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Lyndhurst is a 225ha sheep and cattle property located in the 800mm rainfall belt of
central Victoria. Just 70km north of Melbourne, Lyndhurst is a good example of
animal industry under rain-fed conditions.

The Lowden family, who came from County Surrey in England in 1854-55, moved into
the Kilmore district in 1858 and purchased Lyndhurst in 1903 and now the fourth
generation farm the property.

The drought and rural downturn of the early 1970s caused the Lowdens to diversify
into farm tourism and since then many tens of thousands of people, from preppies
through to senior citizens have visited Lyndhurst.

The production of fine and medium quality wool, along with fat lambs and stud and
commercial beef cattle makes Lyndhurst a typical Australian family mixed farming

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High Park Angus Stud

The High Park Angus Stud was established in1960 based on Victoree and Mt
William bloodlines. Sustained success at agricultural shows along with an intensive
breeding program has ensured the production of utility bulls for commercial herds.
You are welcome to have a look at High Park stock on their proving grounds, the
paddocks of Lyndhurst.

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Lyndhurst Shearing Team

The Lyndhurst Shearing Team was started in response to requests to conduct
shearing demonstrations away from Lyndhurst. We’re very conscious that farming
and all its aspects must be shown up in its best light and what better way to take the
farm to the world than with a shearing demonstration.

We got the idea one night at a shopping centre when we saw a sheep brought in from a
ute in a shopping trolley. The machine, strapped to a pillar, had seen better days. We
wondered what the city thought of farmers after the sheep had been shorn.

The Lyndhurst Shearing Team since then has set the standard. We’ve shorn in most
of Melbourne’s top hotels and convention centres. We’ve shorn in the parks and the
malls. We’ve shorn in the boardrooms and on plushpile carpet.

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History: The winding up of the century old Lyndhurst family estate, means the 293 acre property, known widely as Moorlands, is offered for sale. Moorlands was originally part of Major John Boyd's pastoral run, later owned by Patrick Dwyer, then the Moore family, followed by the Norris family and three generations of the Lowden family.

Location: The property is located in Kilmore West, 70km from Melbourne, and 10km from Kilmore. (The historic township of Kilmore, is located at the geographical centre of Victoria, within an hour of Melbourne and forty minutes to Tullamarine International Airport. It is a strong regional centre, with excellent, healthcare, educational, recreational and horseracing facilities. It has also a strong presence of seven antique and/or bric-a-brac shops, with a range of dining facilities. ) A bitumen road is located to within 1km of its northern boundary. It has a 1.5km eastern and southern frontage to the permanent Broadhurst's Creek and is bordered along the western boundary by 1.8km of Moore's Road, a constructed gravel all-weather no-through road, ending 1.5km further to the south.

Description: The terrain is hilly, undulating, to flat land. A portion has deep black soil, with some silt creek flats, but the soil type is generally loam, with some surface rock. The area has some shade tree cover but is generally cleared. The old homestead site affords a pre-eminent 360 degree view of the surrounding area, towards Mt Macedon, Mt William, Mt Piper and Pretty Sally. The property is 250ASL and lies within a 725mm average rainfall area, with a general temperature range of 10-25C.

Improvements: The property is fenced with post and wire fencing, in good to excellent condition, with 1km of road frontage recently completed. Some 80 acres has been cultivated and cleared of loose rock. It is subdivided into five paddocks all with creek or access to one of three newly excavated spring-fed dams. A fourth dam, located at the head of a gully has been recently cleaned out. An 800m agricultural airstrip is located on the property adjacent to Moore's Road. An ongoing soil conservation, weed and vermin eradication program is in place. Electricity and telephone grids exist to within 1km of the property's northern boundary.

Zoning and Legal: The property is freehold with a clear 'new law' title in the General Farming Zone of the Shire of Mitchell. No easements exist on the property. A copy of the section 32 declaration is available. Vacant possession can be given, with settlement terms 60 days, or by negotiation.

The Opportunity: This property has an ongoing use as a mixed grazing stud sheep-cattle enterprise. It could be applied to grape, olive, agroforestry or other horticultural uses. The deep soils could be used for intensive cropping enterprises. The airstrip could be adapted to commercial use as there is presently no Authorised Landing Area in the Kilmore area, and this is used regularly as a substitute. It's recent partial use, adjacent to the the valley, as a Noah's Ark filmset shows the property's varied scenic potential. The secluded terrain would lend itself to isolated bed and breakfast units, or the development of a major tourist or convention complex.

Disclaimer: E&OE. This information is provided only as a general guide and we accept no liabilty for the accuracy of any claim or statement. It is suggested that you undertake your own investigations as to measurements, soil capabilities, meteorological observations, improvements, permitted uses, etc.


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Farm/Film Facility

Lyndhurst is an ideal facility for shooting a commercial or advertising fashion feature.
It’s got hills and plains, creeks and dams. Country roads and ... peace all within an
hour of Melbourne or forty-five minutes from Tullamarine. We can marshall stock to
your requirement or you can hold a field day or seminar on Lyndhurst. Your
imagination is our limitation.

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