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Kilmore Remembers: Road and Street Names – A Selection – Compiled by Jim Lowden. (2011) v, 84p. P $15.95. 9781920753191.

A booklet detailing the history (and associated biographies) of the road and street names of Kilmore, Victoria.


Self help : Mechanics’ Worldwide Conference 2009 : proceedings of the second international conference convened by the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution at BRLSI, 16-18 Queen Square, Bath, England, 24-29 September 2009 – Mechanics’ Worldwide 2009 (2011) 222p. P. $55.00. 9781920753184

Proceedings of the Mechanics’ Institutes Worldwide Conference 2009 with papers discussing various aspects of the theme, ‘Self Help’, the author, Samuel Smiles, and Mechanics’ Institutes and their ilk worldwide.

*This book is available in the UK from the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution.


Kilmore and Districts: Regional and Some Other Anglican Clergy – Compiled by Jim Lowden. (2011) 300p. P. $74.95. 9781920753177.

A regional biography of the Anglican Clergy who travelled through the Kilmore area, and most of the early pioneer Clergy who travelled Australia-wide from parish to parish.


Mechanics’ Institutes, Schools of Arts, Athenaeums, etc.: An Australian Checklist, 3rd Edition – Compiled by Bronwyn Lowden. (2010) 130p. P $30.00. 9871920753160.

A checklist of the Mechanics’ Institutes, Schools of Arts, Athenaeums and Halls found throughout Australia along with their establishment and building dates, municipality and uses.


Early Reminiscences of the Wimmera and Mallee and Reminiscences of the Early Mallee and Wimmera – Robert H Stainthorpe and William Candy. (2009) xv, 128p. P $29.95 9781920753146.

A first-hand story of two men arriving as children on the same property in the Wimmera in the 1860s growing, working and prospering in their separate fields. Both have recorded their life versions and reminiscences of the Wimmera and Mallee area during their concurrent time there. A fascinating documentation of early life, resourcefulness, and areas of heritage from two different perspectives – Robert Henry Stainthorpe (1855-1934), leading business figure, and William Candy (1854-1935), leading community figure. Foreword by Doug McColl.


Practical Observations upon the Education of the People, addressed to the working classes and their employers – Henry Brougham. (2009) xlii, 65p. P $29.95. 9781920753153.

Lord Henry Brougham’s Practical Observations was published as a pivotal time in the British History. Continental powers were in disarray and that unrest was spreading to Britain. The idea of any general education movement was widely regarded as foolhardy. The dormant idea of the Mechanics’ Institute movement which had been ‘tested’ by George Birkbeck in Glawgow’s Andersonian Institution in 1800 was brought into play.


The Aborigines of Victoria and Riverina - Peter Beveridge. (2008) 250p. P $45.00. 9781920753085.

The reprint of this long out of print title by Peter Beveridge (1829-85) again puts a valuable first-hand account of Aboriginal life into the public domain. It is supplemented by a note on the author and publisher and contemporary illustrations.


Kilmore and Districts: A Regional Biography - Volume 1 A&B - Compiled by Jim Lowden. (2006) iv, 236p. P $45.00. 1920753052.

This is the first volume in a series that covers not only the central Victorian township of Kilmore but also surrounding areas including: Beveridge, Broadford, Darraweit Guim, Glenaroua, Heathcote Junction, Moranding, Pyalong, Romsey, Tallarook, Upper Plenty, Wallan and many others in the area. The book holds information on not only the people of these areas but also some road names and landmarks too. There is also biographies of some other people who have come to the compiler's attention when putting together this work.


Memoir of a Mechanic: Being a sketch of the life of Timothy Claxton, written by Himself together with Miscellaneous Papers - Timothy Claxton. (2006) x, 170p, illustrations. P $37.50. 1920753028.

A reprint of the 1839 edition published in Boston, USA, it tells the life of Timothy Claxton, the pioneer of the Mechanics' Institute movement and his studies and work towards establishing the Bungay Mechanics' Institute in England.


Verse (or Worse) of Kilmore Landmarks and Oddities - Past and Present - Syd Cantlon. (2006) 45p, illustrations. P $19.95. 1920753036.

Born in Kilmore in 1872, Syd spent most of his life travelling throughout eastern Australia working at farms doing odd jobs along the way. This collection of poems contains stories and tales of his travels.


Nupela Misis: An Australian Nurse in Papua New Guinea - Bessie Lewis. (2002) x, 146p, illustrations, index. P $32.95. 192075301X.

The author was born in country Victoria and went to New Guinea as a missionary nurse in 1964 to work in the remote Sepik area. She stayed for almost twenty years and this is the story of the people she worked amongst.


Kilmore: A Tale of a Century 1837-1937 – J A Maher. (2002) xvi, 153p, illustrations, index. P $32.95. 1920753001.

A history of Kilmore, Victoria's oldest inland settled town, written by a descendant of a pioneering family in 1937. The author drew on the reminiscences of a wide range of district people.


LPC Original Editions
Limited number of copies available, along with odd file copies.

Compiled by Rose L Sayers. (1979) xii, 106p H $34.95. 0909706387
This collection of Australian folksongs was collected under the auspices of the Folk Lore Council of Victoria. It contains many of the old songs with a number of variations and a number of the more recently collected songs.

BENDIGO POTTERY - Paul A. Scholes. (1979) 281p H $95.00. 090706603.
This is the history of the oldest pottery still working in Australia. It is lavishly illustrated with colour and black and white plates. It contains many listings and descriptions of the various product manufactured down through the years. Contains drawings of stamps, pottery layout, and kiln construction.


EDUCATION AT WHITTLESEA, 1848-1978 - J W Payne. (1978) XII,71p H $55.00. 0909706654
This book details the history of education at Whittlesea, a diverse rural area. Limited to two hundred and fifty copies signed by the printer.

THE EYE OF FAITH: THE PASTORAL LETTERS OF JOHN BEDE POLDING - Gregory Haines/Sr Mary Gregory Forster/Frank Brophy, eds. (1978) xvi, 430p H $75.00. 090970662Y
John Bede Polding, an English Benedictine, was the first Catholic Archbishop of Australia from 1842-77. He was to oversee the firm establishment of the Catholic Church in Australia and his pastorals tell us much about the times and the man. With a Foreword by Cardinal Sir James Freeman and a Special contribution by Timothy Suttor.

FROM THESE DESCENDED - Phyllis M Power. (1977) 202p H $80.00. 0908117000
This is the history of the ladies of one of Australia’s great pastoral dynasties the Clarke family. Starting with Mary Ware through to the author, Phyllis Power tells of life behind the pastoral homesteads. Printed on high quality paper with duotone plates and buckram binding. Limited to 500 numbered copies.

GOLD AT BALLARAT - H J Stacpoole. H $40.00 without dust jacket.

THE GRAINS AND THREEPENN’ORTHS OF PHARMACY: A HISTORY OF PHARMACY IN NEW SOUTH WALES , 1788-1976 - Gregory Haines. $40.00 without dust jacket.

THE HISTORY OF BEVERIDGE - J W Payne. (1974) 20p P $18.00. 0909706409

A HISTORY OF GRETA - S E Ellis. (1972) xii, 40p H $75.00 0909706247

IMPROVING TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT: THE HOWES REPORT - A R Howes. (1974) xx, 118p H $50.00. 0909706344
The publication of this work, which the result of a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship, had widespread ramifications for transport management and education in Australia. Foreword by Sir Peter Abeles.

JUST LONGWOOD – Ildie Houston. (1975) 72p H $47.50. 090970645X

LEFT AND RIGHT IN BENDIGO AND SHEPPARTON 1947-51 - N W Saffin. (1974) xii, 92p H $50.00. 0909706336
This study of the right and left of labour politics in the late 1940s in to rural Victorian focuses on events of the time.

LIFE IN VICTORIA: OR VICTORIA IN 1853, AND VICTORIA IN 1858 - William Kelly. (1977) 740p H $75.00. 0909706581
This book, originally published as two volumes in 1859, is regarded as one of the standard works on the 1850s period. William Kelly was a solicitor who travelled widely in Victoria, whilst being engaged in various business enterprises. This edition comes with a biographical note on the author, an index and often missing from the original, the folding map.

THE MAN FROM CURDIE’S RIVER: OR WHERE MEN ARE MADE - Donald MacLean. (1974) xvii, 168p H $50.00. 0909706298
This reprint of a rare 1907 publication tells of life in the Heytesbury Forest region of coastal Western Victoria from the point of view of a Presbyterian minister and is largely autobiographical.

MEMOIRS OF MRS POOLE AND MRS CHAUNCY - Philip Lamothe Snell Chauncy (1976) xii, 72p H $55.00. 0909706492
This is a reprint of two rare pamphlets published in 1873 and 1876. Suitable illustrations, a portrait and biographical notes on the author and index complete this title of a Limited Edition of 250.

PRETTY SALLY'S HILL: A HISTORY OF WALLAN, WANDONG AND BYLANDS - JW Payne. (1981) xi, 160p H $37.50. 0909706700

REMINISCENCES OF WHITTLESEA - E M Duffy. xvi, 44p H $37.50. 0909706042


RIDING FOR GOLD - Merlanne Cazaly. $37.50

RODEO AT LANG LANG - Jim Ridgeway and Jim Lowden. (1976) xii, 96p H $58.50. 0909706522
This is the story of one of Australia’s longest running rodeos, prefaced with a history of world rodeo and rodeo in Australia. It comes with many action photos and a glossary of rodeo terms.

SCIENCE, RELIGION AND EDUCATION IN BRITAIN 1804-1904 - N W Saffin. (1973) xii, 365p H $80.00. 0909706212
This study looks at the education system and the contest of classics as against the teaching of science in schools. Contains a large bibliography.

SEALING, SAILING AND SETTLING IN SOUTH-WESTERN VICTORIA - J M MacKenzie. (1976) xii, 82p H $48.00. 0909706484
This book traces the development of Portland, Warrnambool and Port Fairy by five seamen. It goes on to trace the exploration and settlement of areas along the coast.

THE SPELL OF LAKE EYRE - Roma Dulhunty. $40.00

TYNTYNDYER: A PIONEERING HOMESTEAD AND ITS FAMILIES - Alice M Cerutty. (1977) xii, 132p H $52.95. 0909706530
This pioneering property on the Murray River in northern Victoria was taken up by the Beveridge family in 1846. It passed into the Holloway family in 1876 and members of that family still hold the original homestead today.


WOLLERT STATE SCHOOL 1877-1977: A CENTENARY HISTORY OF WOLLERT STATE SCHOOL NO. 1861 - J W Payne. With contributions by Sylvia Schultz/Roger Bodycoat/David Freeman. (1977) xii, 63p H $55.00. 0909706565
This book traces the history of a small Victorian rural school on the northern outskirts of Melbourne. Edition limited to three hundred numbered copies.
Paperback also available for $18.00


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