Kilmore Medical Library

The Kilmore Mechanics' Institute Medical Library was established to facilitate the Kilmore & District Hospital's move towards accreditation. It was also faciltated by the gaining of full tax deductibility status for the Institute's 'Library Fund'.

The collection will be on permanent loan to the Kilmore Hospital and will be housed in a dedicated area to permit maximum access and usage by staff. It is expected that additions will be made from time to time as resources permit.

Clinical Laboratory Tests: Values and Implications - Neal Fandek/ David Moreau/ Karyn C Newell/ Art Ofner. 2nd ed. Book. 691p, Paperback. Springhouse, 1994. 0874347963. Evaluates the importance of pathology tests in the delivery of a balanced comprehensive medical program.

The Cytotoxics Handbook - Michael Allwood. Book. 300p Hardback. Radcliffe Medical Press, 1996. This book looks at post-chemotheraphy drug treatment regimes for oncology patients.

The Essentials of Dementia Care Planning - Bob Price. Video 110mins.(Alzheimer Education, North Ryde, 1998). The video is segmented into ten parts: Dementia as disease; 'The journey' of dementia; A journey of loss; A regressive journey; Reality vs non-reality; The inner world of dementia; A world of feeling; Reinforcing basic facts; Positive and negative triggers; The individual case plan.

Manual of Use and Interpretation of Pathology Tests - Jean McPherson, ed. 2nd ed. Book. 389p, Paperback. Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, Sydney, 1997. 0959335528. Regarded as the text for medical pathology and for laboratory use. Broome Family Donation.

Palliative Care: Explorations and Challenges - Judith Parker. Book. 420p. Paperback. MacLennan and Petty, Sydney, 1997. Looks at the delivery of care and the regimes of palliative treatments for terminally ill-patients. Broome Family Donation.

Textbook of Operative Surgery - J Farquharson/R F Rintoul, eds. 8th ed. Book. 714p Hardback. Churchill-Livingstone, London, 1995. A comprehensive text on medical surgery, incorporating new procedures.

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