Kilmore Book Committee. 1988. 0731645103. Written for the 150th celebrations of Kilmore by a professional historian. Contains much new material and valuable illustraions.

Maygar's Boys: A Biographical History of the 8th Light Horse Regiment AIF 1914-19 - Cameron Simpson. 308p Illustrations. Maps. Author. 1998. 0646325248. Maygar was born at Bylands and was decorated Vc at the Boer War and DCM in World War I. This book contains biographies of a number of Kilmore soldiers.

Memorabilia Listing for Former Shires of Broadford, Kilmore, Pyalong and Rural City of Seymour - 128p. Illustrated. Mitchell Shire Council, 1996.

Mitchell Shire's Historic Sites - John Reed. 128p. Illustrated. HIRD Project, Mitchell Shire Council. 1996.

Printer and Newspaper Registration in Victoria 1838-1924 - Thomas A Darragh. 448p. Illustrations. Indices. Elibank Press. 1998. 0958349622. This book gives the names of papers and their proprietors along with dates of acquisition or establishment.

The Quest for Higher Things: A History of the Marist Brothers' Hundred Years in Kilmore, with Special Attention to the Foundation and Development of Assumption College - Br Valerian Branniff. 312p. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index. Assumption College, Kilmore. 1992. 0646119168. A well-researched education history set in the context of wider historic events.

Reflections of a Good Life - C De C Berry. 72p. Illustrations. Author. Kilmore. 1995. The reminiscences of a leading citizen and businessman of Kilmore in the late 1940s-60s, with many contemporary photographs.

Restoring a Rural Town: Proceedings of a Seminar held at Kilmore - Victoria's Oldest Inland Town - Papers from Ministry for Planning and Environment, Andrew Latimer, Ivan Olerenshaw, Graham Sargeant, James Holdsworth, Graeme Butler, Jan Schapper. 64p. Illustrated. Historic Kilmore Promotions Committee. 1983.

Riddell District: 100 Years of Football in the Riddell District 1872-1972 - Compiled by John Stoward. 144p. Riddell Distrcit Football League, Sunbury, 1972. The Kilmore Football, Club was formed in 1887 and for a considerable time they were a Riddell League team. .

Romsey and Districts: Genealogical References from Newspapers - Compiled by Maureen Meyer. 141p. Index. Author 1994. 0949672386. Contains many Kilmore names.

The Tale of A Century: Kilmore 1837-1937 - J A Maher. 163p. Illustrated. 1938. Spectator Publishing Co. 1938. A valuable work based on reminiscences and original research by an old Pyalong identity.

The Tale of Century: Kilmore 1837-1937 - J A Maher. 2nd ed. 153p. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1972. 0909706182. Contains valuable index and note on the author.

A Taste of Old Kilmore - Collected by members of the Kilmore Historical Society. 62p Kilmore Historical Society. 1967. Collection of poems, newspaper extracts and stories. The wrap around cover features the 1856 litho of Kilmore.

When Winter Comes: Football at Assumption - Ray Carroll. Forewords by Allan Jeans and David Parkin. 175p. Illustrated. Central Highlands Newspapers. 1990. 0646002155. Contains notes on Assumption College and its footballers.



A Drive Around the Rutledge Survey - Ann Holloway. 24p. Illustrated by Rob Plieger. Map. Kilmore Historical Society. 1991. 0959330216. Lists Willowmavin settlers on 1856 Electoral Roll and covers the Survey selected by William Rutledge in 1841.

Official Opening of Kilmore Civic Centre - Shire of Kilmore. 16p. Illustrated. Shire of Kilmore. 1978.

Rutledge's Special Survey - A paper by Jim Lowden. 20p. Kilmore, 1985. Given at Local History Workshop, Kilmore Sunday, 31 March 1985.

A Second Walk in Kilmore - Ann Holloway. 10p. Illustrated by Veronica Bird. Map. Kilmore Historical Society. 1992. 0959330224. Covers a number of buildings in the New Township of Kilmore surveyed in 1855, as well as some located off the main street.

A Walk in Kilmore: Victoria's Oldest Inland Town - Ann Holloway. 32p. Illustrated by Joy Gleeson. Map. Kilmore Historical Society. 1991.




Hume and Hovell Monument

Auction Sale of Antiques and Curios at the Old Kilmore Gaol - Museum Services. Cover. 1976.

Bats in Rural Victoria - L Lumsden. 2p. Illustrations. Land for Wildlife Note 13. Department of Conservation and Environment. 1991.

Biographical Notes: Various - William Hilton Hovell, explorer; Hamilton Hume, explorer; Captain Charles Pasley, architect of Kilmore Gaol; Earl of Strabroke, Governor of Victoria who unveiled Hume and Hovell Monument plaque in 1924.

Heritage Branch Report: Former Gaol - Historic Buildings Council. 2p. 1989.

History of Public Works Department in Victoria - B Trethowan. 4p. Plans. B. Architecture thesis, University of Melbourne, 1975.

Kilmore Free Press. 2p. Kilmore. 1924. Typescript of various meeting accounts planning the erection of and leading up to the unveiling of the Hume and Hovell Monument.

Kilmore: Geological Report - A H M VandenBerg. 3p. Maps. Geological Survey Report No. 91. Department of Manufacturing and Industry Development. 1992.

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 2p. Covers building, Kilmore Gaol and notable area and feature Hume and Hovell Monument.

Kilmore on the Sydney Road - May Tucker. p. 194, 203-205. Shire of Kilmore. 1988.

Landcare and Environmental Action Program: Monument Hill, Kilmore - Maurie Mifsud/Chris Tanti/Roger Flannery/Paul Lincel. 3p. Progress Report No. 1. 1993.

Lord Stradbroke Unveiling Hume and Hovell Centenary Monument, 13.12.24. A page of four photographs.

Map Showing Overland Route of Hume and Hovell in 1824. 1p.

Monument Bush Plant List - Philip Clancy. 3p. 1997.

Mt Piper Education Reserve - Ann Jelinek/ Barbara Cameron-Smith. 6p. Illustrations. Maps. Department of Conservation and Environment. Alexandra. 1991. Gives features and walking track details.

Notes for the Hume and Hovell Monument Reserve - Compiled by Jim Lowden. 4p. Kilmore. 1997. Gives a history and sources of other likely information of this former Kilmore water catchment area.

Plan of Kilmore Gaol. 1p. Shows ground plan of gaol.

The Tale of A Century: Kilmore 1837-1937 - J A Maher. 83-84. Lowden Publishing Co. Kilmore. 1972.

Vascular Plant Species List for Area within (approximately) 60km Radius of Kilmore - Philip Clancy. 6p. Computer listing. Kilmore. 1995.


Whitburgh Cottage

Whitburgh Cottage: Everybody Needs A Friend - Jenny Clee. 60p. Illustrated. LaTrobe University BA Thesis. 1990. Traces history of Cottage particularly since the establishment of the Friends of Whitburgh Cottage in 1982.

Whitburgh Cottage: A Plan for its Conservation - Beverley Walker. 16p. Ullustrated. Bibliography. Charles Sturt University Arts Thesis. 1996. Looks at conservation works and suggests way forward.




Flour Mills

The Flourmills of Victoria 1840-1990: An Historical Record - W Lewis and Peggy Jones. xxvi, 420p. Illustrations. Maps. Ports Bibliography. Index. Flour Millers' Council of Victoria. Melbourne. 1994. Contains details on all of Kilmore's four known flourmills and illustrations.

Albion Flourmill

Allan's Steam Flourmill

Union Steam Flourmill



The Lancefield and Kilmore Railway - Michael D G Howes. 60p. Maps. Bibliography. University of Melbourne, School of History. 1968.




Notes on Kilmore District Agriculture, with a time line of important dates - Jim Lowden. 6p. Typescript. 1996.

Diary of James McManus 1867-1880 - Pat Clarke/ Brian Clancy, editors. 16p. Typescript. 1997. Irish-born James McManus was a school teacher and a very innovative farmer and his diary concentrates on his farming life and farming practices and makes interesting comments on district happenings.

Christ Church Anglican Church

Christ Church, Kilmore: Centenary of Consecration - 1867-1967 - [Jim Lowden]. 16p. Illustrated. Christ Church, Kilmore. 1967. Contains a number of photos of the stained glass, Kilmore's first rector, Rev. William Singleton, and a list of rectors.

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 2p. with illustrations. This also lists the former rectory.

Kilmore Historical Society Newsletter. Article 'Christ Church, Kilmore' by Vincent O'Donoghue. 3p. Vol. 1, No. 3, July 1996. Contains information on the building of Christ Church and dates the commemorative windows.

The Rectors of Kilmore: A Paper Given to the Anglican Church Historical Society, St Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, 18 October 1996 - Jim Lowden. 40p. Contains history and biographical details of rectors and a cronological list of rectors.

Victorian Churches - Miles Lewis, ed. 1p. Illustration. National Trust of Australia (Victoria). 1991?



Kilmore and District Hospital Heritage Study - Robert Sands/Carlotta Kellaway. 64p. Illustrated. Plans. Kilmore & District Hospital. 1996.

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 2p. Illustrations.


Masonic Lodge

Kilmore Masonic Lodge 1858-1958 - [Andrew Taylor]. 32p. Kilmore Masonic Lodge, Kilmore. 1958. Lists Lodge office-bearers down through the years.

The L59 Buildings of Kilmore - Notes from an exhibition of the Kilmore Historical Society. 2p. Illustration. 1994


Primitive Methodist Church

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 2p. Illustrations.

The L59 Buildings of Kilmore - Notes from an exhibition of the Kilmore Historical Society. 2p. Illustration. 1994.



Farewell to the 'Timber Line': The history of the Heathcote Junction to Bendigo and Associated Railways - Keith W Turton. 36p. Illustrated. Australian Railway Historical Society. 1968. This booklet was issued in conjunction with the running of the last train to Heathcote on 9 November 1968.

Historical Notes on the Clarkefield - Lancefield - Kilmore Railway - Compiled by Des Jowett and others. 80p. Illustrated. Association of Railway Enthusiasts. 1992. This comprehensive set of notes was issued in conjunction with a field trip on 9 May 1992. It contains many plans and primary sources.

Victorian Railways Newsletter. 'Short-Lived Cross Country Lines'. 2p. Illustrations. Plan. July 1956. This interesting item covers the Lancefield-Kilmore line with 1956 photos of the station sites.


St Andrew's Presbyterian Church

The L59 Buildings of Kilmore - Notes from an Exhibition prepared by the Kilmore Historical Society. 2p. Kilmore Historical Society. 1994.

Historical Sketch of the Presbyterian Church of Kilmore 1851-1926 - [William Peter Manson 'Willy' Taylor] 36p. Illustrated. St Andrew's Presbyterian Church. 1926. This important booklet details the 'split' between the highland and lowland congregations and the eventual merging with the congregation of the original Church of St George.

Kilmore Historical Society Newsletter - Vol. 1, No. 4. October 1996. 'St Andrew's Presbyterian Church' - Vincent O'Donoghue. 3p.

Kilmore Heritage Study 1982. 'St Andrew's Presbyterian Church'. 1p. with illustration.

Victorian Churches - Miles Lewis, ed. 1p. Illustration. National Trust of Australia (Victoria). 1991?


St Joseph's Convent of Mercy

Convent of Mercy Centenary 1875-1975, Kilmore, Souvenir - [Sheila Clancy and others]. 32p. Illustrated. St Joseph's Convent. 1976. Contains foreword by Monsignor K R Morrison and notes on St Patrick's Primary School.

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 'St Joseph's Convent'. 1p. with illustration.

The Labourers' Friends: Sisters of Mercy in Victoria and Tasmania - Maree G Allen. p.54-60. Illustrations. Hargreen Publiching Co. 1993. Details history of St Joseph's, with some early photographs.

The Wheel of Time: A Brief Survey of the Ninety-Six Years' Work of the Sisters of Mercy in Victoria 1857-1953 - Sister M. Ignatius. Sister of Mercy. Abbotsford. 1954. p.59-56. Illustration.


St Patrick's Catholic Church

The L59 Buildings of Kilmore - Notes from an exhibition prepared by the Kilmore Historical Society. 2p. Kilmore Historical Society. 1984.

From Clarke to Farrelly: A Brochure to Commemorate the 130th Anniversary of St Patrick's Parish, Kilmore - [Ann Holloway]. 4p. St Patrick's Parish Council, Kilmore. 1979. Gives a chronological table of important dates up to 1906 and also has a list of Parish Priests up to 1979.

St Patrick's Church, Kilmore. 1p. 1970s? A typed sheet listing architectural information on the altars, pulpit, reredo and stained glass and names some of the clergy.

The Footprints of Our Catholic Pioneers: The Beginnings of the Church in Victoria 1839-1859 - Francis Mackle. Advocate Press, Melbourne. Contains only known portratit of Fr Michael Brannigan. This is the same portrait in the Annals books at Assumption College, Kilmore.

Glimpses of North-Eastern Victoria, and Albury, New South Wales - Rev. W M Finn. p. 5-9. Catholic Bookselling and Printing Depot. 1870. Reprinted by Lowden Publishing Co. 1971. 0909706093. This very rare pamphlet by the Parish Priest of Heidelberg was reprinted with an index. It contains details of the interments of the two priests in St Patrick's Church.

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 1p. Illustration.

Some of the Fruits of Fifty Years: Ecclesiastical Annals of the Archdiocese of Melbourne, The Diocese of Sandhurst, the Diocese of Ballarat, the Diocese of Sale ... Since the Erection of Each - Various. 58-59p. Illustrations. A H Massina & Co. 1897. Contains a brief history with photographs of St Patrick's, the Presbytery, Marist Brothers' Monastery and Convent of Mercy.

Quare: The Magazine of Assumption College, Kilmore. Article 'The Beauties of St Patrick's Church' - B Wd. 65-68. Illustrations. 1925? This article from the 1920s, during the curacy of Fr Gleeson (1921-26), contains architectural details and a good physical description of St Patrick's Church.

Kilmore Historical Society Newsletter. Article 'Early years of St Patrick's Church' - [Ann Holloway]. 4p typescript. 1990? This article focuses on the pastorate of Rev. Michael Brannigan with biographical details.

Tale of a Century: Kilmore 1837-1937 - J A Maher. 70-73p. Lowden Publishing Co. 1972.

Victorian Churches - Miles Lews, ed. 1p. Illustration. National Trust of Australia (Victoria). 1991?


Uniting Church

Kilmore Heritage Study: 1982. 1p. Illustration.

Victorian Churches - Miles Lewis, ed. 1p. Illustration. National Trust of Australia (Victoria).



Wesleyan Methodist Church

Kilmore Hertiage Study: 1982. 2p. Illustration.

Victorian Churches - Miles Lewis, ed. 1p. Illustration. National Trust of Australia (Victoria). 1991?




Kilmore Catholic Cemetery

Gravestone Inscriptions 1872-1985.


Kilmore General Cemetery

Plan Showing Burial Places Marked with Gravestones. 1985. This valuable plan shows the known burial places and identifies them with names.


Hume and Hovell Monument Reserve

See Hume and Hovell Monument above


Mt William Aboriginal Quarry

Aboriginal History, Vol. 8, Nos. 1-2, 1984. 'Exchange in South-Eastern Australia: An Ethnographic Perspective' - Isabel McBryde. 142-53p Illustrations. Maps. Bibliography. .

The First Residents of the Shires of Goulburn and Waranga - H S Parris. Introduction by Aldo Massola. 12p. Author. 1965. A rare pamphlet which mentions Mt William.

Heritage News, Vol. 15, No.4 - Oct/Nov 1993 - 'Australia's Aboriginal Mining Heritage' - Isabel McBryde. p.6-7, 12. Illustrated.

An Introduction to the Aboriginal Stone Quarry of Mt William, Lancefield - Carol Moore/ Robyn Poletti. 28p. Illustrated. Bibliography. West Bourke Books. 1995.

The Mt William Archaeological Area - P J F Coutts/ R Miller. 12p. Illustrations. Maps. Bibliography. Victoria Arcaheological Survey, Melbourne,1977.

Mount William Axe-Stone Quarry: Management Resource Document - Paul Goodison. 96p. Illustrated. Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. 1996. A comprehensive survey of all the issues, including: Legislation; Archaelogical Research; Physical Features; Site Access; Statements of Significance; Management Directions; Reeferences, Appendices covering flora and partial list of artefacts in Museum of Victoria collection.

Mount William Stoe Axe Quarry: Annotated Bibliography - Compiled by Paul Goodison. 41p. Illustrated. Aboriginal Affairs. 1993. A valuable resource.

The Stone Age ...and... The Aborigines of The Lancefield District - J T Guthridge. 9p. Illustration. Mercury Office, Lancefield. 1911. This very rare pamphlet draws on memories from contemporary people from around the district.

Studies from Terra Australis to Australia - Edited by John Hardy and Alan Frost. '...To Establish a Commerce of this Sort - Cultural Exchange at the Port Jackson Settlement' - Isabel McBryde. 169-182p. Illustrations. Bibliography. Australian Academy of Humanities, Canberra. 1989. 0909897166.

A Tribute to Winnie Narrandjeri Quagliotti - Compiled by Robert Mate Mate. 16p. Illustrations. Bibliography. Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council Inc. 1989.


The Diary of Henry N Greenwell, 1848 - Being the diary of an English visitor to Kilmore in 1848 and transcript donated by his granddaughter on her visit to Kilmore to mark 150 years of Henry's original visit in 1848.



The Free Press

6 Jan 1993-21 Dec 1994 (microfilm).

Kilmore Advertiser

5 Feb 1874-25 Dec 1920 (microfilm)

Kilmore Free Press

1865-1905 (microfilm)
20 Jan 1982-22 Dec 1982 (bound)
16 Jan 1991-22 Dec 1992 (microfilm)



Plan of Parish of Moranding - Department of Crown Lands and Survey. 1928? This plan shows the original grantees from the Crown and is accompanied by an index.




From Sublime to Solitude: The Story of Lancefield 1837-1997 - compiled by Dorothy M Viney, edited by Greg Powell. 440p. Illustrated. Index. West bourke Books Inc. 1997. 06466329936. Includes chapters on Baynton, Benloch, Goldie, Mt William, Nulla Vale, Pyalong.

When Memory Turns the Key: The History of the Romsey Shire - John Reid. 242p. Illustrated. Index. Shire of Romsey History Book Committee. Romsey. 1992. 0958811253.

Romsey and Districts: Genealogical References from Newspapers - Maureen Meyer. 141p. Index. Author. 1994.0949672386.



Back to Lancefield and Lancefield Mechanics' Centenary Celebrations 1868-1968: Programme and History - [John White]. 10p. Advertisements. Back to Lancefield Committee. 1968.

History of St Mary's Church, Lancefield - Rev. Fr T J O'Callaghan. 12p. Illustrated. St Mary's Parish Council. Lancefield. 1974.

Lancefield Mercury: Nov. 1927 - 'Back to Lancefield'. 4p.

Memoirs of the Early Days of Baynton East - J Fitzgerald. 10p. Typescript. Lancefield. 1965.


Lancefield Examiner

28 Mar 1872 -28 Dec 1882 (microfilm)




Pyalong: A Brief History 1838-1968 - [Edited by Mary Ryan]. 60p. Illustrated. Back-to Pyalong Committee. 1968.


History of Pyalong Shire Council - Gus Farrell. 72p. Typescript. 1976. Gus Farrell was a long-time employee of the Shire of Kilmore and there is a lot of personal anectdotes included.

Pyalong Cemetery Records - Burials 1867-1977. An alphabetical list of all known burials at Pyalong Cemetery, along with other notes.

Pyalong Primary School No. 2005 (1878-1978) - [R. Walsh]. 12p. Pyalong School Committee, Pyalong. 1978. Contains notes on the histories of Pyalong West, High Plain Camp and Glenaroua State Schools and a number of student and teacher rolls.



All Wild and Lonely Bush: A Record of Kerrie, Cherokee and Rochford - Gavin Smith. 160p. Illustrated. Map. West Bourke Books Inc. 1994. Contains a number of family histories.




Reflections: A Collection of Historic Pictorial Records of the Shire of Romsey - Romsey Shire History Book Committee. 32p Illustrated. [1993]West Bourke Books.

Romsey and Districts: Genealogical References from Newspapers - Compiled by Maureen Meyer. 141. Index. Author. 1994. 0949672386. This is an indexed summary of the Romsey and Lancefield newspapers from 1872-1904.

When Memory Turns the Key: The History of the Shire of Romsey - Edited by John Reid. 242p. Illustrated. Bibliography. Index. Romsey Shire History Book Committee. Romsey. 1992. 0958811253.


The Romsey Examiner

4 Jan 1882-24 Dec 1920 (microfilm)



New Crossing Place: A History of Seymour and its Shire - H G Martindale. Extended by Niall Brennan. 243p. Illustrated. Index. Seymour Shire Council. 1982. 0959274707. This is the expanded and revised edition of Harry Martindale's 1958 work.


Strath Creek


A Century Education at Strath Creek 1892-1992 - Noreen Foster. 24p. Illustrations. Strath Creek Primary School Committee. Strath Creek. 1992.

Whispers in the Valley: A View of Strath Creek From 1838 - Noreen Foster. 89p. Illustrations. Author. 1985. Reprint 1991. A good history with excellent photos, maps, newspaper clips and memorabilia.


Sunday Creek


Parts of a Pattern at Sunday Creek - R Clarke. 45p. Illustrations. Map. Author. Broadford. 1971. The reminiscences of a senior district resident.




Looking Back at Willowmavin - Stuart F Dodd. 108p. Illustrations. Maps. Bibliography. Index. Willowmavin Book Committee. 1978. Willowmavin.



Mt William

A History of Mt William - Edie McCormack. 20p. Map. Index. Privately Published. 1996. This is a most detailed account of settlement on Mt William by a life-long resident. It was written in the early 1970s and contains a map showing the successive occupants of lands.



Tooborac 1836-1986: A History of the Township and District - [Edited by Robert Rainey].96p Illustrated. Back to Tooborac Committee. 1986. This is an updated edition of the original which was issued in 1970. It contains a number of family histories.



Pretty Sally's Hill: A History of Wallan, Wandong and Bylands - J W Payne. 160p. Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1981. 0909706700.



Pretty Sally's Hill: A History of Wallan, Wandong and Bylands - J W Payne. 160p. Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1981. 0909706700.

Tall Timber and Tramlines: An Introduction to Victoria's Timber Tramway Era - Light Railway Research Society. 60p. Illustrations. Maps. Light Railway Research Society. Surrey Hills, Victoria. 1974. Contains excellent photographs of the huge sawmilling operations at and near Wandong.



Education at Whittlesea 1848-1978 - J W Payne. 72p Illustrated. Lowden Publishing Co. 1978. 0909706662.

Nature's Plenty: A History of the City of Whittlesea - Michael Jones. 319p. Illustrated. Index. Allen & Unwin. 1992. 1863730761.

The Plenty: A Centenary History of the Whittlesea Shire - J W Payne. 234p Illustrated. Index. Lowden Publishing Co. 1975. 0909706433. A massive historical project, based on materials of the J W Payne Collection now held in the Lalor Library.



Looking Back at Willowmavin - Stuart F Dodd. 108p. Illustrated. Plans. Bibliography. Index. Willowmavin Book Committee. Willowmavin. 1984. 0959022007. A district history, which originally included Kilmore, based on archive documents and reminiscences. The author was a former teacher at Willowmavin Primary School.


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